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  1. pudgy_groundhog

    Wyoming - GTNP, Yellowstone, Wind River Range

    We've been to those parks multiple times - have hiked the Teton Crest Trail, have done three backpacking trips in the Wind River Range, various dayhikes/sightseeing around the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Beartooth Mountains. As for adding on the Wind River Range, you could swing a short trip. Two...
  2. pudgy_groundhog

    Advice for Zion/Bryce/Arches/Moab Quick Trip

    Sounds like you have a good plan! On our last trip to that area we visited Zion and Valley of Fire. Depending on your time heading back, you can also add on Snow Canyon State Park. Small park, but some cool spots there. I have trip report and pics posted: Zion, Snow Canyon, Valley of Fire
  3. pudgy_groundhog

    Apparent Solo Hiker found dead at Breakneck Ridge

    Nothing more than what you would normally wear on a hike. This hike is inundated with hikers on the weekends (many from NYC - this hike is directly accessible from a special train stop on Metro North) and has exploded in popularity in the past 5 years or so. With the huge number of people hiking...
  4. pudgy_groundhog

    "Real" Mountain Vacation

    I think the Canadian Rockies are well suited for more of a tourist mountain vacation. Some places like Glacier NP are beautiful, but aren't close to a major city like you desire (being close to a major city reduces the list a bit).
  5. pudgy_groundhog

    Adventure Vacations Recommendations for 6 year olds

    Yellowstone is a great idea; there is a lot you can see by short walks/hikes and the geothermal features are especially a treat since they are not something you see here. The chance to see wildlife is also great. The drawbacks are crowds, need to book lodging well in advance, and depending on...
  6. pudgy_groundhog

    TMB vs Walkers Haute Route

    We did the TMB many years ago for our honeymoon and we used the Kev Reynolds guide - it's very good. We did the TMB in about ten days or so, then spent some time in Zermatt. We've looked at the Haute Route too, but haven't done it (we can't seem to get away from the Dolomites - I strongly...
  7. pudgy_groundhog

    Glacier NP Must See Recommendations

    When we visited Glacier NP in 2006 we hiked to Iceberg Lake, the Highline Trail (utilizing the shuttle and a side hike to Grinnell Glacier overlook), and Siyeh Pass (again utilizing the shuttle). We had planned more, but weather wasn't optimal (and we were carrying our daughter in a backpack, so...
  8. pudgy_groundhog

    Kid backpacks?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm not keen on using her school backpack because it's kind of bulky and seems to shift around a lot when scrambling. Also I like having a good setup to use a water bladder, which isn't ideal with her school pack. I think we'll look into some of the Osprey or...
  9. pudgy_groundhog

    Kid backpacks?

    Up until now our daughter (age seven, ~ 48 inches tall, ~ 50 lbs) has carried a small Camelback or has not carried a pack at all. We'd like to get her a good daypack (not sure of capacity yet) so she can start to carry a little more weight. Any recommendations on packs your kids have used and...
  10. pudgy_groundhog

    Your Top Ten Photos of 2014!

    I always enjoy these threads and seeing the beautiful pictures. bikehikeskifish, very cool shot of your dog. Brambor, great set. I especially like "Valley near Lago di Youla" and the group returning from Mt. Blanc. SherpaTom, neat shot. Love the clouds and the mountain tops peeking out. Sierra...
  11. pudgy_groundhog

    NatGeo article on retreating glaciers revealing relics from WWI

    We've visited the Dolomites several times now and the WWI history of the region is very interesting. There are artifacts in museums, but you also come across old tunnels, via ferrate routes, barbed wire, and forts while hiking. I can't even imagine fighting a war in these areas. Last year we...
  12. pudgy_groundhog

    report of a hiker killed by a black bear in NJ

    This is very sad. :( They should not have split up or run. Even if the bear was attacking, their odds were better in a group. But I can say that from the comfort of my desk. Even if you know what you are supposed to do in a situation, when the time comes sometimes you just react and fight or...
  13. pudgy_groundhog


    Definitely doable! It's one of my favorites and we most recently did it this early summer with our daughter. We like starting at Wittenberg. Enjoy your hike!
  14. pudgy_groundhog

    Grand Canyon area from Las Vegas

    From the nps site: The North Rim has a short season. Lodging and food services within the park are open from May 15th through October 15th each year. North Rim off-season: After October 15, there is a period when the North Rim is open for day use - through December 1, or until snow closes...
  15. pudgy_groundhog

    Glacier National Park Recommendations

    Definitely! We did the side trip and it was amazing how hard the wind was blowing. Sad the glacier won't be there long. :( We encountered a grizzly mama and two cubs on the Highline trail. It was on a section where there really isn't a way to get off the trail and I thought for sure somebody...
  16. pudgy_groundhog

    Glacier National Park Recommendations

    If you have a chance for one big hike, the Highline is one of the most popular hikes in the park. And by utilizing the shuttle system you can do it as a one way hike. We did it in 2008 and really enjoyed it. We also enjoyed Siyeh Pass (another one way) and Iceberg Lake. We had plans for more...
  17. pudgy_groundhog

    Hiking with Kids

    Hi Early Bird! Keep us in the loop for your Vermont trips. Our summer is up in the air (new job, selling/buying/moving), but we still plan on making time for hiking/camping/backpacking. Steve was talking about going to Vermont in June anyway to help pace a runner friend on a race - will have...
  18. pudgy_groundhog

    Grand Tetons

    Permits will not be an issue in September, you will be able to walk up and get a permit in Sept. It can snow in Sept., be prepared for that, esp if you are talking mid to late Sept. South to North is definitely the preferred my opinion. Don't exit down Cascade Canyon! Paintbrush...
  19. pudgy_groundhog

    Grand Tetons

    We backpacked the Teton Crest Trail ten years ago. On that trip we saw a mother black bear and two cubs from a distance. Teton Crest Trail Backpack Last year we were back in the Tetons and Steve ran the Teton Crest Trail and saw a black bear. Year before that he did a loop with Cascade Canyon...