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  1. bogorchis

    Quabbin Reservoir - Gate 36 Federated Women's Club Forest

    Date of Hike: July 31, 2014 Trail Conditions: Dry Equipment used: Hiking pole Comments: My daughter, Priscilla, our friend, Suzanne and I had a wonderful hike, starting at the campground. We did a loop, walking down to the shoreline of the Quabbin where we stopped and had lunch. We...
  2. bogorchis

    Quabbin Reservoir - Gate 34 and 35

    Date of Hike: August 7, 2014 Trail Conditions: Dry Equipment used: One hiking pole Comments: We made a loop hike, starting at Gate 35, walking down to the Quabbin Reservoir, and then back tracking to the road that goes to Bassett Pond. On the way, we saw two interesting historical features...
  3. bogorchis

    Scrambles in New England

    Did that one years ago, and it was scarey.
  4. bogorchis

    In Memoriam - Bookah 10/31/2004 - 10/28/2013 My friend and hiking buddy

    I am so sorry, Alan that you lost your wonderful pooch. It is always tough to lose our furry friends. Bogorchis
  5. bogorchis

    Monoosnoc Trail

    Where: Located above Leominster, MA Ten of us did this hike. We left two cars at the end of West Street, and then we went to the parking area across from Sholan Farms. When: Veteran's Day - November 11 Conditions: Dry leaves on the rocks make for slippery conditions that happen in the fall...
  6. bogorchis

    Mt Aeolus 8/22/09

    Mt. Aeolus I don't know the answer to this, because I haven't been up there for several years.
  7. bogorchis

    A New Club, A New Patch, Three New Members - Mt. Moriah 11-2-12

    Sounds like one for me. Did Tecumseh this summer, so I only have forty-seven left to go! bogorchis
  8. bogorchis

    Deer Flies in the North Country

    I have found that if I cover my head with a bandanna, they don't bother me, but of course, that isn't so great in hot weather. I have been known to have been chased by them, until I covered my head with a hat of the bandanna.:)
  9. bogorchis

    Merino Wool Base Layer Top for Summer Hiking

    I like merino wool. I bought a couple of Icebreaker shirts when I was in New Zealand. Yes, they are pricey, but now I find that you can get them on sale. I sweat a lot whether it's polypro or wool, but what I like about wool is that it doesn't get clammy like polypro and it doesn't ever get...
  10. bogorchis

    Dan Doan trail with Trailwrights sat. July 14,2012

    Hope to join you on one of these work days. Just read about it today when you are out on the trail.
  11. bogorchis

    A Perfect Summer Day In The Presidential Range

    Great hike report and photos, Tim! I went to Tecumseh on teh 12th, and it was great there, too. I am looking forward to doing more hiking up North.:)
  12. bogorchis

    Mt. Tecumseh up the Mt. Tecumseh Trail Thursday, July 12

    After several years of not doing much hiking in the Whites, I went up to Mt. Tecumseh to hike. In the past few years, I have been busy getting a house ready to sell, moving and getting settled. :eek: So, it was high time to get back to the mountains. I had a great day; there was a good breeze...
  13. bogorchis

    Quabbin Reservoir - Gate 36

    June 24 Trail conditions: Dry, except for one of older trails that has been obliterated by beavers may years ago. Equipment needed: sun screen Only saw the Brookline Bird Club (not friendly like hikers)! and many fishing boats, when we ate lunch along the shore. Heard lots of birds singing...
  14. bogorchis

    Dreams Realized on Washington and Jefferson 3/12/12

    Congratulations! I loved reading your story; I hope that the weather gods smile on you, and that you can finish your last two this weekend. I finished on Mt. Adams. We had to wear crampons from Route 2 to the top. This was a few years ago. We had a small weather window that allowed us to spend...
  15. bogorchis

    Brooks Woodland Preserve Petersham

    A very mellow day spent hiking with Audrey and Pat and Doug Paul in this great place. We hiked for about five and a half hours on many of the old roads and trails.:) Conditions: A little snow in shady places, downed trees across the old roads and trails. We did some trail clearing. Saw only...
  16. bogorchis

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday 11/5/11

    Belated thanks to you, Audrey and Pat! Doc Science and I had a great time as we always do. We love hanging out by the firepits.:)
  17. bogorchis

    The Dolomites

    Beautiful photos. I was with a group of women, traveling through the Dolomites in mid-September, and we encountered the rain and snow that you mentioned, so we didn't get to do the hiking that we had hoped for. This would have been around Sunday, September 18 and Monday, September 19. We were...
  18. bogorchis

    Bay Circuit Trail - new article in AMC Outdoors

    A piece of it passes through Concord, but not on the prettiest trails. Friends of mine did the whole thing in section a few years back, and I walked with them on the last piece.
  19. bogorchis

    Doric Temple off Red Spot trail on Monadnock

    Thanks for all the replies Just read Kerry113's reply. Thanks. I had looked at the link that you sent. All very interesting to consider. To my way of thinking, something named the Doric Temple should have some columns, but unless someone was into carving fluted columns, we probably won't find...
  20. bogorchis

    Doric Temple off Red Spot trail on Monadnock

    Thanks for all the replies! We just didn't go far enough up. Audrey, your data will be very helpful.