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    Hanging Spear Falls

    Very cool!

    Man Claims Bear saved him from Mountain Lion Attack

    Really? "They usually grab hold of your head with all four paws," Biggs said. Is this something that happens to this guy on a regular basis?

    Bibler Eldorado or Fitzroy or...

    Bryan, I own the original "I'tent (same as Eldorado but shorter) made by NorthFace called the summit before Todd Bibler joined Black Diamond and came out with TODD-TEX fabric. It's an awesome tent for cold weather. It remains almost unchanged for at least 10 years for that reason. Unless your...

    Colden Trap Dike, Ski SE slides 3/29

    Hit it now means go very soon. Sunday it's supposed to be in the upper 40's and even warmer as the week progresses. This will increase the avy/ice damming risk.

    Questions on Basin and Haystack

    My vote would be CC Brook in winter, but it's getting real close too being to late this year.

    Colden Trap Dike, Ski SE slides 3/29

    I spent a few nights at the Colden outpost during a blizzard a few years back with the old care taker Mike. He said he knew a few guys from some (mythical) ski gang called "Ski to Die" or something like that who had skied the dyke. :eek: This same group has been blamed for cutting numerous...

    Colden Trap Dike, Ski SE slides 3/29

    Awesome! TCD, sounds like a great loop. Thanks for the pics. WARNING to those who follow, hit it now, temps/sunshine Sunday could greatly increase the avy/ice dam risk. Early Sunday morning would be the latest I would want to be in the dyke. Sweet trip report. :D

    Decline in AMC/ADK Memberships&Visitors

    Hello all, I haven't posted in some time, but the discussion over the ADK Lodge proposal has led me to thinking :eek: I see more people on the trails these days than ever, especially in winter. If indeed it is true, why? What has led to the decline in memberships and visitors to the...

    Bad Boy Allen

    A common mistake on Allen was to follow a well-established path to the left at Lake Jimmy about a mile in from the lot. The path leads to Adams. Stay on the road. It's not really the route finding on Allen that’s tough anymore, it just a long day, and the crazy local hillbilly's on Quads...
  10. NYBRAD

    Daks, a couple of Q's

    Not too very long ago, Cliffy could have been considered a bushwack, and doing them both in 1 day was a serious undertaking. For the time being, not so much ... ;)
  11. NYBRAD

    Any studies on which bug dope works best with Black Flies?

    My wife seems to be the best black fly repellant for me. They love her, and seem to leave me alone when we hike together.:eek: She didn’t find it funny when I mentioned renting her out a few weeks in the spring to my hiking friends. ;)
  12. NYBRAD

    Doing Tux - way the wrong way!

    Whoa! Glad your ok Bubba!! And you thought us ice climbers are crazy........ You can show me the scars on the next Beer night in Rochester. :eek:
  13. NYBRAD

    A Rock Shoe for ADK Slide Climbing?

    Lasportiva has a new shoe Check out the new Trango light low and mid cut. Currently I have the Trango S Evo for spring and fall climbing/hiking and really like them. The light sounds like it might be just the ticket for summer slide climbing with long approaches if they fit your feet...
  14. NYBRAD

    Avalanche Trap Dyke

    Like TCD I’ve also either retreated above the last steep pitch or cancelled the climb more times than finishing the route. On one attempt we also caused a fracture across the dyke just before the last pitch and retreated mainly because there was a party below us. Sometimes huge bus size...
  15. NYBRAD

    older whisperlite fuel requirement

    Figures..... Those numbers are just from many years of experience. Back when I was in the Marines serving in Cold Weather Mountain unit, those are what I based my fuel consumption on. I've just carried it over to civilian climbing. Tip, always carry a little more than you will need due to...
  16. NYBRAD

    older whisperlite fuel requirement

    I plan on 4oz a day per person in summer and roughly double that in winter. I'm sill using an early model too with a shaker jet conversion kit in it. It's been used and abused, and still runs like a champ.
  17. NYBRAD

    North Face slide of Gothics

    Good news A bird whistled in my ear and said the conditions were great for the NF of Gothics yesterday.......... :)
  18. NYBRAD

    0 degree or -20 degree?

    It Depends on the bag. I agree I would want to get in the bag a feel it out. Over the years I've found temp ratings don't mean much. I've got a $500.00 Dry Loft TNF 0 bag that I've been cold in when in hovered well above the bags rating. On the other hand, my Western Mountaineering Puma is...
  19. NYBRAD

    Whiteface Slides in Winter

    Slides? What slides are you interested in?