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  1. mtnpa

    Chimney Pond Winter Trip

  2. mtnpa


    So one cold Sunday morning over coffee donna says she's hiking the Osceolas. I ask her who she is hiking with. She says she's hiking solo. Some of you know of donna's legendary navigational skills. I thought it best to tag along. That was my first winter peak. Huge congrats hotdonna!!!
  3. mtnpa

    Winter Gathering NH Barnes Field February 21-23

    Wow a chance to meet shizzmac! I always thought he was a legend...kinda like Hikerdude or Robohiker :confused:
  4. mtnpa

    Groups testifying against search-and-rescue bill
  5. mtnpa

    Avalanche in Huntington Ravine: 3 hurt (Updated Subject line)

    USFS coordinates rescues in Cuttler River Drainage from December 1 through May 31. NHF&G handles all others. Snowcat would not be practical for most situations. F&G does use snowmachines and ATV's. SAR volunteers try to be on the scene within an hour of a callout. MRS rocks :cool:
  6. mtnpa

    What have you done in the mountains that could have resulted in a rescue, but didn't?

    Downhill skiing at Killington, last run of the day. My buddy sees untracked powdah in open woods off the trail. He is unable to resist and I follow him through the trees. Soon we are well below the ridge where the trail is. As daylight wanes I get out the map and realize there is no trail below...
  7. mtnpa

    NH Proposes Fee If People Need To Be Rescued

    Hadn't thought about it like that. Maybe I can quit my day job. This is how it always should have been done.
  8. mtnpa

    Winter Hiking & Snowshoe Advice

    But you do carry a grill and your meat is celebrated in song by an international songwriter who is a member here. You'll be fine :cool:
  9. mtnpa

    Winter Hiking & Snowshoe Advice

    Stuff you need:
  10. mtnpa

    NH Proposes Fee If People Need To Be Rescued

    Cost of rescues would increase bigtime
  11. mtnpa

    Long Trail thru-hike

    I see Laura once a year in winter at the same spot on Bondcliff Trail. Will share a story of a part of this trip if I ever get caught up at w*rk. It's sure to enhance "The Legend of hotdonna"
  12. mtnpa

    48 x 3 + 67 = 1 Incredible Day on Mt Carrigain - 9/29/12

    Congrats Mark. Well done. You best mind that woman. She's way too tough to mess with.
  13. mtnpa

    How to upset the locals regarding trail-head parking

    A person's character has little to do with where one is born/bred/raised but much to do with lessons learned from parents and role models.
  14. mtnpa

    Heroic rescue on Franconia Ridge - Sept 19, 2012

    Given the deteriorating weather conditions crossing the ridge over Lincoln and Lafayette summits would not be a good choice. Heading for Falling Waters got everyone off the exposed ridge much sooner. The real obstacle on Falling Waters would be high water levels at crossings. Normally when...
  15. mtnpa

    FOT48 Lafayette

  16. mtnpa

    FOT48 Lafayette

    “Eyes on the prize…reboot the mission.” Mick Jones On a good day at the crest of Whitcomb Hill the northern profile of Mt Lafayette can look stark and inviting. While skies overhead showed glimpses of blue on this day the top half of the mountain was enveloped by a by a mean-looking...
  17. mtnpa

    NE100 + NE115 finish - Mt. Mansfield Saturday 9/1/2012

    Way to go Fred :cool: Were you guys toasting marshmellows up there?!
  18. mtnpa

    Will the Dry River Trail be opened.

    USFS only does S&R in Tuckerman Ravine area during winter months. Not their problem.
  19. mtnpa

    Question Regarding Foster Field Group Campsite at Baxter, any recent visitors

    The road has been rerouted so it doesn't go through the middle of the field anymore. And there are two cooking pavilions...enjoy!
  20. mtnpa

    NH Fish and Game looking for 72 year old man, stinson lake area

    Here & There NC nerws: NH news: