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    Foster Crossroads - Renovation by Backhoe

    Foster's Crossroads is going to be rebuilt as an updated convenience store, shooting for November/December opening if everything goes smooth. The owner hopes to have the rubble cleaned up by Thursday/Friday and the gas pumps will be re-opened for Friday/Saturday in time for the big weekend...
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    Bowman Base Camp is for sale

    It sold for $125,000 at the end of July. I don't remember what the asking price was.
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    Help Me Pick New Winter Boots

    Tim- You may want to give Farm-Way in Bradford, VT (if you want to sneak about a mile across the border) a shot for boots. They have an excellent selection of boots there. They had Salomon Toundra's, Keen Revel IV High Polar's, and Oboz Bridgers in addition to Columbia's and many other...
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    2019 Grid Finishers

    Since I haven’t submitted any paperwork for the semi-recent lists I’ve completed, I’ll post an update here. I previously completed my First Grid (with my wife, June Rogier) and Red Lining back in 2011. Second complete grid October 5, 2015 Mt. Jefferson Senior Grid finish Over 60...
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    Upcoming Crawford Notch Road Work

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    Trail Maintenance Monies Heading to the White Mountains

    Always good news. The White Mountains are noted third from the bottom of the list.
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    Some Twin Mtn Area Observations

    We also drove by both spots this morning and noticed Haystack Rd had been plowed to the gate. Parking would be as Peakbagger noted. The Garfield lot had not been plowed. On our way back six hours later, we noticed that the Garfield access parking lot has also now been plowed with plenty of...
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    Franconia Notch parking survey

    A picture of one of the signs posted along the highway.
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    New Book on Kate M.

    The Mountain Wanderer (Steve Smith's store) in Lincoln, NH received a few copies today along with several cases of the new 30th edition AMC White Mountain guidebook.
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    Baxter State Park Fatality

    Sounded like a good guy. I didn't know him.
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    Mt. Cube Ski Touring Center

    Actually Gov. Thomson finished his NH48 back around 1978 when he was still the Governor. I received my NH48 certificate back at the 1979 annual meeting at AMC HQ on Joy St. There were only about 50 people in the audience compared to about 600 nowadays. In those days, they called out...
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    Mt. Jefferson on a perfect winter day

    Actually all six of us were grid finishers (Guy, June, Gary, Jeb, Bill) and myself, John (a two time grid finisher). . It was great to have Matt and Kaleigh join us. We had some nice conversation on the way down and they got to share our delicious treats before we all left treeline and headed...
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    Sue Johnston. "Grid" in "One Calendar Year". Year 2016

    A tremendous accomplishment, indeed. Read Sue's story here: A million feet of elevation gain in one year. Incredible. Then include the add-ons: all of the Trailwright's peaks and a 48 Direttissima. Outstanding. And hubby Chris is well on his way to his first...
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    Lost hikers in High Peaks of NY - found alive

    A small update:
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    Unknown location

    The side of Vose Spur to the lower left with the talus slope. Lowell across the way to the right with Anderson behind it to the left. Nancy and Bemis behind Anderson. One can see the Webster Cliffs behind the long ridge coming off Nancy. The Presidential Range behind it all with the Carters...
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    Foliage is Stunning this Fall

    Cherry Mountain Road today. It's a great year for foliage.
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    Things are heating up over ATV trails in Nash Stream

    I didn't think the trail up South Percy was an official trail. In years past, it was more of a bushwhack and that was the reason there has always been a register on the summit. When did it become an official trail and where was it announced that it was closing?
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    Bird apps?

    Another good bird app is iBird Pro Guide to Birds of North America. That's the one I like and use most often.
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    WMNF Forest Road Status

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    First Winter Thru Hike of the 170 Mile Cohos Trail

    From the Colebrook Chronicle Page 1: Congratulations, Guys!