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  1. griffin

    The Ammonoosuc Ravine trail is closed

    I have no idea if there's been an official closure let alone who would make that call. I do know that one of the groups participating in a fundraising hike I'm involved with started down Ammo from Lakes at the suggestion of the Hut crew and had to turn around at the water crossing about .5 from...
  2. griffin

    Old car image search on Google is a neat tool!

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. My BiL is a big car buff, and it'll be fun to send him pics from our hikes with better guesses on what they are.
  3. griffin

    Another Falling Waters Loop Fatality

    Here you go -
  4. griffin

    How “Essential” Are the Ten Essentials? According to This Study: Not Very

    I think studying the necessity/effectiveness of "The Essentials" is a great idea but I'm not sure I'd put much weight in what seems more like an opinion poll of with a very limited sample size.
  5. griffin

    Missing Hiker Ignoring Calls...

    I love how the quickly the punditry swings from "look at all these hikers getting themselves in trouble because of their cell phones!" to "look at this stoopid hiker who didn't check their cell phone!" I don't understand why the concerned friend didn't try calling the hiker first - or if they...
  6. griffin

    Any experience with an Atlas SnowShoe Authorized Repair center?

    That's the same outfit that replaced the bindings on my old Atlas 833's. I can't remember exactly what broke, but I sent the a picture and they recommended replacing the entire binding/suspension on both shoes. They had already been relegated to spare/loaner/stomping...
  7. griffin

    Survey: guidebook format

    I think it's better to use a simple disclaimer and not add a bunch of details about "applies to people who are fit/acclimatized..." because some of what you suggest here is based on assumptions that may not hold for everyone (I know older hikers who are much faster than I, and younger hikers who...
  8. griffin

    Mass Residents now exempt from Quarantine for visiting Maine

    Probably. As a Mass resident, I'm not/was not mad. If I were a New Hampshire resident, Maine and I would be havin' words....
  9. griffin

    Upticks in Infections in Mass and RI

    Right, that's the one David Metsky was referring to - they did run tests, but their purpose was to demonstrate a testing method, and not provide definitive evidence of which masks/materials work: "The work we report here describes a measurement method that can be used to improve evaluation in...
  10. griffin


    Thanks, this is helpful. I'm looking to the AMC and a number of other groups to help decide when and where it's ok to hike. I'm not particularly worried about my own safety, but I'm mindful of the fact that as a Masshole, I'd be traveling from an area of relatively high transmission rates to an...
  11. griffin

    2020 Funding

    Done. I very much appreciate the work that goes into maintaining this forum.
  12. griffin

    Glacier National Park. And others out west.

    Regarding Glacier - the folks on this message board have lots of great info: As far as the campgrounds go (assuming you mean car camping and not backcountry?), you can find historic data on when the various campgrounds fill up here...
  13. griffin

    Tourism pledges

    Do people know that littering is wrong? Yes, but most people don't think about the impact of lots of people littering, or understand their contribution to it, until it's pointed out to them (I think this is particularly common in regards to "biodegradable" items like apple cores, etc.) Do people...
  14. griffin

    Tourism pledges

    Palau so far seems to be one of the few with actual fines attached to violating the pledge - but another official quoted in the article pointed out that much of what's in the pledges (about littering, where you can drive/park/camp/etc.) is already covered by existing laws, so they do have an...
  15. griffin

    E-bikes now allowed in National Parks

    Thought this might be of interest. Here's the memo itself: The policy isn't up for public comment, but Park Superintendents do have some say in how it's implemented - if you have...
  16. griffin

    New AMC Logo....a good or bad?

    And/or not feeling welcome/being treated as an outsider on the trails and in the mountains. 20 years ago, I got involved with an all-women fundraising hike. The ratio of women to men on the trails had shifted pretty radically since then, but when we first started, we - women out hiking, alone...
  17. griffin

    Tourists making a mess of national Parks

    Someone should have pushed those golfers over the edge.
  18. griffin

    re-soling boots

    Assuming they stay in business, will Limmer re-sole other company's boots? My friend just had the outsole of her favorite Asolo's come off. She's going to try talking to Asolo first, but if they won't help she might still try to save them.
  19. griffin

    Hiking by App

    Not doing your research beforehand, unprepared, no business, make them pay for rescue, wah wah wah. Doing too much research, should be able to deal with conditions you find on the trail/unknown, where's the adventure, wah wah wah. Map and compass was a new idea once, too. Hike your own hike.
  20. griffin

    Successor to Mohammed Ellozy's excellent 4K footer site?

    Love the Wayback Machine - but it wasn't showing copies of the sub-pages.