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    Mtnpa RIP

    We have all lost a wonderful friend. We love you MtnMa!
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    Save the date: Saturday November 6, Pat and Audrey's potluck

    i think Wu is onto something, we'll see you the first Saturday of every month, if you aren't going to be home, you can always just leave a spare key under the welcome mat for us! :) i have to say, i was really into the suburban dual fire pit system you had going there! thanks again!
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    Happy Endings and New Beginnings!

    congrats! Congrats again MEB! I have to say it was really cool to be there to see you finish and to be a part of the whole experience! happy walking!
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    Hey Hey! sorry, I missed Caveman's! I'll give you guys a buzz soon and we'll figure something...

    Hey Hey! sorry, I missed Caveman's! I'll give you guys a buzz soon and we'll figure something out! i just bought a house, so things are wicked hectic..and cash is really low! :)
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    donna does Coe

    well done grasshoppa'. :) p.s. i didn't see any pix of the summit (unless i missed it). sooo...did you really do coe? :)
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    VFTT winter gathering 2010?

    me too...i'll try to bring some firewood as well... and maybe some lighter fluid! :eek:
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    VFTT winter gathering 2010?

    maybe i missed something... A) but is anyone showing up early and trying to score a spot? B) or is there no gathering at all? .(yes, i did get that the whole "giggy is doing all the work" thing was a joke.)
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    Your favorite photos of 2009

    hey!!!! i took this picture!!! cheers, carm
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    Mt. Monroe - Ammonoosuc Ravine trail - 10/17/09

    Date of Hike: 10/17/09 Trail Conditions: You could bareboot up the trail till about halfway, after that it became very icy and slippery. Special Equipment Required: Some traction device needed. Microspikes worked great. Comments: Perfect day with almost no wind!
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    Do I Look Like An Idiot?

    i give unsolicited advice. how bout this, "pick up your toilet paper and soda can you just left on the ground!!!" (sometimes i'll be more tactful and say, "excuse me, i think you accidently dropped this") __________ or like in hawaii we saw tourists stepping off the trail and all over the area...
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    Spring Fling (Gathering) - Melting Snow 101 - 3.20.09-3.22.09

    Caveman, Can you please save some snow in a big pile so we can keep our beers cool without needing a cooler? Does anyone have pix of the outdoor "cooler" from last year? i'm cheap and i really don't want to buy ice. Thank you, Carmel
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    Spring Fling (Gathering) - Melting Snow 101 - 3.20.09-3.22.09

    Of course, how I remember it...Darren said, "Do you want to go to the B&B in Maine...or would you rather go to Palletfest 2009???" And I said we should go to Palletfest and then go to Maine another weekend. Silly Rabbit. :)
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    VFTT Shirts Are In!

    i got my shirt!!!! The women's fit looks AWESOME!!! Loved it! I tried the women's Small and the medium! I could have gotten away with either, but i liked that the MEd. was longer!!! thanks!!!
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    VFTT Shirts - which design do you like?

    roadtripper, any word on a girl fit? Thanks for trying to get all this put together for everyone! Stan, wet t-shirt contest? Really? :)
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    VFTT Shirts - which design do you like?

    I think we should stick with white and green. I actually do like those designs the best...and darren does make a good point about dark colors are much hotter in the summer. white you can wear all year round without the sun frying you in your dark shirt.
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    VFTT Shirts - which design do you like?

    Girl Shirts... very nice, I like the first two designs. The colors are all nice too. does whomever you are ordering them from have "girl" shirts. I know it might sound lame, but i like the girl shape. Here is an example of the shape I like (notice the extra room around the neck, shorter...
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    Snowshoe vs barebooting

    i can't believe i'm posting this...but... i assume why a lot of people post hole is because they probably don't own snowshoes... i also went winter hiking multiple times before i even knew what post holing was lastly, a lot of times people don't realize that they are aggravating other...
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    Boston Holiday Beer Night 12/18

    out sick sorry guys, darren and i have both come down with "the sickness". I've been out of work for three me, you don't want this... :( Have fun tonight!
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    Gathering 10.0 - Canadian Rockies

    yes, it being the last weekend in july/first weekend in August gives everyone flexibility for planning. I think everyone should take one month out of work for vftt vacationing...the kickoff could be bearly live... :)