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  1. michael

    BSP: South Branch Pond/N. Traveler, 3/27-3/20

    Per ususal nice photos! As you may already know, Andy W and I (with a couple other Beaners) were there the week before. Sadly (for you!) we were forced to drink the booze that AW was going to leave for you. We got really thirsty :rolleyes:...
  2. michael

    One slot available: Baxter SP End of Winter Trip to Russell Pond 3/15 thru 3/21

    we've filled that slot. For what it's worth, the Wrath of Vulcan has forced us into Plan B and C mode...if there is 2 feet coming to Baxter we will likely not head into Russell as it is likely not to be broken out by either campers or rangers. 2 days and 20 miles of breaking trail? We shall see...
  3. michael

    One slot available: Baxter SP End of Winter Trip to Russell Pond 3/15 thru 3/21

    Dang, not one vftt cred is apparently in decline... Folks, this spot is still available. Now is YOUR chance to book your 7 Day/6 Night "St. Patrick's Day/Death to Winter" Baxter State Park Getaway in the most remote campsite in Maine! Come join the Pah-tee!
  4. michael

    One slot available: Baxter SP End of Winter Trip to Russell Pond 3/15 thru 3/21

    Kind of last minute and I am not sure that it isn't already reserved for another potential participant, however just in case...we have a group of 5 heading into Russell Pond for 3 nights with a night on either end of the trip at South Branch (6 nights total - 5 nights total in the park plus a...
  5. michael

    2013 In Review: Peak-Bragging!

    Myself, my brother Pete and friend Andy W all completed our WNEHH on Mt Jefferson. Hardest part were my brothers' 5 (6?) attempts at Hamlin Peak - 2 denials from Chimney Pond and 3 denials heading up Abol. Got a decent window on March 3rd to get Pete his long sought after summit. Many years in...
  6. michael

    Killington and Pico, 2-11-2012

    Cooper pooper Ya we had the same feeling about Cooper Lodge when we were there in December. But it sounds even worse now. Seems to be the trend with cabins and lodges located so close to Ski areas. It really needs to be moved downhill about another 1/2 mile or more along the LT/AT. Willing...
  7. michael

    Moose and ticks - a bad season

    Bemis Mtn Lean-to Last Spring, my District Overseer (Baldpate - MATC) and I had to hike in and remove a small moose from next to the Bemis Mtn Lean-to. Alerted as we were to the likelihood of severe tick infestation, we purchased Tyvex suits to prevent the ticks from getting on our clothes and...
  8. michael

    Equinox 1/29/12

    Ye Olde Burr and Burton trail (aka Summit Blue trail) was slick down low. Staying on the margins in the crust helped with traction. Beyond the Spring Jct it was steep with more snow, less ice though you still needed to be mindful of foot placement as slick spots did exist. Again staying on...
  9. michael

    Stratton 1/28/12

    AT/LT to summit was hard packed and thin layer of snow. recent ice storm left trees and shrubs with up to 1/2" - 3/4" of ice coating. Lots of debris, large and small on the forest floor and trail. we barebooted and used ski poles but saw one pair of folks with snowshoes. I would have used...
  10. michael

    Mendon 1/8/12

    The logging road to the saddle and BW is ok but several water crossings not surprisingly heavily eroded. Thin coating of snow/ice along lower sections of road. 6 inches give or take up on the cone/summit. Ski poles helpful but barebooting was easy the entire hike. Nice day, mostly cloudy but...
  11. michael

    Maine 6 pack Road Conditions

    canada rd We attemted to drive down the canada rd from coburn gore to get to COP Snow about three weeks ago it had not been plowed recently (though it may have been at some earlier time in the winter) , looked to have seen only snowmobile traffic and was otherwise narrow (barely a car width...
  12. michael

    Five Maine 4Ks – A “rocky” start with a spectacular finish

    timing is everything... Great finish to your weekend. you didn't let the bitterness rob you of enthusiasm and you persevered. Just wanted to add my thoughts to this thread as we were the party that seemingly defied the odds and made it to the top of the lifts and beyond to Spaulding. We...
  13. michael

    Spaulding 3/12/11

    Hike over to Spaulding from Sugarloaf. Used West Mountain chair trail to Timberline then below summit of Sugarloaf we crossed to the Sugarloaf Spur trail. Trail blazes mostly obscured due to deep snow, though the going was relatively easy, deep but firm snowpack. Summit area of the 'loaf was...
  14. michael

    Marc finishes the W115!

    nice! Congrats to you, sir. Well done!
  15. michael

    In Frostbite Conditions, Keep Yourself Covered -- Word to the Wise

    second that thought! Sucks about the frostbite Trish. I'll second what DSettahr said - suspenders have been the essential piece of equipment for holding up my fleece pants for the last 15 years or so and I can easily attach the back of my shell pants to them to keep those up where they should...
  16. michael

    btw, wanted to thank you for the suggestion of the early/mid-march Goose Eye attempt. I ended...

    btw, wanted to thank you for the suggestion of the early/mid-march Goose Eye attempt. I ended up having to go for it rather suddenly. Myself, my brother and another guy we hike with, Andy - you met us all last year in VT at the party - anyway, we're all trying to finish our winter NEHH this...
  17. michael

    Ed Hawkins Completes His Fourth Grid on Mt. Madison 2-17-11

    man... ...does one have to retire to do this sort of thing? who mows your lawn in the summer? lol! Thanks Ed, for the gift of chocolate ascending whiteface a couple weeks ago. Cheers to you!
  18. michael

    Carrigain 2/20/11

    Sawyer River Rd - bullet proof! Trail mostly bare bootable but there was some drifting lower down by jct so two went with, two went without and it worked out fine. All in snowshoes for descent. Trail is pretty well packed but drifts sure to swallow our tracks. Pretty much used everything on...
  19. michael

    Cook a Goose...Sunday Feb 6 2011

    finally... Found some time today...crack of 11:30 I was breaking trail...
  20. michael

    Goose Eye

    Broke out the Goose Eye Trail this afternoon. There may have been tracks underneath all that snow but it didn't really prove an advantage. Pretty much mash potatoes for the duration. Between 2" and 2 Feet. Snowshoes up and back. Brought stablicers AND Crampons but they stayed put. Weather...