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  1. Peak576

    Flume via Osseo - 12/1

    Date of Hike: December 1, 2012 Trail Conditions: Osseo trail, and the Lincoln Woods trail approach, are all in excellent shape --- clear sailing all the way. Special Equipment Required: Some of us used microspikes, others stayed bareboot. A light snow cover made for good traction even on the...
  2. Peak576

    Flume via Osseo, Sat. 12/1

    . a simple up & back to Flume via Osseo . 8ish start at Lincoln Woods . may also include Liberty Join us if you can! Dave :cool:
  3. Peak576

    Bonds, Sat. March 10

    Trails: Wilderness Trail, Bondcliff Trail, W. Bond Spur Peaks: Bondcliff, Bond, W. Bond Conditions: Light traction from LW to the 3rd stream crossing then it was time for snowshoes for improved traction since the trail was soft due to the new overnight snow. An earlier group had done a great...
  4. Peak576

    Bonds, Sunday March 11 (Sat. as backup date)

    The 3 Bonds, in-&-out via LW, are on the docket for Sunday March 11 (7 a.m. start time). Sat. (10th) is the backup date if the forecasts change to indicate it as the better above-treeline day. Please reply to this post or send me a PM if you can join us for this hike. Hopefully we'll get a...
  5. Peak576

    Twins - Galehead, Sunday March 4

    Trails: snowmobile trail & road from Little River Road, N. Twin Trail, N. Twin Spur, Twinway, Garfield Ridge Trail, Gale River Trail, Gale River Road & ski trail to Beaver Brook lot Peaks: N. Twin, S. Twin, Galehead Conditions: Footing was hard & crunchy from Little River Road to the road in...
  6. Peak576

    Twins - Galehead, Sunday, Mar. 4 (re-scheduled)

    Last Sunday's proposed hike to Twins-Galehead was changed to Whiteface-Passaconaway for that day. So, let me know via PM or reply to this post if you are available to hike Twins & Galehead with us this coming Sunday March 4. Meet time is 7 a.m. at Beaver Brook to leave a car(s) and then...
  7. Peak576

    Whiteface & Passaconaway, Sunday Feb. 26

    Trails: Blueberry Ledge, Rollins, Dicey's Mill Peaks: Whiteface & Passaconaway Conditions: Nice fresh snowcover on the well packed base. I used snowshoes except for a switch to light traction on the iced ledges below the Whiteface lookout. Lots of hikers out today so these trails are in...
  8. Peak576

    Twins - Galehead, Sunday, Feb. 26

    Let me know via PM or reply to this post if this hike is of interest. 7ish meet time at Beaver Brook to leave a car and proceed to the end of Little River Road for the hike. Should be a beautiful day!
  9. Peak576

    Jefferson-to-Pierce, 2/21/2012

    Trails: Jewell, snowfields, Gulfside, Jefferson Loop, Clay Loop, Crawford Path, Monroe Loop, Eisenhower Loop, Webster-Jackson Peaks: Jefferson, Clay, Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce Conditions: outstanding! Snowshoes useful for traction on Jewell with the fresh ~1-2" of powder on the...
  10. Peak576

    Car Spot Help - PNVC on Saturday, 1/28/2012

    I'll be there Hi Earl - Should I meet you at ~7:30 at PNVC? Dave
  11. Peak576

    Lincoln & Lafayette --- 1/22/2011

    Trails: Old Bridal Path, Franconia Ridge, Falling Waters Comments & conditions: All trails are well broken out. We used snowshoes today but saw many people in crampons or micro-spikes. Spectacular day on the ridge with light winds and crystal-clear views of everything. Great day to be...
  12. Peak576

    Hi David - Can you establish a new membership for: . Ian Danner . [email protected] ...

    Hi David - Can you establish a new membership for: . Ian Danner . [email protected] . trail name: IQuest Thank you. Dave Langley (Peak576)
  13. Peak576

    Carrigain --- 1/16/2011

    Trails: Sawyer River Road and Signal Ridge trail. The road is easily barebooted due to the snowmobile traffic. Signal Ridge trail was all broken out when we got there this morning. Another nine people hiked it today (most with snowshoes) so it is now in great shape. Comments: Terrific clear...
  14. Peak576

    Carter Dome & Hight -- 1/14/2011

    Trails: 19-Mile, Carter Dome, Carter-Moriah Conditions: 19-Mile and the Carter Dome Trail to Zeta are now solidly packed. Two of us broke out Carter Moriah to Carter Dome, Hight, and then back down to Zeta. We saw three people coming up to Hight when we had stopped to saw out a broader hole...
  15. Peak576

    Car Spot Help - PNVC on Saturday, 1/14/2012???

    Sounds good. I drive north on 16 so PNVC works well. See you there at 7:30. :p
  16. Peak576

    Car Spot Help - PNVC on Saturday, 1/14/2012???

    I'll be there Count me in for Wildcats on Saturday. What time to meet? Meet at PNVC or 19-Mile?
  17. Peak576

    Jackson, Cannon, Liberty, Flume - 1/7-8/2012

    Trails & conditions: light traction did the job on all trails (WJT, KRT, LST, FRT) with varying amounts of bare ice, bare ground, compacted snow; higher up is a nice snow cover for some more forgiving footing Comments: Terrific weekend of mild & comfortable winter(ish?) hiking conditions. High...
  18. Peak576

    Hey there! I didn't realize you were a VFTTer when we met on the trail. I would have talked...

    Hey there! I didn't realize you were a VFTTer when we met on the trail. I would have talked longer but standing under the dripping branch was losing its appeal. I'll likely post a few upcoming hikes --- maybe Kody & Thor can bag a few peaks together this winter!
  19. Peak576

    Willey, Field, Tom - 1/1/2012

    Trail Conditions: Ice down low (parking lot to the junction for Mt. Avalon) then packed snow; easy water crossings Trails: A-Z, Avalon, Willey Range Equipment: microspikes were sufficient for the day Comments: Great Jan. 1 on the Willey Range today (but it felt like April!) with a quick hike...
  20. Peak576

    Zealand & Hale - 12/29/2011

    Wonderful blue-sky outing yesterday in & out to Zealand which gave Georg two peaks he needed for this Winter 48 (for this winter), gave Dave the one peak he needed here for his 48-in-11, and allowed Ned to check off one more for his 48-by-12. Although we set out with the option of following...