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  1. bcskier

    Please help ID these mountains

    Similar perspective to this on Google Maps satellite view:
  2. bcskier

    Seeking Suggestions for an afternoon on skis or snowshoes near Conway

    I think that will be our objective. If snow levels are decent will try it on skis, if not snowshoes or boots. I noticed the trail crossing the forest road in the guidebook description and wondered if that would be a possible route of ascent, instead of coming up from the Baths. Any idea where it...
  3. bcskier

    Seeking Suggestions for an afternoon on skis or snowshoes near Conway

    One of our options might be Moat Mt. Trail past Diana's Baths to Red Ridge Trail as far up as we can, on skis. Anyone who's done this on skis care to comment? Anyone who skis backcountry and has hiked the trail have an opinion on the idea?
  4. bcskier

    Balsams Update - Go Big or Go home

    "Moving" to D.N. for the purpose of declaring it his residence for casting his vote. I suspect he probably won't be spending any more time there than he already does. Having D.N. keep it's mythic status as the first place to release its vote is probably too valuable a marketing tool to let slip.
  5. bcskier

    Seeking Suggestions for an afternoon on skis or snowshoes near Conway

    I'm coming up to do Mt. Doublehead cabin for the night on Feb. 27 and will arrive the day before, for a night at the White Mt. Hostel in Conway. I've got two friends who will join me. One is a backcountry skier, like me, the other is more comfortable on less steep terrain. Since we'll be skiing...
  6. bcskier

    Doublehead Cabin wood stove

    The write-up at says the cabin has a wood stove. I don't expect it will do much to keep the place that warm but the main question is how likely is it that any wood can be had in the immediate area of the cabin? I am assuming this will be much like Spruce Peak Shelter on the L.T...
  7. bcskier

    Those universal ski bindings.......

    I actually had one of those. It was reversible with a green on one and a white side (pretty yellow though when I had it) on the other. I've still got a couple of 10th Mt. Division rucksacks kicking around too. Used one of them on a trip from Aspen to Crested Butte via Pearl Pass in '75. Got a...
  8. bcskier

    Those universal ski bindings.......

    +1 on the Berwins. I've got a pair mounted on some old wooden downhill skis from the 50s that came to me by way of my grandfather. They work great. Wouldn't say I get the greatest glide on the flats with them but waxed up they move along pretty well. I use army surplus climbing skins for going...
  9. bcskier

    A Year of Images from the top of New England

    Courtesy of MWOBS, their Happy Holiday greeting:
  10. bcskier

    winter boots

    I've found Kamik boots to be less leak-prone than Sorels which always seemed to start delaminating between the upper and the sole sometime during the second season of use. The Kamik Nation Plus has been my favored model which replaced a couple of goes with the Sorel Caribou (which had the...
  11. bcskier

    Leather Boot Repair Location, Turner's Falls, MA

    No fantasies are involved, that I can tell.
  12. bcskier

    Leather Boot Repair Location, Turner's Falls, MA

    Just got the sole of one half of a pair of old Merrill XC boots restitched. Still too good to throw away but not usable unless the welt could be restitched. Had asked at Limmer's about the possibility of getting it repaired there when passing through Intervale this past winter. They might be...
  13. bcskier

    FOUND: Knife on Daniels Mt. Loop, NH

    Found approx. 3 p.m. 9/23/18 Email me with a description: [email protected] Phil Lussier
  14. bcskier

    Spider Camp Wild River Wilderness

    Should be a fun bit of sleuthing.
  15. bcskier

    Spider Camp Wild River Wilderness

    If you look at this 1937 topo, Spider Camp is the name for the area, or something, in the vicinity of the W.R. xing which later? became Spider Bridge. The location of a structure isn't obvious but it appears to be part of the "X" marking the bench mark location. Not so obvious on the '37 topo...
  16. bcskier

    Spider Camp Wild River Wilderness

    I met a guy at Spruce Peak Shelter on the LT about a dozen years ago who told me about it. The details are hazy but if I remember them correctly it had been a cook shack for the logging company and had been hauled in on skids over the snow. After logging operations ceased it was left behind. It...
  17. bcskier

    Spider Camp Wild River Wilderness

    Anyone have any recollection of a cabin in the W.R.W. in the vicinity of the eponymous Spider Bridge?
  18. bcskier

    Skiing "Tuckerman headwall"

    See here:
  19. bcskier

    Camera/Storage Case For Backpack Straps

    Here's what I've been using for quite a few years: Eagle Creek Camera Case. It also uses velcro straps to secure it to the pack strap but much like iAmKrys, I've never really had any problems with it staying put. In situations like bushwacking where I might be more nervous about it, I can take...
  20. bcskier

    Collapsible Water Pouches With Leak Proof Caps

    I use Platypus and have never had any of them leak.