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  1. smitty77

    e-readers on the trail?

    My wife has the black & white version of the Nook from Barnes and Noble and while I haven't taken it on a hike, I would not hesitate to do so. It's light weight, seems pretty rugged (just protect the screen) and the battery seems to last a long time. It's easy to read in various light...
  2. smitty77

    Mt Washington Auto Road Hydroelectric Upgrade

    Was all of that material brought by the current, or was it back-filled at some point to dissuade it's use as a swimming hole when the dam was no longer needed as a water supply reservoir and purely as a means to collect a head of water at a higher elevation? It sure is impressive if it was all...
  3. smitty77

    Mt Washington Auto Road Hydroelectric Upgrade

    While mine has gone from 0.091 down to 0.080. Is it an east/west thing? This is also why I haven't given the program more consideration. All rebates go to the company that owns the panels. The upsides are: Very low cost installation - up front of around $2300. They monitor your system...
  4. smitty77

    Mt Washington Auto Road Hydroelectric Upgrade

    We've owned our house now for 7 years (coincidentally your time horizon for payoff) and if anything my monthly electric bill has stayed the same or gone down. I have bills for the last 2 years to verify that the rate is actually less now than in March of 2009. I make a mental note of the kWh...
  5. smitty77

    Thanks for the greenie! I expected to find a few red squares and for the post to be deleted...

    Thanks for the greenie! I expected to find a few red squares and for the post to be deleted, but so far neither has occurred.
  6. smitty77

    Old Photo Trivia

    I usually stink at these, but here's my best shot... 1. At first I though Mt. Monadnock, but then read you said northern NH. My guess is Sandwich Dome? 2. Madison Hut 3. Indian Head 4. Dixville Notch 5. Cardigan 6. Liberty Spring Shelter 7. Hale 8. Edmands Col? 9. Carrigain...
  7. smitty77

    FYI: Northern Pass High Voltage Transmission Project

    A rather crass attitude of a resident in a state that relies so heavily it's tourism industry to balance the budget. I am also willing to bet that a large number of us "southerners" support the cause to protect "your" forests at all costs. IMO, you will need support from many people throughout...
  8. smitty77


    Tell me about it! A whopping 8" further north on Rt. 202. Looks like we got stuck in a band of dry air or something. Might try to head to Monadnock to play in the snow later this week, as long as the wind hasn't taken it all away...
  9. smitty77

    What did Santa bring you?

    Two children who are very pleased with their gifts. (They always are.) A really nice electric razor from the Mrs. - best shave EVER! :D My first extended break from work in 358 days. A massive powder dump in which to play (snowshoe with the kids) during my time off.
  10. smitty77


    Calling for 14-20" from the Berkshires east to almost Boston where it will likely mix to rain. Not sure what the accumulation forecast looks like going north, but for those of us in central Mass on vacation this week, it looks like some prime snowshoeing conditions. :D Edited to add: about 2"...
  11. smitty77

    Hiking with babies and young children ?

    A friend of mine LOVES the Deuter packs. I used a Kelty and liked it, but not loved. I have a long torso, and the hip belt didn't sit low enough for me and I would often get sore shoulders from the child's weight sitting so far behind me. I was never pulled off balance, but I could certainly...
  12. smitty77

    Multitool question

    Personally, I'd carry both. I have a Leatherman Wave and while it is a tad heavy, it has scissors, standard and phillips head screwdrivers, a file (sharpening crampons in a pinch?), two knives, and a saw that will certainly do a good job on your finger if you're not careful. Another bonus - a...
  13. smitty77

    Part two -- Jerimoth Hill high point 11/27

    Thanks for the beta Ed. I've driven by that very pull-off on Rt. 101 maybe 200 times (heck I think my company even paved that stretch of road) but never got out of the truck and made the 5 minute walk. It seems like now might be the time to do that, just in case. I'll be working about 10...
  14. smitty77

    Proposed fees for Search and Rescue in NH

    And to piggy-back on that thought... I don't think the following scenario has played out yet, but: Say a hiker requires a rather involved rescue, is deemed negligent, and is charged by the state. Let's also assume resources were donated by the AMC or RMC to rescue said hiker, as is often the...
  15. smitty77


    I'll just point you to my post in the bottom of that previous thread. There may well be better performing gloves out there, but the way the Tillman's perform for less than $10 - I'd be reluctant to try anything else.
  16. smitty77

    Views from the Top and Bottom: Great Grand Canyon Day-Hikes

    Okay, I didn't bite on the e-mail, but now that you've made that photo public... I think you're getting to much sun! I need to remind Ma to bring you inside from time to time. :D
  17. smitty77

    VFTT dog hike in November - Greylock ?

    I was hoping to go but I have to work tomorrow - the x-mas list still needs some funding. Have fun everyone!
  18. smitty77

    FYI: Northern Pass High Voltage Transmission Project

    Funny you brought this up... while waiting to turn into my driveway this afternoon a white Toyota Prius passed by with a very decorative vehicle wrap adorning the body proclaiming "GO GREEN" and "NO NUKES". In light of this discussion, I feel like asking them what their definition of "Green"...
  19. smitty77

    Which car would you recommend for remote bushwhacking?

    I like RUP's idea too. They can easily be towed behind any vehicle and you can pick up a nice used 4wd unit for 3-4k plus another $800-1000 for a trailer. A co-worker has a Can-Am (made by Bombardier, the same folks who make snowcats) that is automatic and 4x4 and there is NO place it won't...
  20. smitty77

    FYI: Northern Pass High Voltage Transmission Project

    And I imagine a lot of that power makes it way south into Central Mass as well. According to my last statement from National Grid almost one third of the power they supply to their customers comes from nuclear generation. Nobody wants coal plants. The BP disaster has made out-of-sight (I mean...