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  1. swamp

    Pemi loop advice

    I assume that you mean Lincoln Woods for parking. As far as reliable water goes I would say Liberty Spring ( you’ll have to drop a few hundred feet of elevation), Garfield Ridge campsite, Galehead hut, Guyot Spring ( another loss of elevation) and pretty much anywhere along the Lincoln Woods trail.
  2. swamp

    Skiing this weekend in the Pemi

    I’d like to try out a new set of cross country boards on the trails out of Lincoln Woods this weekend. With the recent crazy weather I have no idea what conditions to expect. Any beta would be appreciated.
  3. swamp

    Glastonbury Mt via Somerset Airfield beta ?

    I’m looking for any info about the network of forest roads and sled trails linking the Somerset airfield area to Glastonbury peak. I’ve perused every sort of topo map and other imagery ( and I’ve searched for paper maps of sled and atv routes with no luck) and was hoping for some boots-on-ground...
  4. swamp

    Tom Jenks

    As I recall the leather apron was presented to the person that travelled the furthest to attend each gathering. The leather apron itself was inspired by the staff at the White Wolf.
  5. swamp

    Backpack repair ?

    I have a couple of backpacks in need of repair. Shoulder straps becoming unstitched from the pack (probably from carrying too much crap) and that type of thing. Does anyone in southern New England handle this sort of thing ?
  6. swamp

    Direttissima in Backpacker magazine

    The most recent issue of Backpacker has an article about the White Mountain Direttissima. In the article there is no credit given to Mats Roing , who basically invented the Direttissima in its modern version.
  7. swamp

    Donn Fendler passed away.

    Donn Fendler, the subject of the classic " Lost on a Mountain in Maine " passed away yesterday. He was 90.
  8. swamp

    any problems with a yard Woodchuck?

    A woodchuck cleaned out my garden one year. He then met " my little friend". No problems since.
  9. swamp

    GoPro (ish) question

    If you go on an extended trip (like the AT) and document it with something like a GoPro is there a compact device that you can carry to periodically download the camera to, or are you damned to carry 500 microSD cards ?
  10. swamp

    Ski conditions on Wilderness trail / Pemi East trail ?

    . I'm looking for something to do this weekend. Are the Pemi trails still in decent shape for skiing ?
  11. swamp

    Bondcliff trail campsite

    On the Bondcliff trail, soon after you climb a rock stairway, you'll make you're last water crossing ( probably dry right now) right before the switchbacks. Right after that crossing there are several flat areas to make camp. I can't say that they are 200 Imperial feet from the trail but I'm...
  12. swamp

    White Mountains Directissima?

    If you want to attempt Mats' record you also have to lick the sharp edge of an open sardine can. Go hardcore or go home.
  13. swamp

    Article about increases use of Mt Washington in Winter

    . I don't think that anyone knows the issues involving hikers and tourists on Mt Washington better than Mike Pelchat. If he thinks that expanding services on the summit is a good idea I would definitely defer to his judgement.
  14. swamp

    Will the Dry River Trail be opened.

    I was in the Dry River area after Irene. Between Dry River Falls and Dry River #3 shelter there were large areas of trail completely gone. There were several places where the hillside had slid to the river leaving leaving loose,unstable slides. I can't imagine a trail rebuild that wouldn't...
  15. swamp

    Direttissima Hikes in the Whites

    Prior to the 09 attempt Mats did a successful solo Direttisima from Moosilauke to Cabot. I believe he got the idea (and the name Direttisima) from a guy who did it as a series of dayhikes and wrote about it in Appalachia.
  16. swamp

    Primaloft jacket recommendations ?

    I'm thinking about asking Santa for a good packable primaloft jacket but I know nothing about them. Any ideas?
  17. swamp

    Leave no Trace...Really?

    There's a dump in the woods from the old Crawford house that's all broken glass,rusty cans, and plastic (yup...that recent)maple syrup bottles. I wonder when they started drinking their dishwasher.
  18. swamp

    peakbaggers: please don't's trash

    Several years ago I was off-trail in the woods heading into the Hitchcocks (off the Pemi East trail). I found a bunch of flagging in a dead-straight line that didn't appear to lead anywhere in particular. I later asked a forest service person about it and was told that wildlife surveys are...
  19. swamp

    Who Bushwacks

    I carry a gps but use it mostly for the altimeter. I usually use a compass. The only "instinctual" (is that even a word?) bushwhacker I ever hiked with is Neighbor Dave. No GPS / rarely compass and he always gets there. I think his frontal lobe has activated one of those gizmos the rest of us lost.
  20. swamp

    official boundary description of Pemigewasset Wilderness

    Hey Roy, I have no answer to your question but I'm very curious about your project. Keep us appraised of your progress (as required per article 3 in the Bushwhacker's Code).