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  1. Nif

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck November 2

    Yeah, what peakbagger said.... Thanks for another wonderful gathering. :D
  2. Nif

    Emma's Cairn on Belknap Mountain 6-6-13

    Nice Cairn. I'll will have to visit it some day myself for sure.
  3. Nif

    What quotations or phrases keep you going in difficult outdoor situations?

    "Don't look down, you'll end up there" is a perennial favorite. Along with "no toboggan rides" or "no helecopter rides" depending on the terrain I'm in. More often than not however situation appropriate "theme songs" start playing in my head, that I sing along to mentally... Past favorites...
  4. Nif

    High-Pointing in the Conch Republic

    Wow, I'm not sure I would venture out in that much sun, not to mention the humidity.......shudder.... Hope you find lots of good leaf piles to hide your beacons in. Make sure they cover recommended raking technique for extraction :p
  5. Nif

    Puzzle Mountain via Grafton Loop Trail 12/6/2012

    Thanks for the write-up and the reminder. Very nice report.
  6. Nif

    Spun around on the way home from Moose Mountain.

    Nice pics and report yet again Neil. Never a full moment either :)
  7. Nif

    Rescue on Slide Mt

    Lucky for them they ran into others who could help them some.
  8. Nif

    Peak Experiences: Danger, Death, and Daring in the Mountains of the Northeast

    I saw it this Saturday and picked up a copy for myself. Now I need to sit down and read it :)
  9. Nif

    Lyon-Averill. The sequel and a happy ending.

    Everybody loves a happy ending!!! Nice report and pictures Neil. I like why you hike :D
  10. Nif

    Moosilauke via Glencliff, Benton, Tunnel Bk Trails - 11.17.12

    Double thanks guys!!! Hahaha....if I had been in the country I might have been with one of those large groups. It's something I do every year :p This ferreting around Beaver flooding in the dark must be something you've come to enjoy. Are you going to add it to every hike from here on out ;)
  11. Nif

    Mount Waternomee B-18 Crash Site 11/13/12

    What Hamtero said. Thanks for reminding us all Kevin.
  12. Nif

    Hancock-Captain-Carrigain Traverse 11.03.12

    Sweet!!! That's a good hike :) Stinky, I'd be down w/those dates. Sounds like a good time to give it a shot.
  13. Nif

    Long Trail thru-hike

    Hahaha...looking forward to it Pa, hard to believe there is anything that could "enhance" the legend of HD :p Now get back to work so you get caught up :)
  14. Nif

    Webshots and Smile - A Positive Outcome

    Try the send zip file link again Fritz or message them. There was a link if you had problems. I unzipped my downloads and all my stuff is there. Not in albums or w/my photo descriptions anymore, but I do have them all still.
  15. Nif

    Hancock-Captain-Carrigain Traverse 11.03.12

    You guys come up with the date and I'll sign up.... Sometime not too hot, but after serious mud season/rotted out snow season, and not in black fly season..... In short when it's absolutely perfect :rolleyes:
  16. Nif

    Mont Jacques Cartier – Parc National de Gaspésie (Quebec)

    This is a really nice area Stan. Nice to see pictures in the summer and read about your trip. I've done a couple ski trips in the winter, Gaspié is quite popular for that. I've stayed at the Madeline Mines hut, and friends went over to Jacques Cartier, but I have yet to go. (Too focused on...
  17. Nif

    a mega-pemi loop bust and 2nd attempt @ 48 x 4 season finish

    A reversed loop might actually work better for this. You could tick OH at night or first thing in the morning, camping down low, then ascend the slide in the morning. The first time I did it, it did go up. With the ground not frozen, you do have to work a little in the looser dirt and...
  18. Nif

    Hancock-Captain-Carrigain Traverse 11.03.12

    This all sounds great. Hope Sue will agree to come out before 2017 :p Bivvying on peaks and ledges is great IMO. Good stuff beyond the trails Sunshine Chris, I think you'll enjoy venturing out.:)
  19. Nif

    Water Availability halfway between Moosilauke summit, Beaver brook and Asquam Trail

    What MJ said. I was up there is summer and I don't remember much except some muddy trail sections due to rain. My route was gorge brook to Asquam.
  20. Nif

    Webshots and Smile - A Positive Outcome

    I downloaded mine the other day too. I didn't even realize webshots was converting until I read Arm's LT report. I had moved to smugmug. I have the ZIP files on my hard drive now. I have yet to look at how they actually downloaded. Like if they are in the individual albums, with captions...