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  1. TMax

    First photos from Duck Hole

    For what it's worth, I also believe we should just let nature do what she's doing. As stated previously, the area will be a "go-to" place, just for different reasons - not the least of which is solitude!
  2. TMax

    Basin, Haystack 3-20-11

    Trail in to JBL has very little snow on it in sections and most bridges and water crossings are open. (First leanto in has been dismantled:() Above JBL the snow cover is still high and all water crossings were frozen over. Shorey Shortcut is not as well consolidated as other trails and kicking...
  3. TMax

    Five Maine 4Ks – A “rocky” start with a spectacular finish

    What a great report Seema. So many of us would have gotten caught up in the negativity of it all and had the trip spoiled! Didn't know you were so close to finishing! Nice job:D!
  4. TMax

    Marc finishes the W115!

    Congrats Marc! What a fantastic job getting it done. Ever do the math on miles driven and $$ spent???
  5. TMax

    MSR Lightning Ascents, R.I.P.

    Topofgothics had both of the front claws on his Lightening Ascents snap on the same hike up Sawteeth. But here's the quote of the year when he called MSR customer service; MSR: "You know what we call the Adirondacks?" Topofgothics: "No, but do tell..." MSR: "The black hole of snowshoes!"...
  6. TMax

    Hiker survives two nights solo in woods and Trap Dike rescue

    Me too! And for that I am forever grateful, right Guinness?;)
  7. TMax

    Rocky Peak Ridge, Giant 2-21-11

    Hiked up from 73. Trails are in amazing condition. Easiest time I've ever had getting these two. Even the sections that are generally a little dicey had a nice hard-pack on them making gripping with snowshoes no problem, either up or down! It was a bluebird day:D. Get 'em while their hot;)...
  8. TMax

    What does VFTT mean to you?

    I used to be a complete solo hiker until one day in 2005 when Giggy posted this and I responded. From then on I found a community of like-minded and pretty fantastic folks. I still hike solo, but I have also discovered the beauty of hiking with...
  9. TMax

    The true source of VFTT

    What a classy tribute Darren. It's fantastic that you had each other. Not all family members are so fortunate. Sounds like you two were smiled upon. My best to you and your family. "When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that...
  10. TMax

    Finally, SnowCup

    Sweet... What a fantastic group, how could it be anything other than a great time?:D
  11. TMax

    Esther and Whiteface 1-1-11

    Trail Conditions: Crap! Snow is soft, sloppy and wet. Trail up Marble Mountain alternated between rocks, snow, ice, water. From there up to the Esther herdpath wasn't too bad. The snow was soft and plenty of ice patches but we easily barebooted. Out to Esther was really rotten. Soft wet and...
  12. TMax

    Highpointing and a few brewpubs

    SWEET! Sounds like a great time Tom! (Any time you get a new patch is good.):D
  13. TMax

    How much snow in the high peaks?

    At the hostel (at 2000') we got another inch over last night!
  14. TMax

    when nature calls

    In non-winter, I use a bandana. In winter, TP carried out in a baggie. Drip dry is an illusion!
  15. TMax

    Winter Hiking Boots Recommendations

    Merrell's run narrow. Have you tried any of them?
  16. TMax

    Saw a Bald Eagle on the way to work this morning.

    I saw two on my way to Central NY from the Dacks last Monday. One was at the Piseco Outlet and the second was near Hinkley Reservoir. I couldn't believe my luck! When I was living in the Catskills and doing a lot of kayaking on the Delaware, early morning sightings of them were fairly common...
  17. TMax

    127 Hours ~ New Movie

    Ralston was also the 1st person to complete all the Colorado 14ers in winter -solo! (A bunch of the peaks were completed after his accident). But I remember reading an article about him using some not well thought out techniques which led to more risky than usual circumstances while doing so...
  18. TMax

    Best hand warmers

    No matter what brand I use (usually the ones I find on sale!) I always bring several pair - just in case I wind up with a "dud."
  19. TMax

    Wedding in the Mountains

    Congratulations! Looks like Terra met someone:D?
  20. TMax

    Flags on the 48 - 2010

    Fantastic! My appreciation goes out to everyone who helped make this a success. It's an event that has a lot of meaning to a lot of people.:)