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  1. MonadnockVol

    Mount Monadnock State Park ranger Jim Johnson

    Jim I knew Jim from Monadnock and was involved in several rescues with him. In fact, he gave me some summit horizon maps for the mountain. He was a great guy and this is a senseless tragedy.
  2. MonadnockVol

    You never know who might be on the trail

    I have "people" who do that for me One essential: A secret service agent to carry the 10 essentials. And remember, you never know who you'll meet on the trails ... or who is reading this forum!
  3. MonadnockVol

    Acclimitize to a 14-er

    Depends on the direction Not progress DOWN the mountain.
  4. MonadnockVol

    Canine Four Thousand Footer Awards

    Be the hike So I think K-9 hikers have the right attitude. They don't care about patches or what number they are on; they don't care about who did it fastest or the most. They hike for the sheer love of being outside climbing with their beloved humans. What a great attitude! On the other...
  5. MonadnockVol

    U.S. Army proposes helicopter training on Whiteface Mountain

    Closing the summit Well if they are landing and taking off, I suspect they might (should) close the summit. I have assisted in a few helicopter evacuations of injured hikers from Mt. Monadnock. These evacuations were flown by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team working in...
  6. MonadnockVol

    Rescue on Adams

    Interesting thread First, I'm glad this story had a happy ending. Second, my appreciation to the hard-working SAR folks. Third, I can argue both sides of the ice axe / crampon aspect. I agree with the "Tims" when they point out that conditions dictate what is necessary and that having an ice...
  7. MonadnockVol

    Latest and greatest or "old friends"

    When it comes to gear, do you constantly upgrade to the newest latest stuff, or do you stick with the same gear until it wears out no matter what technological improvements come along?
  8. MonadnockVol

    Is GPS just a 'Stupid Guy Thing?'

    Help My experience has been the same as BobC's and I'd like to draw on the experience of the group. I love my map and compass, but I'm also a believer in redundancy for safety's sake. So I want to get a GPS that gets a signal in a reliable fashion. So all you experienced GPS users - of...
  9. MonadnockVol

    Summer Hiking Goals

    Right summer, wrong continent This summer my plans are to take long walks each day around the state of Karnataka in India. While I'm doing that I'll be thinking about what I'll be climbing here in the fall.
  10. MonadnockVol

    Lost hiker dies of hypothermia in Catskills

    Very sad It's so sad. I don't want to second guess these two as I wasn't there, but this is the time of year when I know that other people have seen that spring has hit at lower elevations and get unpleasantly surprised to find winter still in force in the mountains. Again, I am not saying...
  11. MonadnockVol

    What happened to Bergelene?

    Whoops! So what do you call it when a thread threatens to get hijacked by the very guy who started the thread in the first place? But back to fabrics and chaffed nipples: The number of dedicated readers of VFTT makes me think that when it comes to outdoor products in the N.E. U.S.A., we...
  12. MonadnockVol

    Losing Weight and Getting into Shape

    I agree. Remember Christine Clark, the winner of the 2000 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials? She was from Anchorage, AK, and did 2/3 of her winter training on a treadmill. So - like Nike says - just do it. My two cents.
  13. MonadnockVol

    Subaru Owners?

    Impreza owner here For four years I didn't own a car. I walked to work and shared expenses on my partner's car. When I really needed a car and couldn't borrow hers, I would rent. Unfortunately that meant that I had to take whatever they had and that seldom meant all-wheel drive and good snow...
  14. MonadnockVol

    Storm Peak, 10,500 ft, Steamboat, Colorado

    Love How wonderful. Congratulations to you both.
  15. MonadnockVol

    bike training

    Street Slicks Ooohh, you took me back. I had a pair of Kevlar high pressure street slicks for my mountain bike. Because they were Kevlar, they took all kinds of abuse. My buddy and I rode from Albuquerque, NM to Phoenix, AZ. He was using his road bike and I had my mountain bike. There was...
  16. MonadnockVol

    Product Review: Kahtoola MICROspikes

    Original pair finally broke So on my slog jog around Goose Pond (Keene, NH) today, my microspikes finally broke. Two of the stainless steel chain links separated. They were two years old and had lots of miles on them. I just sent an email to Kahtoola and we'll see what happens.
  17. MonadnockVol

    Monadnock Question

    It's open and it's $4: money well spent since that is the main source of income for the Park.
  18. MonadnockVol

    Monadnock Question

    Report posted See the trail condition section...
  19. MonadnockVol

    Monadnock, Sat. 1/30

    Just back from the mountain. Wind chill on the summit was 20 below (3 degrees and 20 mph winds). Visibility greater than 80 miles. Trails had a thin layer (less than an inch) of new (Thursday) snow bonded to the rock and ice underneath. Some sort of traction (microspikes, crampons, etc.) and...
  20. MonadnockVol

    Monadnock Question

    Probably, some combination of Red Spot and White Dot, but that's subject to last minute whim.