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  1. SherpaKroto

    Save the date: Pat and Audrey's potluck Saturday 11/5/11

    Thank you! Had a great time seeing everyone. So Happy to see Pat and Audrey happy and healthy. I may be out of the mountains, but the mountains, and friends will never be out of me! Now if I can only keep myself from drowning, I'll be all set! ;)
  2. SherpaKroto

    Winter in the Whites and being prepared

    One other thing... why risk ruining a great future of winter hiking with a first time bad experience? I've never regretted being OVERprepared, but have always had less of a good time being UNDERprepared. I'll go back to my hole now :rolleyes:
  3. SherpaKroto

    Winter in the Whites and being prepared

    I would feel a lot better if there was a 3rd person along on this trek. The NP's are a whole different world in winter: even if you know them well in the other seasons. Can you suggest that they do a dry run with gear on a different peak, to get a sense of what to expect? If you and Brian could...
  4. SherpaKroto

    My December 27 concert in Boston

    Nice! Congrats - I will do my best to attend, but with w*rk, who knows. Have a Happy Holiday!
  5. SherpaKroto

    Welcome home Lei! Tue Sep 21 in Waltham

    Sherpa will be there! I w*rk in Wellesley, Elle will be in Mexico, and I like beer, uh, I mean Lei. I'll do my best to be there.
  6. SherpaKroto

    Big Bonfire Band Jam Springfling.

    Maybe you missed it, but it didn't miss you! Nice job! I'm working on the recordings...
  7. SherpaKroto

    Big Bonfire Band Jam Springfling.

    Kick a** time again Steve! Stereogrove was amazing. I'm working on mixing the tracks that I have. Hopefully I'll get some sweet results. Anyway, I want to Thank You... for a real good time!
  8. SherpaKroto

    MEB Grid Finish on Flume 3/27/10!

    Wow! When did she ever have time to dance? (BTW, notice she even has her boots on there. Can never be prepared enough, eh?) Congrats MEB - you can chase me across the Baldfaces anytime ;)
  9. SherpaKroto

    Big Bonfire Band Jam Springfling.

    C'mon, we all know that Canadian Bacon is just a slab of ham! I'll take good old crispy bacon anytime!
  10. SherpaKroto

    Big Bonfire Band Jam Springfling.

    Hmmm... are you saying that I'm part of the crap that milk the cows? Are the cows organic, or just the milk? How fresh do I have to be when I milk the cows? Looking forward to being well fed! I tend to miss out on most of the food at these things: too many other duties. Last year, I mainly got...
  11. SherpaKroto

    VFTT winter gathering 2010?

    Ok, Gig, stop being so modest. After all, it was YOU who got ME up Rainier ;) So yes, you CAN do ANYTHING. As I see it, Gig has this under control: 1) He is making sure that Dax comes when he picks her up at ManchVegas (what happens in ManchVegas...) :eek: 2) He will forever be known as the TFW...
  12. SherpaKroto

    5 Dix-ie chicks in the ADKs

    Nice trek! BTW, Jay thought Rainier was "relatively flat" also :rolleyes:
  13. SherpaKroto

    Bold Coast and Fundy Nat'l Park

    TC: Very inspiring... After talking to Darren, and seeing your way too cool video, I may have to get my sorry a** up the Bold Coast.
  14. SherpaKroto

    Mount Rainier!

    Congrats! Rainier is, indeed, a magical place to be: start to finish.
  15. SherpaKroto

    Fall Gathering Sept 18th to 20th - Eustis ME

    Yes, but they haven't met any of us yet. Then the REALLY would not be impressed! BTW, how come I never see any embarrassing pictures of me hanging around? Must be good breeding :rolleyes:
  16. SherpaKroto

    Traditional Fall Gathering 2009?

    Nothing like a Eustis Pub Crawl to clear ones mind and soul! Add one vote from me. September dates are best for me (but not Labor Day)
  17. SherpaKroto

    When the heck is Bearly Live 2009?

    Just back... and shortly on my way to Florida. Suffice it to say, I had a great time! I hope the "authorities" did not put too much of a damper in the weekend. The nice thing is that again, we managed to dodge the raindrops (weel, you all did: I had an interesting day setting up!:rolleyes:)...
  18. SherpaKroto

    When the heck is Bearly Live 2009?

    Play That Funky Music... Ok, I am officially at the losing my mind stage...:(:o:confused::):D We must be getting close! "It's much too late to do anything about rock & roll now ..." - Jerry Garcia / Grateful Dead :eek:
  19. SherpaKroto

    Ha! Me keep MichaelJ out of trouble? That's like the fox guarding the henhouse :)

    Ha! Me keep MichaelJ out of trouble? That's like the fox guarding the henhouse :)