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  1. woodsxc

    Best Hikes in the US!

    There are several excellent hikes in Turkey Run State Park and Shades State Park in Indiana. In particular, Devil's Backbone in Shades SP.
  2. woodsxc

    Biggest Nature Surprise

    Wyoming '10 At first we was all like "Whatever" Then the sun started to come up and snow eased up a bit and then we was all like "Woah"
  3. woodsxc

    Trail Tools

    I like 3/4 axes in general. 2 1/4 lb head and a 28" handle. Get a head and hang it yourself. They're light but you can get a lot more power out of the 3/4 than you can with a kindling axe or hatchet. For clearing a trail, a 3/4 axe, bow saw, and pair of loppers will cover all the bases...
  4. woodsxc

    Fill in your divots!

    Dear god. Honestly, if your snowshoes are functional, then they should prevent you from falling, slipping, or sliding in a posthole. Postholes are caused by someone barebooting in soft snow. Therefore, the hole is only the size of a boot. If your snowshoe can fit into a boot-sized hole...
  5. woodsxc

    Carter Dome 3/26

    I had been eying Carter Dome since my trip over the Wildcats in February. I found a partner in (soon to be) Myxomatosis. After some email exchanges and one cancellation due to illness, we settled on Saturday. We left western Maine early on Saturday and made it to Nineteen Mile Brook Trailhead...
  6. woodsxc

    Highway Driving

    To whoever it was on NH 101 today, I was the guy in the blue Prius. Love the license plate!
  7. woodsxc

    Wildcat new owners - Polecat still open?

    I was at Wildcat a few weeks ago (TR if I get around to it) and nobody gave us a second look when 9 of us rolled in from the Wildcat Ridge Trail. Granted, we skied/snowboarded down.
  8. woodsxc

    VT Ice

    Thanks Leaf!
  9. woodsxc

    VT Ice

    What are the conditions in Smuggler's Notch? I'm gonna be out there next week and I'm wondering if I could solo Easy Gully...
  10. woodsxc

    Softshell pants and temperature regulation

    How many of you guys use insulated pants in the winter? If I'm not using the softshells, I go with my MH Defiant pants and a pair of Capline 2 bottoms. I haven't had any problems with my legs being cold, but then again I haven't been out in much below 5 degrees this winter. When do people...
  11. woodsxc

    Open plans 3/11-3/27. Partners?

    I'm going to be staying on campus for spring break, so naturally I'm hoping to find a way to get off campus. Other than going to VT around the 18th/19th, I'm pretty much free. Anybody want to do some mountaineering in the Whites or Longfellows? I don't have a car, but I can get down to...
  12. woodsxc

    Softshell pants and temperature regulation

    I've got a pair of REI hybrids. They've got softshell at the calf and the thigh and hardshell shins, knees, and seat. There's a slash zip that runs from the hip to the knee for venting, but they breathe quite well so I rarely use it.
  13. woodsxc

    Mahoosuc Traverse

    :o My bad. I thought 21 hours sounded pretty darn slow...
  14. woodsxc

    Mahoosuc Traverse

    A quick search got me to this site which lists the Mahoosuc Traverse record at 20:55.
  15. woodsxc

    Ice tools

    I've gotten to swing X Monsters a few times at gear stores. They feel wicked. There was a really good product video linked in one of the MEC reviews X Monster Video with a couple pointers on technique. I'm gonna see what D (climbing guide guy) says.
  16. woodsxc

    Ice tools

    Thanks Nartreb! I'm really looking at Gothics as the technical high point of the season (Katahdin would be the biggest expedition).
  17. woodsxc

    Ice tools

    We know that because the OP mentioned Gothics North Face specifically. As far as crampons go, I got a pair of Grivel F2's last winter and have occasional access to step in Sabretooths. Doug, you've hit the nail pretty squarely on the head. I am looking (longingly) at ice climbing, but I can...
  18. woodsxc

    Ice tools

    I'm planning some trips to the high peaks of the Adirondacks and White Mountains this winter and have found that I'm gonna need ice tools. I already own a non-technical axe that's served me well on walk ups (Washington via Lionshead etc) but I need some help picking a tool or pair of tools for...
  19. woodsxc

    Iodine (Potable Aqua) vs. Chlorine Dioxide (Aquamira)

    When I started spending time in the backcountry, I used Iodine. About 2 years ago though, my brothers and I caught our dad at a weak moment and convinced him to buy a Steripen. We haven't looked back. The pen is quick, easy, and very effective (if water is too cloudy, run it through a...
  20. woodsxc

    Western Maine 4ks

    +1 Use the AT when you can. The exception to this would be Saddleback. If you park at the ski area, you shave off about 3 miles of hiking and you have access to potable water.