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  1. Wolfgang

    Heather Hesse - Grid Finisher #45

    Heather & Kali, Good Show, Jolly Good Show. Congratulations on a job well done. bob
  2. Wolfgang

    Silverfox is grid finisher #44

    Mark, Good show, Jolly good show, congratulations. Welcome to the club. bob
  3. Wolfgang

    Found - Ground Pad on Mt. Tecumseh Trail

    Feb. 28, 2014 Found a ground Pad on Mt. Tecumseh Trail [email protected]
  4. Wolfgang

    35mm slide scanner advice ?

    I've been using an "Epson Perfection V300" photo scanner for several years now. It works well, and is able to digitize 35 mm slides, color negetives and photos. It's a little slow depending on the set resolution, but I think most scanners are. It has a lot of enhancing features. I think that I...
  5. Wolfgang

    Mt. Tom/ The Bear and the Bunny

    Date of Hike: Mon. 19 Aug 2013 Trails: Avalon & AZ Comments: I don't normally summer post, unless I see something interesting. I set out for a quick Calendar Day walk up to Tom, and just before the jct. with the Avalon and AZ, a cute little bunny rabbit came charging down the trail and stopped...
  6. Wolfgang

    Found Rain Shell on the Garfield Ridge Trail 06-13-2013

    Just below the Galehead Hut. Describe it and I'll try to get it back. [email protected]
  7. Wolfgang

    A Fond Farewell To The Whites

    Hi Ed, Cindy and I wish you and your family the best of luck as you move on. It was great knowing you and hiking with you. We're looking forward to seeing you guys off at the Church tomorrow. Bob
  8. Wolfgang

    Found: Knife on Carriage Rd. Moosilauke

    I found a knife on the Carriage Rd. coming down from Moosilauke on Tue. Apr. 30. 2013. May have been there for awhile, since the blade has some rust on it. If it's yours, let me know, and we'll try to hook up.
  9. Wolfgang

    Where is the best place to get mountain weather reports?

    Here's one that I use for the Presies for wind speed. It seems to be very acurate and forecasts out longer than the Mt. Washington Obs forecast.
  10. Wolfgang

    Moosilauke 3-0-12

    Date of Hike: Sat., Mar. 9, 2013 Trails: Ravine Rd., Gorge Brook Trail Conditions: Loose snow over a firm base. Softening somewhat through the day, but always a firm base. Some bare booters making a mess, but snowshoes doing the repair work. Lots of skiers and boarders out today, making the...
  11. Wolfgang

    Congratulations to the latest Grid Finishers - Earl and Sue

    Congratulations to Earl and Sue for a job well done.
  12. Wolfgang

    Owls Head 1-9-13

    Date of Hike: Wed. Jan 9, 2013 Trails: Lincoln Woods, Black Pond, Black Pond Bushwhack, Lincoln Brook, Brutus Bushwhack, Owls Head Path Conditions: All trails were very well packed out. Some in our party wore snowshoes and others wore spikes to the base of the Brutus Whack. Snow shoes with...
  13. Wolfgang

    Bryan Cuddihee completes the Grid!

    Bryan, Good show, Jolly good show! and well done. bob
  14. Wolfgang

    Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce 12-06-12

    Date of Hike: Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012 Trails: Edmunds Path, Crawford Path Comments: We spotted vehicles at the Highland Center and Edmunds Trailhead. Edmunds path was in pretty good shape, with a dusting of snow down low to sections of flow ice patches with elevation. We wore spikes from start...
  15. Wolfgang

    new Grid finisher above 60 - Bob "Wolfgang" Martin

    Hi Chris, I remember the day quite well. I enjoyed your company. Glad to see that your back out on the trails again.
  16. Wolfgang

    new Grid finisher above 60 - Bob "Wolfgang" Martin

    Thanks to Everyone for the kind words.
  17. Wolfgang

    N. & M. Tripyramids 10-1-12

    Date of Hike: Thur. Nov. 1, 2012 Trails: Livermore Rd., Livermore Tr., Scaur Ridge Tr., Pine Bend Brook Tr., & Mt. Tripyramid trail. Conditions: Livermore Rd in good shape with some erosion and running water. Scaur Ridge Trail had a blowdown which I removed. Pine Bend Brook Trail had several...
  18. Wolfgang

    Francis Muzzey redlines 23rd ed. of AMC guidebook

    Francis Muzzey #3 Red-Line Finisher Here is a post by Ed Hawkins (Hiker Ed) dated Oct 22, 2012 Hi to All Another "EARLY" red-lining finisher has re-surfaced and come forward. Francis Muzzey Summer season 1998. Completes "every" trail in the "23rd" edition of the AMC NH White Mountain...
  19. Wolfgang

    Nancy & Charlie finish the NH 200 Highest on N. Moat

    Today, Sun. Oct. 21, Nancy and Charlie Foote, accompanied by their daughter Jean, and four of their friends, Renee, Hiker Ed, Francis, and the writer, finished the "New Hampshire 200 Highest" on North Moat Mountain. And as an added bonus, they also completed the "52 WAV" list also. The trails...
  20. Wolfgang

    Maine NEHH Six Pack plus Elephant, 8/11/12 - 8/14/12

    Tim, Outstanding TR. Nice talking with you and Stu. bob