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  1. ferrisjrf

    Flags on the 48 2012

    Is this really an issue? Has there been a rash of Russian flags showing up on NH summits recently? I hadn't heard about this.
  2. ferrisjrf

    NH 48 speed record

    Good stuff, on multiple levels. Another lovely mountain adventure. Always prefer when objectives are accomplished, but regardless, you pulled off a pretty big couple days in some frighteningly hot/humid conditions. I'm just glad to have been able to help.
  3. ferrisjrf

    SAR Who Should Pay?

    Fishermen and hunters, exclusively.
  4. ferrisjrf

    Chocorua and Paugus on a perfect November day

    Third time doing this traverse, and it never disappoints. Particularly nice for this time of year, I think. First time on the actual summit of Paugus, though...and as I already reported on Twitter, it's probably the least exciting part of the entire day. I see why the trail doesn't bother going...
  5. ferrisjrf

    Sickos on Hale and Zea-Land and Guyot

    The title should really just be singular "sicko", shouldn't it? I mean, besides Kristiner, who qualifies?
  6. ferrisjrf

    Scar Ridge

    If it had only been a few degrees colder, and a little bit rainier, this would have been a perfect hike.
  7. ferrisjrf

    Trail Runners & Snow Shoe Systems

    Regarding the Flight Deck (cut and pasted from my Facebook account): The snowshes themselves were wearing out…where the decking wraps around the frame, and where the heel crampons rub against the decking. I called Kahtoola, and they basically told me that they might have one or two pairs of...
  8. ferrisjrf

    Dry River Campground

    They were open yesterday.
  9. ferrisjrf

    A Sandwich 6-pack

    Now that's what the Whites are all about!
  10. ferrisjrf

    Shadowy Creep Finishes The 48

    If only I'd known your outfit was an homage to your father... Sorry for any confusion.
  11. ferrisjrf

    Trail running

    Headlamp? Usually. Rain gear? Almost never. First aid? Minimal. Water? Rivers. Someone know your plans? Usually, but then I change them half way through.
  12. ferrisjrf

    blocking posts by certain members?

    MEB, I was just trying to be like Congressman Weiner! Please don't block me!
  13. ferrisjrf

    Great small hikes near Los Angeles, CA ?

    There's a trailhead right next to NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, in the Altadena area. That's a good place to access the Angeles National Forest (ANF) trails. You could also take Angeles Crest Highway north out of La Canada Flintridge, where you'll find trailheads that start at higher elevations...
  14. ferrisjrf

    Moving out West.....and bye-bye hike 5/21

    I think it was actually: "You're saying cutting that off is no big deal?!!!"
  15. ferrisjrf

    Wolf Spider's Intelligence

    The second result in that search is this thread. Now, when asked for citations during discussions with my arachnophile friends, I'll have a legitimate answer. Dr. Wu, is your PhD from Boontaka, or is that just where you currently teach?
  16. ferrisjrf

    Kahtoola Microspikes...When to change them out on the trail?

    No. The difference between you and TEO is that TEO would never butcher the English language like you do.
  17. ferrisjrf

    Winter Stats - Tally 'em up!

    Ha! I doubled your output! But then, you probably hiked in twice as many countries as me, so I guess it's a wash.
  18. ferrisjrf

    Cannon Mtn Trail Conditions Question

    We ascended Hi Cannon Saturday. Wore snowshoes the entire time. The ladder was just barely visible.
  19. ferrisjrf

    Skiing the East

    Without TEO's approval, any undertaking invlolving skiing or hiking should be considered meaningless at best.
  20. ferrisjrf

    South Terrace via South Pond, 1/29/11

    Kilkenny Ridge Trail seems to be under-utilized this winter. Little bit of unconsolidated powder on top of an mostly unconsolidated base. Snowshoes probably a good idea. The Terrace Range was impressive, as always.