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  1. hikrgrl

    Looking for easy backpacking suggestions

    There's a shelter near Bridal Veil Falls on the back side of Cannon. It's a lovely hike in, along the Coppermine Brook. Grade is easy and it's just shy of 2.5 mi one way.
  2. hikrgrl


    I'm super late coming to this party (sorry!) but I've not been hiking for a while - tore my meniscus and ACL in July 2014. One surgery in Sep '14, had to delay 2nd until July '15. My first post-injury hike was Jan 3, '16 to Bridal Veil Falls. It's been torture. I KNOW that there are people who...
  3. hikrgrl

    Anyone have ACL issues?

    I'm wondering if there is anyone on here who has experience with trashing their knees...more specifically, is there anyone here who has had an ACL reconstruction, blown that one, and gone for a second one (a revision)? I'm especially interested in graft materials... A little backstory: I tore...
  4. hikrgrl

    What to expect?

    Yeah...and when the AMC Guidebook says "crossing may be dangerous or impossible in high water," my experience is that it's spot on.
  5. hikrgrl

    Bonds trail conditions from Lincoln Woods?

    I have two questions about this, as I'm looking to do a trip in that area and am weighing my options of different possibilities (and considering what I should pack!): 1) Anyone know the current conditions of Lincoln Woods trail out to the Bondcliff trail? Specifically, would the conditions on...
  6. hikrgrl

    Madison the AT dog finishes the 48

    :D It was great to see you last night as well...I hope our paths will cross again!
  7. hikrgrl

    Article about increases use of Mt Washington in Winter

    I hiked Mt. Whitney last summer, and sure, people used the wag bags. You know how I could tell? Because the bags were cleverly left under/behind rocks. New England doesn't have a corner on the "people who don't know what to do with their poop in the backcountry" market. On the other hand...
  8. hikrgrl

    Conditions along AT in MA or nw CT

    Thanks for all the input. I've got my heart set on something AT related, so I think I'm going to head a little further south in CT, maybe hit St. John Ledges or go up Mt. Riga. Thanks!!
  9. hikrgrl

    Madison the AT dog finishes the 48

    Another hiker gave Madison the name. It was really fun to sign the trail registers "Ducky & Mad-Dog" because when other thru-hikers met me, they expected to see some six foot dude in my vicinity - there were many who were surprised that Mad-Dog was actually... a dog!
  10. hikrgrl

    Madison the AT dog finishes the 48

    Thanks so much, Ed! Mad-dog earned her trail name - she did 1800 miles on the AT and would have finished if she hadn't come down with Anaplasmosis in the Whites. She's since done plenty of backpacking, including sections of the trail in ME and I am confident that she could have finished if she...
  11. hikrgrl

    Conditions along AT in MA or nw CT

    Wondering if anyone has beta on conditions. Dreaming about a backpacking trip this coming weekend, and toying with a few options: Greylock....or Race & Everett....or Bear Mtn. in CT....or ??? I have friends who would probably be less-than-enthusiastic about going "all the way" up to NH (also...
  12. hikrgrl

    Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites

    I haven't seen it mentioned here, but the Littleton Diner is one of my favorites. Food's decent and timely, great variety (and even their plain old spaghetti and meatballs is delicious - pasta was perfectly al dente). Portions are good-sized and reasonably priced. And for dessert, who can...
  13. hikrgrl

    Getting to Owl's Head in the winter

    Thanks for all the input everyone!
  14. hikrgrl

    Getting to Owl's Head in the winter

    Last Friday, my goal starting out was to hike Owl's Head, but when I made that plan, I hadn't taken into account that I'd be shoveling for 2+ hours to get my car to the road. Oops. I decided to head in the general direction on skis, knowing that it was unlikely I'd make it as far as my initial...
  15. hikrgrl

    East West Highway Study Funding for Maine approved by Maine Senaate

    the way I read the posts so far (and I know VERY LITTLE about this project, but I can say that I travel that Rt 2 corridor between ME and NH a couple times a year) that the governor is just signing approval for the project STUDY, right? When I was on the AT, I remember having a...
  16. hikrgrl

    Mt. Crawford (plus) via Davis Path

    Date of Hike: 3/24/12 Trail Conditions: South of Mt. Crawford: mostly DRY. A couple of muddy spots and a few easily avoided patches of ice. By the time you read this, those will likely be gone. On the northern aspect, however, there's still plenty of slushy snow, and what's there is rotting...
  17. hikrgrl

    Most comfortable sleeping pads

    I thru-hiked the AT in 2009 and I carried a Thermarest Pro-Lite 3, 3/4 length - used my empty pack for under my feet. In fact, since I have yet to make the transition back to a "real" bed, I'm STILL sleeping on my prolite, on the floor in my room. :D Lots of other thru-hikers carried the Big...
  18. hikrgrl

    Women and hiking

    My experiences as a hiker & backpacker: My first backpacking trip was with AMC - I'm pretty sure everyone on it was at least 10 years older than me (I was 23). The next several were solo...and then I went on a very regulated, "all-womyn" backpacking trip in the Whites. We had a group song every...
  19. hikrgrl

    Food for thought

    I'm relatively health conscious - I make a lot of what I eat from scratch (including my bread)...not only for the health reasons but from the financial aspect and environmental impact, too. Just like Superman's weakness was Kryptonite, mine is ice cream. I almost never have it in my...
  20. hikrgrl

    Amazing Camping Food?

    one of my favorite things to take on an overnighter is mac & cheese (Annie's!). I usually don't touch it at home - but one box fits pretty nicely in my 1 qt pot, and is the perfect size post-long-hike meal. I use NF dried milk. (not terribly inspired or exotic, but yummy!) I have been having...