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  1. slevasse

    Avalanche in Huntington Ravine: 3 hurt (Updated Subject line)

    I can't remember how the moderators react to posting links to other sites but here is a link to Neclimbs where this is also being discussed. A few of the people are very knowledgeable on the subject and has some pretty good information and break down of what they think went wrong from the...
  2. slevasse

    Avalanche in Huntington Ravine: 3 hurt (Updated Subject line)

    I believe the plan was for them to spend the night at the observatory, so no decent that day would have been necessary.
  3. slevasse

    White Mountains Hut Traverse, 7/1/2012

    That's really quite amazing! Thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us to challenge ourselves even more.
  4. slevasse

    no more reputation

    For what it's worth, I really didn't have an opinion of the greenie system one way or the other. I generally don't post very often, preferring to just follow the threads and contributing when I am positive of my answer. I do, or rather used to, frequent a couple climbing sites that have...
  5. slevasse

    Candidate for 52WAV! Mount Oscar Bushwhack 10 June 2012

    The small cairn does mark the start of the trail to the cliffs. If you go that direction up the skidder road and then continue on straight on a trail as the the skidder road turns to the right, it brings you right to the base of the cliffs in about 3/4 mile. I've climbed there quite a bit and...
  6. slevasse

    Who's done the Hamlin/Katahdin loop?

    I did it a couple years ago, starting in Roaring Brook campground. I went up the Cathedral trail from Chimney Pond, headed over to Hamlin (in a cloud bank offering about 15 feet of visibility) and then backtracked to Katahdin and over the knife edge to Pamola. I really enjoyed the Cathedral...
  7. slevasse

    GPS, Maps, and cameras ILLEGAL

    Found this ( "What is the Recreational Discount? The Recreational Discount is an incentive for landowners to keep their land open to others for six low-impact land uses; skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, hunting hiking and nature observation. In...
  8. slevasse

    Broken Grivels

    If you hadn't checked the Grivel site, which I would imagine is where you found the number, they also have an email listed and a page for contacting them. [email protected] It really doesn't hurt to email and see what they say. They might have some sort...
  9. slevasse

    Ice Climbing Boots

    Another vote for the La Sportiva Nepal EVO. I used to have the Trango Ice, which is the Trango Prime basically now. I used the Ice's for about two seasons but after losing feeling for about a week in three of my toes I traded up to the Nepals. The Nepals have a fairly wide toe box unlike the...
  10. slevasse

    last chance for bare ground bushwacking

    Great pictures. Could that hole in the antler have been from a bullet? It looks fairly round, it was the first thing I thought of.
  11. slevasse

    Winter is coming *tonight*!!

    All hype and no show in the Lakes Region of NH. A dusting on the ground and the roads are all clear, just wet.
  12. slevasse

    "Is it worth it?" My take on early season ice climbing.

    Any time you can get into the mountains, it is worth it. The trips where you get shut out or have to back off can be just as instructional as those days that you get to climb great ice. It's may not be as nice to climb on ice that is brittle and crappy, but getting your mileage on it can mean...
  13. slevasse

    Mt. Washington, Mt. Monroe, and Boott Spur - 11/13/11

    She more than likely has already sunk picks into it.
  14. slevasse

    How Much Snow?

    Had 14" in Laconia and friends in Loudon had 18". Melting fast though.
  15. slevasse

    Mt. Whitney via the East Buttress (III 5.7) route

    Looked like a great trip! Thanks for sharing Leaf.
  16. slevasse

    New Slides in the White Mountains

    I've read on the Neclimbs facebook page that the lower portion of Willey's Slide also slid down right to the road. I haven't seen for myself or a picture as of yet though.
  17. slevasse

    Baxter SP bugs beta

    I don't think two way radios would be a problem and don't seem to be expressly prohibited. 4.8. No person may create a disturbance that impairs the enjoyment of the Park by others. Campground quiet hours are posted and enforced. The use of electronic devices in any way that impairs the...
  18. slevasse

    Scattered Paint on North Twin Spur

    Sounds like a good idea until some juvenile bears with mischief on their minds start scraping up trees all over the place. We'd never find the trail!