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    Catskills conditions?

    Anyone have info on trail conditions this week in the Catskills? How much snow is there? Going for Wittenberg and Cornell tomorrow and wonder if we will need the snowshoes after last week's rains.
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    Cliff Mt in winter?

    Cliff Thanks for the response/info. I was talking about directly from Flowed Lands. I followed a snowshoe track up that route years ago, in early March. It was a good way to get to Cliff. I was hoping someone with a bit more navigation skill than I have was planning to try it this winter. I'll...
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    Wright Peak 10/25

    Climbed Wright on Friday, Oct 25. We could see from I-87 that there was snow on the high peaks. We anticipated a little snow but got a little more. Trails down low had a dusting to an inch and were mixed snow, mud, water. Amount of snow increased gradually as we climbed, and we soon also...
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    Cliff Mt in winter?

    Is anyone thinking about climbing Cliff in winter from the Flowed Lands side? I did that years ago by following a track I read about on VFTT, and I would like to do it again, but not solo. I was hoping someone who knows that route was planning to go this winter so I could join the climb...
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    Weather's tricks on Pyramid/Gothics/Armstrong

    On 9/27, three of us followed the weather report and headed for the views on these great peaks. Forecast was for 70 deg. & sunny in the high peaks region. Not to be. Driving north on I-87, clouds loomed to the north, though we thought that the sun would burn them off. Nope. It was cloudy all the...
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    Hanta virus follow up question

    Thanks for those replies and information. Much appreciated. Still not certain, though, whether the lean-to's back there are safe or not. It's kind of ironic, though, that of all the dangers associated with climbing the high peaks, I'm most worried about mice!:)
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    Dial/Nippletop via Bear Den 9/7/13

    Four of us got on the trail a few minutes after 7 am under overcast skies. Temps were pretty cool and one of us wore gloves and a hat. Temps varied during the day with elevation and wind but it was mostly cool ( 60 or less) all day. Happily, it didnt rain while we were hiking and the ceiling was...
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    Hanta virus follow up question

    Can anyone refer me to information about the hanta virus incident from last year in the High Peaks? I never saw any follow up stories etc and wold like to know what else happened: Was there any field research at the lean-to area where the virus was contracted? What do the public health people...
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    High Peaks snow conditions?

    After the snow on Memorial Day weekend, I'm worried about a planned hike to Redfield on Saturday. Anyone know the general trail conditions in the high peaks area??
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    Lone & Rocky 3/10

    Group of 5 followed a faint track along the Fisherman's Path and up the ridge to Lone. The track was exactly on my compass bearing, so we stayed with it, right to the canister. Over to Rocky following a more definite track, but one which was pretty convoluted, though it did lead eventually to...
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    Lone & Rocky 3/9 ?

    We have a small group of hikers trying for Lone & Rocky in the Catskills on 3/9. We would be happy to have a few more experienced hikers join us for this (mostly) bushwhack. We anticipate leaving from the Denning parking area and taking the Fisherman's Path up the Neversink till just beyond...
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    Friday & Balsam Cap Sunday 2/24/2013

    The weather forecast had us worried that we would be rained on, but there was no rain (or snow). Ran into a 3500 Ft Club group at the parking area. We cut off the old woods road before they did and traversed up the rt side of the ridge. We were resting near the crest of the ridge when they came...
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    Something for everyone - Extreme Mountain Unicycling!

    Unicycle? This would solve a lot of problems for me, but what would I do with my hiking poles??:)
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    Fir Mt. 2/10/13

    There was not nearly as much snow from the big storm on this route as there was in the Hudson Valley. About 4-6 inches of powder over not much else, especially in the lower elevations. Three of us barebooted and then used microspikes on the Biscuit Brook Trail, following a hiker who used...
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    Canister location on Friday Mt?

    Thanks very much!
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    Table & Peekamoose from Denning Sat., 2/2/13

    Used microspikes (essential) all the way, though could have used crampons on the upper mts. Snowshoes would have been superfluous. Trail surface ranged from just a dusting of fresh powder low down to powder over a foot or more of very hard snow at higher elevations. There was some thin ice over...
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    Canister location on Friday Mt?

    Anyone have any tips on finding the canister on Friday Mt summit in it's new location??
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    Catskill questions?

    Thanks, So many bridges were destroyed by Irene, I wasnt sure if those two were still there (or had been rebuilt). Thanks too for the Doubletop info.
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    Catskill questions?

    Wondering about hiking conditions in the Catskills: Anyone been in to Table/Peekamoose from the Denning trailhead lately? Is the Neversink crossable? Also, anyone been up Doubletop from Seager? Are the streams crossable? How's the climb up the ridge? Could someone please send me the phone number...
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    Santanoni distances?

    Distances Thanks for the reply. I thought the elevation was about that, but the distance felt longer. Especially the Couchie part!