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    Unidentified AT Hiker- Interesting Read

    Update on the story from Wired dot com
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    New Winter Snack - B&M Brown Bread

    Going to try to find a can and give it a try. Thank you.
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    Wheeled backpacks for hiking?

    As a possible option, I currently use an external frame backpack with a telescoping frame. All the weight is on the hips. The shoulder straps simply stabilize the load. I forget the brand/model. Can look it up if interested.
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    So We dont have a shiny Monolith

    I was looking for the radio on Fort a couple of months ago and could not find it. Traversed the ridge several times. No luck. Did find the bigger stuff, but no radio.
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    Unidentified AT Hiker- Interesting Read

    I just read the article. Gave me pause. Made me sad. Also gave me hope. I seem to be all over the map.
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    Wet snow in Twin @ 1500 feet. Birch trees do not look happy about it.
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    More trail closings?

    ...aaaannnnnd now they are reopening some previously closed trail heads.... Yikes.
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    More trail closings?

    Ah. Thanks. " Trails would remain open, but only accessible by foot traffic in order to discourage long distance travel and to adhere to the State’s Stay Safe at Home orders. If you are able to walk to the trailhead without driving, you can access the trail." Interesting.
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    More trail closings?

    A new notice was put up on the US Forrest Service website yesterday. Looks like they are closing down more of the Forrest. Unfortunately, the Exhibit A link does not seem to be working. Anybody have any real information?
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    Alpine Area Protection Photos Request

    Yup Some scaled down photos I took late last year.
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    Thanks for all the great information Re: Baxter State Park

    Hiking Katahdin has been on my bucket list for many years. Attempted to set up a trip last year, but was hit with various illnesses and related setbacks. Made reservations for a date earlier this month, only to have the forecast turn to heavy rain. Was fortunate enough to be able to change the...
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    Is greeting other folks on trail with "Hi!" part of hiking etiquette?

    Not pretending you are not there. Not being rude. Look up introverted, and try to understand that constant greetings can be a real problem. Some people just want to enjoy the hike, the trees, the air, the rocks, the gray-jays.... I reply to greetings (usually with a grunt after a few hours into...
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    Is greeting other folks on trail with "Hi!" part of hiking etiquette?

    Argh. Just for a counterpoint: I do not hike to meet people. I do not like saying "Hi!" dozen's of times. I have no interest in striking up a conversation with anybody. I will, however, be polite respond to greetings. I also help others when needed, answer pertinent questions, etc., etc.. I...
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    Lots of snow today up north

    A bit less on my porch in Twin. Tree branches are completely coated with the stuff. Looks lovely. I'm hoping Sunday will be a good day to hike at higher elevations. Need to get in at least one more "winter" hike before spring/mud season sets in.
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    New Hampshire Stone Wall Project

    Ooooo. This makes me so happy. Thanks for the new link. I find it to be a great hiking research tool.
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    New Hampshire Stone Wall Project

    Are the maps still available? I wanted to check out a logging road, and can't find any of the LiDAR stuff. Was very useful earlier in the year.
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    Are WMNF stickers available with the shutdown...?

    Foster's Crossroad Emporium (Twin) is listed as an official seller. Never knew that. Drive by all the time. I will try to stop in Saturday and see.
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    Are WMNF stickers available with the shutdown...?

    AMC in Crawford Notch gave me a song and dance about stickers not being available during the shutdown. I took it as a political speech more than anything else, but who knows? Tim, where did you order a sticker online? Was it myscenicdrives?
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    Joshua Trees cut down to make illegal roads in Joshua Tree National Park

    Sooooooo, is there an official notice as to whether the WMNF is open or closed? I'm assuming that it is open. Seems to only "close" when extreme are hazards imminent. Nothing to do with Washington DC.