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    Cumulative Elevation Gain and Miles: Lincoln Woods to Skookumchuck Parking

    Does anybody happen to know the total distance and the cumulative elevation gain of a traverse between Lincoln Woods and the Skookumchuck parking lot? I've searched and failed although I'm sure it's been done frequently.
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    NW Section Of Lincoln Woods Trail

    I looped around Owl's head a couple of years ago, and was curious about those "difficult to follow" comments, because it seemed straightforward and obvious to me.
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    Concord, NH trails for day hikes

    Hooksett, just south of Concord, has the Heads Pond trail. The official trail is a boring flat 1.5 miles (one way, so 3 out and back) but there are a lot of side trails that I've explored the last several years and I can get up to 7 mile loops with only a couple of repeat miles. Nothing is...
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    Another Tick Disease Is Here

    Make sure you check out Vedauwoo recreational area about 15 miles to the west. It's an area mostly used by rock climbers but still very beautiful to visit and camp even if you're not a climber. You might even catch the Laramie University vertical dance team practicing on the "Coke Bottle" above...
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    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    I've unchecked the one on top which disabled all of them (push remains checked on each one in the list, but they are "grayed out" and I cannot deselect them as they are not clickable. In any case, I believe a push notification is a notification that comes through the devices operating system...
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    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    Do you know how I can stop emails for watched threads? I've unclicked every single place where email was an option under preferences, but continue to receive emails whenever somebody responds to this thread. I've also disabled push notifications and unselected those as well in the long list.
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    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    Is everybody receiving an email every time somebody posts in a thread that they are "watching"? I get an email every time somebody posts in this thread even though I shut off all emails in "preferences".
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    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    You need to go to settings and turn off all the emails. (I must be missing one though because I keep getting an email every time somebody replies to this thread.)
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    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    I've been reading as a lurker forever but never knew anybody to ask for a reference and therefore never got the chance to sign up. It looks like perhaps this was an opportunity, so I took it. Hopefully that is ok with the good people here. I probably won't post often, but I occasionally have...