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  1. nazdarovye

    Igloo mythbusting...

    I did a trip a year ago in Yellowstone with a group of fellow writers from Backpackinglight, and we brought along the Grandshelters "Icebox" igloo tool with plans to build igloos at each of three multi-night camps. Even with the help of the tool - which did result...
  2. nazdarovye

    Making Sleds (Pulkkes) Work in the Backcountry

    Ed Bouffard's site I also highly recommend Ed Bouffard's site here: He sells pulks and pulk kits, and provides a free (and very extensive) downloadable pdf guide on making your own pulks.
  3. nazdarovye

    Your Top 8 (photos) of 2008!

    Wow again to everyone! Such fantastic photos - thanks for sharing them...
  4. nazdarovye

    Your Top 8 (photos) of 2008!

    So many great trips this year. Here are a few pics: From Inspiration Point, Yosemite NP: At Hamilton Lake along the High Sierra Trail: And Precipice Lake, on the same trail: California's Lost Coast: Yellowstone NP in February 08: Ventana Wilderness, CA:
  5. nazdarovye

    Winter Backpack Help

    I have a Bora 65 and Osprey Exposure 66, and I'm now leaning toward the Osprey as the better pack for my needs in winter, and definitely for other times of year when I need to carry a lot of gear (I find the hip belt a lot more comfortable, and the pack is a bit lighter). Haven't seen it...
  6. nazdarovye

    GPS controversy explained.

    The one caveat that is valid for bringing compass and map into the discussion, in my opinion, is when the GPS fails (whether due to tree cover, battery drainage, or some larger issue). The real argument shouldn't be GPS vs. compass and map, but rather having a backup for the new (and generally...
  7. nazdarovye

    Pulks comparison

    Another factor is the value of your time. If you're retired, or a student, or otherwise can put in several hours of work for time you'd otherwise waste, then the Paris sled is a fine option (I've made two). If you can justify the expenditure or otherwise make better use of your time, the...
  8. nazdarovye

    Pulks comparison Ed Bouffard is the guy who posted the best plans for the Paris sled-style pulks, and now sells additional professional pulks (from a manufacturer whose design and molds he bought). I tested one for backpackinglight and really like it...
  9. nazdarovye

    snow shoe opinions

    I've noticed little difference in flotation but noticeable difference in balance. I don't like the way the shoes feel with the extra length hanging off the back, and now use them exclusively without the tails. Great shoes otherwise - they're my second favorite pair after my Northern Lites...
  10. nazdarovye

    Garmin Colorado 400 Not Bright

    Yes - I wasn't impressed with the Colorado on several fronts (I co-wrote a review for a magazine, and got to spend a lot of time with one earlier this year). The display is indeed dim in many settings, and some of the type is super-small (they may correct that with software updates over time)...
  11. nazdarovye

    Garmin 60CSx - disappointed

    Hi Doug - Yes; I wasn't being entirely clear about what I was suggesting. Those settings tell the compass to turn on if you're below x speed for y amount of time. So, with the problem my unit has, the instant it jumps to a spot that makes it think it's going 18 or 20 or some other large mph, it...
  12. nazdarovye

    Garmin 60CSx - disappointed

    Thanks, Doug - I wonder as well. The Colorado I tested doesn't do this. I called Garmin about it and sent them a tracklog, and they seemed to think it wasn't outside the norm. However, a friend's 60csx doesn't exhibit the same extent of wandering when stopped. A side effect of this is that I...
  13. nazdarovye

    Garmin 60CSx - disappointed

    I have a 60csx, and whenever I stop, the track jumps all over the place - often 100 feet or more at a time. The GPS thinks it's moving 20mph sometimes, even though I'm standing still. The display and mapping and other features are good - probably better overall than the Colorado 400t I had a...
  14. nazdarovye

    What's best? Snowshoe bag or strap them on??

    Use the bag in the car, strap the snowshoes onto the pack.
  15. nazdarovye

    Best (mass produced)chocolate bar for hiking?

    Definitely Ritter Sport bars (Alpine Chocolate is my fave, with several others nipping at its heels).
  16. nazdarovye

    Bring 'em! Pictures of meals you've cooked

    Here are some goodies from two backpacking trips (not car camping - everything packed or snowshoed in for miles): Thai red curry shrimp with rice, on a winter camping trip in the Desolation Wilderness: I made pizzas on a "gourmet trip" our group did in the Snow Mountain Wilderness in...
  17. nazdarovye

    Plant ID help

    Ah - aka California Corn Lily. Thanks - that could be it; if so, it grows out a stalk with flowers, and I caught it early on in the season.
  18. nazdarovye

    Plant ID help

    OK - here's another one; grows in wet ground after the snow melts in the Sierra Nevada and Snow Mountain Wilderness (probably elsewhere too - but that's where I have seen masses of it):
  19. nazdarovye

    MSR Reactor anyone?

    I had trouble with the GCS in cold weather (around 20° F) this past winter - not so good, sputtering out, not wanting to relight while melting snow for water. I've heard that the MSR might possibly have high CO emissions, especially when burning lower than full blast - keep an eye out for...
  20. nazdarovye

    Attention JetBoil users/owners.

    I have a related problem with my JetBoil GCS - the plastic lid for the top of the pot seems to have shrunk from use (!) and now no longer will stay seated on the pot. Makes it difficult to pack the kit.