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    report road openings here

    Although it's not shown on the FS list, some folks might be interested in knowing that Success Pond Road is open.
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    Singepole Ridge 9.1.07--SherpaKroto is Back!!!

    Can't keep a good man down.
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    Snow Conditions in Franconia / Twin Mountain area?

    As of yesterday, there are lots of bare spots, along the Route 3 corridor from Franconia to Twin Mtn. The Gale River Road is closed, but there has been traffic through the gate. The road looked icy; not very good conditions for skiing.
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    Twins and Galehead tomorrow (Sunday)

    Flounder, Last weekend, the river crossings on the N.Twin and Gale River trails were challenging. With the recent rain and accompanying snow-melt, the flow may be even greater. Good luck. Roland
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    SherpaKroto Injury

    Although I've been lurking for some time, this is my first post. All the best to you, SK. Keep on the sunny side.