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    Sandwich Mtn Area

    I know from past trips, Drakes Brook (first crossing) can be pretty high now up until late spring. Will be sure to bring along crampons and yak traks/stabilicers. I think the forecast is for mild temps next few days, then below freezing beyond that. Result = MORE ICE.... thanks for the...
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    Sandwich Mtn Area

    Hi, Planning a trip up Sandwich Mtn. this weekend. Was wondering if anyone has been in the area or Waterville Valley in general recently and had conditions to share. Thanks in advance! Redwood, 100/100
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    East Kenebago Logging Road Conditions?

    A group of us are heading up to hike East Kenebago in Maine in a week or so and are looking to see if anyone has been in the area and knows of logging road conditions? We might have to drive a sedan (my 4x4 truck is acting up) and are a bit concerned about road conditions, wash outs, rutting...
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    Succsess Pond Road Conditions?

    Hi, I'm planning a hike up to Carlo Col, Goose Eye and Mahoosuc Notch within the next week. Has anyone driven up Succsess Pond Road to Carlo Col Trail Head recently and have a road condition report post winter 2013? Looking to see if it is passible with a regular car versus an suv or truck...
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    NE 100 Highest Route Info?

    Hi, I'm heading out this summer to walk with some friends and attempt to summit some of New Englands 100 highest peaks in Maine up in the Rangley area. I completed these back in 2002 myself and used information that Gene Daniels compiled but since have lost the data. I see where the AMC 4000...
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    Mt. Cabot cabin

    Mt Cabot Trail Closed? We are planning a hike up to Mt Cabot and were considering taking the Mt Cabot Trail from 'Heath's Gate" I have been reading on the internet on several web sites that this trail is closed. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Jay/Big Jay Via LT @242

    Special Equip: Rain gear, gators Conditions: Overcast at start windy in Jay Pass. Summit socked in with fog, mist and intermittent heavy rain, howling winds. Summit temps 35 to 40F. Trail became a stream bed at about 2800 feet. Jay Peak was as windy as usual. This was my forth time on this...
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    Elephant Mt Solo Bushwhack NEHH #81 9/6/09

    Been there, done that... I had to throw in my latest experience (01/06) up Elephant due to reading all your entertaining reads. Our trip was enhanced by temps at -15 (-26 on our overnight camp) We were almost to the sumit when I fell into a massive spruce trap. Ed, hiking close to me witnessed...
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    Greenleaf Trail to Greenleaf Hut - 1/31/09

    Sorry for the late post. At the start we encountered a six foot high snow bank to climb over to get to an unbroken trail head where our common sense got the better of us and we all put on our snow shoes. Four of us alternating front to back, breaking through about a foot to two feet of fresh...
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    Washington, Lions Head Winter RT 3/15/08

    Date: 3/15/08 Conditions: Snow showers, overcast, fog at higher elevations, no wind. Special Equipment: Crampons, Ice Axe (for pitch just below Lions Head), Sunglasses or Goggles for "Snow Glare" Comments: Stayed at Pinkham Friday night so we could get an early start Saturday. That paid off...
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    Stratton Pond Trail Access Road?

    A few of us are heading up to Stratton Pond soon. I was looking to find out if the road into Stratton Pond Trail is plowed? The LT guide states that plowing is only done to the LT crossing which is just east by about one mile. Has anyone been in this area recently? We are planning on snow shoes...
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    Flume via Wilderness Trail/Osseo Trail, 12/8/07

    Conditions: Wilderness Trail packed from x-country skiers, Osseo fresh unbroken 3" to 4" inches at lower elevations, 8" to 10" above 3500 feet. 25 degrees at start in Lincoln Woods parking lot, 15 degrees on summit about 20 to 25 mile an hour wind. Equipment: Typical winter gear with a little...
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    Cape Cod Hikes?

    Folks, Great stuff!!!! All of these are "Must Do"!! I Like the kyak trip as well. As some of you may know, there are a ton of kettle ponds on the Cape to check out while paddling around in a kyak or canoe. As far as "Cape Hikes" I know most anything out there are more walks than hikes but I...
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    Cape Cod Hikes?

    Hi All, I just purchased a home on Cape Cod and was looking to see if anyone has hiked much there or had any suggestions for areas to hike on the Cape? I would more than likely take day trips but was interested also in hiking trails/areas that allow overnight camping? I was looking for anything...
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    Lafayette Winter Camping

    A few of are discussing the idea of doing a winter overnight which would include climbing Lafayette. One of our ideas was hike up to Greenleaf, find a spot around the hut sheltered from the wind and pitch our tents. We would use this as a base camp and hike up to the sumit from here. We are all...
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    Moose Falls Tent Platforms Bigelows? Mileage?

    Hi All, My AMC Maine guide is quite old (have to get an updated one soon) and I was curious to know if anyone had or knew of the mileage from the start of the Fire Warden's Trail to the Moose Falls tent platforms? How far off the Bigelow ridge? Thanks much in advance... Redwood
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    Trail Head Parking Courtesy?

    So, what is the courtesy rule for parking at trail head when there is very limited space? Maximize space for other hikers if available? A rule I try to follow. This is my thinking anyway and this may be more of a rant than anything. During a recent hike to Sugarloaf up Caribou Pond Road at the...
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    Caribou Pond Road Conditions To Redington?

    Hi, I'm looking for anyone that has been up Caribou Pond Road recently and road conditions up to the AT crossing and beyond to the fork where that impassable bridge is/was that takes you up into the base of Redington? We're climbing both of theese this weekend and was curious as to the...
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    Forest City Trail Winter Access? Montclair Glenn Lodge Open?

    I'm putting together a winter trip up to Camel's Hump. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the roads that lead into the Forest City Trail, plowed? not plowed? Also, Is the Montclair Glenn Lodge open for use during the winter? Thanks, Redwood 100/100
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    Underhill State Park Off Season Camping?

    Weatherman, Our plan is to hike into the campsite from the secured gate with our overnight gear and hiking gear for the summit. Is it safe to assume from your response that the secured gate is a mile or so from the tenting/lean-to area? Thanks, Redwood