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  1. gram

    Grinnell Glacier Trail - August 13, 2023

    Our family did that trail in July 2000. Your video prompted me to pull out our many photos. I was struck by how little snow there was now compared to then. Nice to see Salamander Glacier still exists! Of the many National Parks we have been to, Glacier was my absolute favorite, the sweeping...
  2. gram

    Parking Fees at Franconia Notch State Park?

    I absolutely support the fees, particularly at Lonesome Lake where I believe overnighters at the hut occupy so many of the spaces. Lonesome Lake is a wonderful family hike and I have gone with my children and grandchildren in all seasons. For the last 2 summers this has been impossible...
  3. gram

    Wrong turn on Jefferson Notch Road Twice our GPS has led us to dirt roads, once in NH, once in VT. Both times there were paved road options.
  4. gram

    Lafayette Place Parking and Shuttle

    And if you look carefully at ChrisB's pic, so many signs, cones, and ropes! It's a shame the parkway is disfigured.
  5. gram

    And then there were 47?
  6. gram

    Franconia Notch parking survey

    Looks like the NH DOT is looking into doing something about parking on the shoulders of I 93 in the notch. They're looking ahead to summer 2018. Here is a link to the survey they are doing: I have parked on the shoulder on occasion, and honestly, I never felt it to be...
  7. gram

    FOT48 to be featured on Windows to the Wild The show will air a number of times beginning on November 9. It will be shown on NH PBS and on Boston's Channel 2, I believe. Many of us had the pleasure of hiking with Willem Lange when the program was being filmed. Click on the picture to watch...
  8. gram

    FOT48 piece on wmur tonight

    Channel 9 at 7 PM
  9. gram

    Lost hiking pole on Sept 11

    My daughter lost a hiking pole somewhere in the vicinity of Mt Jackson while hiking for Flags on the 48. It is a REI Traverse, purple and silver with a brown handle. Any help appreciated! Please email [email protected] Thanks
  10. gram

    FYI: Northern Pass High Voltage Transmission Project

    Boston Globe article today:
  11. gram

    FYI: Northern Pass High Voltage Transmission Project

    OK, Raven, I admit it, I got roped in! Pretty funny.
  12. gram

    Shenandoah National Park

    We went to Shenandoah NP in Sept 2013 and were staying at the Skyland Lodge when the National Parks were shut down. Got up in the morning and found a notice taped tour door basically saying "get out ASAP". Before our abrupt departure, we had done Stonyman the night before, a nice walk with...
  13. gram

    Maudsley State Park - 1/29/15

    Beautiful, beautiful snow for x-c or snowshoeing! Thanks to whoever broke trail.
  14. gram

    Bretton Woods

    I second Above the Notch. Stayed there before a FOT48. Room had a fridge and a microwave so you could do breakfast in the room and get an early start.
  15. gram

    Greeley Ponds via Waterville Valley Hike - 01/02/2015

    Interesting that the beginning of the trail is so wide. When we saw it last fall, I assumed it was done that way for x-c skiing, that it would be tracked like Livermore. But you indicate, it's probably not skiable. Are there new maps available? Thanks for the report. The ponds have always...
  16. gram

    Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam/Red Rocks

    Thanks for posting, Tim. Great pics! My husband and I are going in April. Fly to Vegas, do Red Rocks, Hoover, then on to Grand Canyon for 2 nights. Finishing up with a couple of nights in Sedona, then flying home from Phoenix. For anyone reading this - reservations are filling rapidly for...
  17. gram

    Freestep 6 vs microspikes

    Am also looking at Hillsounds Freestep6. Maybe someone could comment on whether or not they are easy to get on and off when you're on the trail. Thanks
  18. gram

    Flooding damage at the Basin?

    We drove back to MA from North Conway yesterday and stopped to see the high water on the Basin Cascades Trail. Couldn't believe the damage at the Basin (forgive my computer skills - I think they will enlarge if you click on them) This is the main Basin itself. Note the log through the...
  19. gram

    After yesterday's rain....

    What do we have for snow in Waterville Valley? Along the Kanc at lower elevations? Thanks in advance!