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    Canoe Camping?

    Dave Cilley rents canoes in the Adks. and his website includes suggestions for trips. Here are a few ideas that fit your criteria: Lake Lila, Bog River Flow, Long Pond in the St. Regis canoe area, Oswegathchie River, Long Lake to Raquette River.
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    Camping Cold River Valley

    You might want to cross post on as there isn't much readership on this site for the Adks. The distance from Upper Works to Ouluska lean-to is reasonable (12 miles?) and the hiking is relatively easy rolling terrain. The nicest lean-to is near the suspension bridge far down the...
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    Attempting an unguided Mount Rainier Ascent, any tips?

    There are self-ratcheting pulleys designed for gear hauling on big wall climbs, but they are overkill and poorly suited for creveasse rescue IMO. I use a prussic minding pulley like this one: Eliminates the need to have someone...
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    Attempting an unguided Mount Rainier Ascent, any tips?

    Been on Rainier 5 times by 4 different routes. DC route is a good choice and, I think, a more interesting climb than the Emmons. Two more tips that you probably have already: sunscreen, including lip balm with a high SPF number. And go with glacier glasses, not sunglasses. Good luck.
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    Attempting an unguided Mount Rainier Ascent, any tips?

    You don't mention which route your team is planning to climb. If it's the Disappointment Cleaver or Emmons, it would seem that you are well prepared. Follow the boot track, keep slack out of the rope at all times, get an early start to be off the glacier and back at Camp Muir or Camp Shurman...
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    3-day canoe route in the 'Daks region - suggestions?

    1. Oswegatchie River from Inlet to High Falls - narrow wilderness river with slight upstream current - no portages but may have to lift over beaver dams, possible to paddle above falls in real wilderness setting. 2. Racquette River from Long Lake to Axton Landing - big lake to pleasant river...
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    Ice Climbing Boots

    Nepal Evo - pricey but built to last. Can't go wrong if you get the right size.
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    Evo Ascents

    I did the same thing (Evo bindings on LA decking) 2 years ago after repeated failures of the LA binding. No further problem. Works like a charm. Good luck.
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    NY snowshoer dies on Rainier

    Sad news from Rainier. All too common tragedy - disoriented and lost near Paradise in a white-out.
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    Garnet Hill X-country to reopen

    Good news for those who like track skiing near the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area in the Adirondacks. Garnet Hill sold in bankruptcy and will reopen:
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    Kaaterskill High Peak 12-10

    Finally feels like winter! A few inches of snow at lower elevations, at most 5 at the summit. Plenty of ice and standing water on the snowmobile and summit trails today. Microspikes worn for the descent from Hurricane Ledge. Beautiful sunny day with Venus and Jupiter lighting up the night sky...
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    Twin-Sugarloaf-Plateau (9-25)

    Minimal blowdown from Irene on the Devil's path from Prediger Rd. to Stony Clove. Eleven or twelve trees across the entire trail with only one large one near the (usually) dry creek bed on Plateau a few hundred feet up from Mink Hollow.
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    Lofoten Islands - Norway - May 2011

    Beautiful photographs. I think I need to go there. Thanks for sharing these.
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    Mt. Rainier - Ptarmigan Ridge

    From July 4 – 7 John MacInnes and I climbed Mt. Rainier via Ptarmigan Ridge, a grade IV north side route that thwarted our efforts in 2008. We saw no others for 3 days on the mountain, except for a momentary glimpse of another party’s headlamps high on an adjacent ridgeline. Enroute, we camped...
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    Climber dies after crevasse fall skiing down Rainier after successful summit

    I understand ropeless ski descents, but how common is it to skin up the route at this time of year without roping up? Seems like a straightforward precaution that would have averted this fatal accident.
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    Mt. Stuart (9,415 ft), Stuart Range, Cascades, WA (May 3-4, 2011)

    Mt. Stuart is such a great peak. The Ice Cliff is a classic route. Nice work!
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    Climbing in the South Basin, Mt. Katahdin, ME (2/30/11)

    Great photos. That's a fun route. You'll get the big lines next time, or the time after that, I'm sure. FWIW - I hear Chauvin-Cole hardly ever comes in.
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    DEC: Public can paddle Shingle Shanty (merged threads)

    Thanks for the update and your advocacy on this issue. This canoe trip has long been on my to-do list. Good luck.