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    NH Fish And Game Seeking Help With Missing Hiker

    Assuming she was descending from Lafayette on Old Bridle Path, the OBP takes a turn to the southeast just before Lafayette spring. In this area, the cairns are scarce. With poor visibility, it would be very easy to lose the trail by continuing in a northwest direction down into the drainage.
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    Lafayette Place and Old Bridle Path Parking Fees proposed

    There is an entrance fee at other NH state parks. Why not Franconia as well?
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    Funds For Franconia Ridge

    something is better than nothing
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    NPS Leave No Trace article

    Like everything else about Leave No Trace, the answer to questions about packing out poop and TP that it depends. There are places where it is appropriate to bury both, and places to bury poop and pack out TP, and other places where it is appropriate to pack out both. Been there, done all of...
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    New Winter Snack - B&M Brown Bread

    How about 2020"s? We still enjoy the meal
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    New EMS Order Policy

    Well, I used to shop EMS, but when their selection became limited, I took my business elsewhere and haven't been back.
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    Proposed Administration Fee for Summit Building on Mt Washington

    Most folks have already paid a hefty fee to either drive up, be driven up, or ride the cog, and now the state park wants to charge for the above? Is this really going to fly with the general public?
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    Water Spigots On AMC Huts

    I think health regulations require that the water is treated. I'm not familiar with the mechanics of how it is done, but suspect it's fairly easy to overdose.
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    9 Circles of Hiker Hell

    Looks like something from a Leave No Trace training. Ever play the Ethics game?
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    Kayak Car Roof Rack Question

    For what it's worth, we have a Subaru Forester and Subaru outback. Both have the Yakima bars that haul canoes, kayaks, bikes, ski box, and the occasional ladder or lumber. Just buy the appropriate parts so it's a system.
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    AMC Kills the Print Version of Outdoors Mag

    Well, First, with the dropping of the print version, AMC is following in the footsteps of many other organizations. Second, the print magazine was always promoted as a membership benefit. When we joined AMC, it was published 10 times/year. More recently, it has been 4 times/year. So, how...
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    AMC asking for donations

    Like most not for profit organizations, AMC is constantly soliciting donations for one reason or another. (Frankly, in this time of need, I made a generous donation to our local food pantry)
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    More trail closings?

    When you think about it, maintaining any type of social distance in a congested AMC hut is a huge challenge.
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    Maine Huts and Trails not opening two huts for full service this summer and fall

    Battery problems at Grand Falls, so that hut will be closed all winter.
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    Best Hikes In The Appalachian Mountains

    Mcafee Knox is popular
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    Best Hikes In The Appalachian Mountains

    Loop hikes in Shenandoah National Park are always great. IMHO, some of the best hiking there is off the ridge and off the AT.
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    AMC permitting new helicopter landing site on the base station road

    Mount Whitney zone: WAG bags mandatory. Take poop with you.
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    Thoreau Falls Bridge Removal - 30 Comment Period for Revised Assessment

    Removal adds another challenge to backcountry skiers doing the Pemi Traverse, from Zealand Road to Lincoln woods. By the time you get to the bridge site, it's already been a long day. Just pray that the ice bridges are still in place when you get there.
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    Bear Warning Lincoln Woods area

    As I understand it, Ursacks are not approved for use in several high incident areas, including the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and High Sierras (Yosemite area).