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    Mount Matumbla

    Yeah, sorry! This last reply piqued my interest, so I got one of my lot maps from the Kildare Club out.....and they own the north side, but NOT the high point. I must've got the peak & a little look-out spot to the north on the private side confused. Must be "bad memory".....I HATE making...
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    Mount Matumbla

    6-7 yrs. ago- they were very protective. Basically, they own the north face & peak & is the larger of two lots they own. Last I knew- their property was bordered by IPC owned land, which was leased by clubs. Fair view on top. I'm sure, someone here will have more current info. There's always a...
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    Mount Matumbla

    It's Camp Kildare's private property & owned by the Friedmans, whom donated several million dollars to the new museum in Tupper Lake. Their property line corners near its' peak- & is cut 15-20 foot wide & well-posted by "line walkers" on patrol....esp.- during big game hunting season. The well...
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    "Grizzly Man" DVD

    Ebert (or, whichever one's still alive :p ) said that it deserves a nomination as a documentary. I say- Treadwell looked like a "sad sack". However, there's some nice footage...(not alot).
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    Trip Suggestions

    Just today, I went on a daytrip to Sister Lakes in the Pigeon Lake Wilderness. It's remote and absolutely beautiful. The lean-to on Lower Sister Lake is used so little that there are only 5 entries in it for this year and the book has logs dating back to the 1990's and yet, is only 1/4 (if that...
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    Beacon rescue

    S'more facts & tidbits 1. There was only 18 -20 inches of snow in the area when he went on his first trip. 2 1/2 - 3 foot drifts were maximum. I and several other people were in the area during those days and would attest to that, should the DEC need us. 2. The river has many twists and...