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  1. Framerman

    Black Diamond Pole snapped

    S&M huh? We know what's on your mind lol. I have used a Leki from the get go and have been really happy with it. The top has a flat - ish handle to it that I use like a cane. Coming down the mountains, I can lean right over the top of it and bear my weight right on it. I weigh 190 so it takes...
  2. Framerman

    when, on average, do the fall colors peak in Baxter State Park?

    I would say the peak of colors is going to be the first to second week in October in Aroostook County. Usually, the colors peak in Maine around the 20th every year, but northern Maine I would hazard would be at least a week earlier. September I feel is going to be way too early for peak colors...
  3. Framerman

    Time to move "Exposure" back to "General Backcountry"

    I personally don't see a forum named "exposure". I'm assuming it is a hidden user group?
  4. Framerman

    baxter state park

    Hard to say what I think you should do. It's an opinion based pretty loosely on not much known. My son and I went twice last year, both across the knife edge. First time up was via Dudley Trail to Pamola, then across knife edge and down Saddle. It seemed to me with the crowd at the top that...
  5. Framerman

    Garmin GPS and the distance "issue"

    That took me awhile to figure out as well. I went on a few hikes and it said something akin to 60+ miles and I swore up and down that I reset to zero, which I did. I found out later that I HAD to start moving, watch the odometer click into the exorbitant mileage, THEN reset. It's a minor...
  6. Framerman

    Garmin GPS and the distance "issue"

    My apologies, I did search but gps can't be included in searches because of the length . I tried garmin and error for keywords. I carry more in an exterior pocket on my pack, which is located high up.
  7. Framerman

    Garmin GPS and the distance "issue"

    I bought a Montana last year. Don't get me wrong, I like it (minus the gargantuan size). There seems to be one issue that has bugged me to death, and from the searching on the internet and the many emails back and forth from their support, I have no answer to the question of inaccurate distance...
  8. Framerman

    Maine 4K trail stats

    The latest one I know of is the 10th edition put out in 2012. The suggested hikes at the end of the chapter says something like this:[rt 7.6 mi, 6 hr. 40 min.] No elevation gain like the White Mountain version, which I noticed as well. It will give elevations in the chapter, but not total gain.
  9. Framerman

    Aerial views and story of the Mt St Helens eruption

    Not sure if it was at the time. Not sure why I have the date memorized for St Helens (May 18, 1980), I was in Maine when it happened. Wife and I moved to Seattle for 10 years and visited Rainier, but also went to the Omni Dome in Seattle and watched the video of the eruption. I couldn't imagine...
  10. Framerman

    Why is it called "Red lining"???

    This is the reason I have heard as well. Red lining is taking a red marker to the trails you have completed.
  11. Framerman

    Bug spray advice

    Now I just feel silly :) I did not know that. No wonder it didn't work so well.
  12. Framerman

    Bug spray advice

    Last year my son and I were coming down Katahdin via the Saddle Trail when the black flies started swarming. They were exceptionally bad, and I had just slathered Bens on. It was barely deterring them, some were so hungry they didn't care. I had to slather a second coat on. It was that bad. Even...
  13. Framerman

    Guns on the trail

    Besides, you just never know when a zombie apocalypse will show up :)
  14. Framerman

    Guns on the trail

    You seem to think that anyone with a gun simply intends to shoot someone...anyone. It's just a naive and near sighted statement that you will probably never comprehend. People are either on one side or the other. I choose to not let things bother me, or sway my opinion simply based on someone...
  15. Framerman

    Guns on the trail

    I personally don't, but I see zero reason to make any judgments about someone who does. Why would there be any issue? Or make anyone uncomfortable? Or need to make someone avoid them? What logical argument can be made by the statement "He's carrying a pistol, I need to avoid him"? To me, it's...
  16. Framerman

    How To Hike Katahdin

    I can only give you my perspective and suggestions. I went twice last year. First time they were predicting 90°, clear, and scorching hot. It turned out to be about 80°, cloudy and about 60 mph gusts. The weather is quite unpredictable, so I don't think you can count on anything 100%. The second...
  17. Framerman

    Camera Suggestions

    I went as cheap as possible for a slr camera (I think) and they take great pictures imo. It's a Sony alpha. The standard lens that came with it is so so, and much of the camera and lenses are plastic body. It takes 14 mp pictures. Honestly minus a few things, I think a point and shoot will...
  18. Framerman

    Ever seen RC's on the trail?

    Dang, sorry about the acronyms. I wasn't thinking. The FoBMM is Friends of Burnt Meadow Mountain, they maintain and manage the trails there. I'd say they are similar to the AMC for that specific range of trails and mountains. Yeah, they were playing with toys. At least it wasn't the gas...
  19. Framerman

    Ever seen RC's on the trail?

    Oh sorry, radio controlled cars/trucks.
  20. Framerman

    Snow Free Trails 2014

    Took the family up Burnt Meadow Mountain in Maine today. Completely clear of snow and even mud. Nice little hike. About 3 miles up and back. 4½ around the loop.