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    Old Man of the Mountain in the NY Times

    The Watcher was news to me. Thanks, PB. It turns out you can see the profile from below at the southern end of Profile Lake. Yesterday I caught this view, with the Watcher near center-top. Also note a climber atop the Eaglet, a belayer on the left, and two hikers attempting the aforementioned...
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    New Hampshire railway

    Yes, it's Frankenstein Trestle in Crawford Notch. The white patch in the center is where the Frankenstein Cliff Trail crosses the tracks. The trestle from below is just as impressive.
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    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    My go-to site is Mexico - USA - 2024 April 8 Total Solar Eclipse - Interactive Google Map - Xavier Jubier . More information than you could want for any location: max partial percent, totality duration, altitude, azimuth. Definitely go for it, even though April in the Whites is not likely to be...
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    The Next Big Accident Generator?

    This discussion about 'bots claiming to be too smart for their own good has been ongoing for decades. In the mid 70s, MIT's ELIZA was still talked about on campus. This program was a pattern-matching algorithm masquerading as a psychotherapist, and half its users were convinced they were typing...
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    Searching for the perfect hike

    These are variants of your four criteria, and perhaps far too specific: * distance range: 1-2 miles, 2-5, 5-10, 10-20, over 20 (with corresponding km numbers) * vertical ascent: flat, 100-500 feet, 500-1000, 1000-2500, 2500-5000, death march * water hazards: guaranteed dry, easy stream...
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    Biggest Little Mt

    No pity and just a little praise here. We all have issues, whether physical or mental, accidental or self-inflicted. What distinguishes us is how we cope, how we persevere, how we appreciate the other guy's misfortune. It's called character.
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    Start planning - 2024 Eclipse path runs over Katahdin

    My go-to eclipse site is Click on a location to see local eclipse timing, duration of totality, altitude and azimuth of sun, and more. It can even convert times to EDT. Northern NH and VT will have the sun at about 40°...
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    Parking Fees at Franconia Notch State Park?

    I've been watching the Franconia Notch parking situation with interest the last few years. As I am redlining now, Franconia Notch is a drive-by. That said, the stanchions/ropes/signs are an improvement. I agree with JustJoe that an aesthetic permanent barrier would be better still. Appalachia is...
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    Obs Regional Mesonet Map Question explains what is happening. Ideally, MWOBS would register with Google and pay if zillions of people access their map. Practically, organizations with lean budgets just leave it as is. Users then have to press OK...
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    Backpacking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

    There's lots of great detail in analog film. Thanks for sharing.
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    Mount Ascutney Name Change Poll Results

    Name changes invoke gut reactions. I'm not surprised the survey is overwhelmingly against a change. If it were named Mt. Smith or Mt. Brattleboro, I think the results would be very different. But Ascutney sounds close enough to Kaskadenak, and rolls off the tongue more easily. In my hometown of...
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    San Juan National Forest

    Spent a week with the family there. It must have been 2000, because the big Mesa Verde fire was still being contained. Some obvious things: The round-trip train from Durango to Silverton is worth it. Many sections are on high, narrow ledges carved into the canyon. What were they thinking...
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    Black Mountain traverse, 6/16/2018

    Chippewa Trail, Black Mountain Trail, then same in reverse stream crossings: trivial mud: none blowdowns: none black flies: yes but tolerable ticks: few lime kilns: worth a visit usage: saw about ten groups on Chippewa, three on Black Mtn The northern approach is gentler, but has no views...
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    White Mountain National Forest Road Status (Tripoli Road???)

    :) Posts: 203 You don't count your words, but your words count. Made my day.
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    Logistics Of The Mahoosuc Range

    There is no sustained channel-like squeeze in Mahoosuc Notch. Just narrow points. Attitude makes all the difference! Just enjoy the experience. I did it solo as an out-and-back. Even with just a daypack, you'll find it easier to take it off in many places. And long legs are not required, but it...
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    Logistics Of The Mahoosuc Range

    You'll find lot of threads on Success Pond Road here. I've used it only in summer, only from the southern end, well after it opens to traffic. Be prepared for washboard surface, 20 mph conditions. And I've read that logging trucks have the right of way and use it, though I never experienced that...
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    Shoelaces ?

    Tying that seems like a knotty problem. I'm sure it does the trick, but I simply tie another overhand knot with the loops of the standard knot. I don't do it tightly, so it's easy to untie at the end of the hike. The laces come loose about 1/10 as often as they used to.
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    Top Ten Worst Small Towns in NH!

    As others have mentioned, the criteria are bogus. And so is the data set. Twin Mountain (Carroll) is not there, even though its population of 763 fits the random criterion of 100-1000. And the "best" town of Amherst has a population of 11,201, not 670 as noted. Is this guy smarter than a 5th grader?
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    Funding for continuing VFTT

    Slow on the draw, but another meaningful thanks for the good work by the admins, moderators and contributors.
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    Recent Discussion of 1982 S&R Mission/Albert Dow

    This was a powerful listen. The Moth did not disappoint. "Hugh" went on to become an accomplished engineer and CEO of a company that makes electronic prostheses, which he uses himself. I saw him a few years ago at a keynote speech for Boy Scouts pursuing STEM merit badges. It was all about...