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    Elk Lake trailhead

    I beleive they close it becuase of the deer hunting season, not sure what the date is but it has to be soon.
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    New Trail on Lyon + Mtns. you love to return to.

    The wind farm to the north has been operational for sometime now however, the towers to the east were just installed in the last few months and are not on-line yet so none of the turbines are turning.
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    snow shoe opinions

    I actually have 2 pairs of the Northern Lites Elites. The first pair is over 10 years old and still going although they are starting to really show signs of ware, but with as many miles that I have put on them I can really complain. I bought the second pair about 5 years ago just to let...
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    New Trail on Lyon + Mtns. you love to return to.

    The “new hiking trail” uses the beginning and end of the “old” trail. The new trail starts just a few tenths of a mile from the summertime parking area, as you ascend the old trail the new trail begins on the left side just before the large diameter culvert pipe. There is a sign on a tree...
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    Giant Mountain

    While Giant was my first hike, many years ago, I think I was 11 or 12, the parents on the trip took a beating not any of them being a hiker at all. It is a great hike offering views to the West of the other Adirondack High Peaks as well as some views to the East of the Greens and Lake...
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    INS roadblocks

    Yes, I've seen it open at least once, possibly twice this year. After the multiple deaths they spent a ton of taxpayer money on message boards and flashing lights warning of the impeding stop ahead, they line the road with thousands of orange traffic cones, they cut rumble strips, they reduce...
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    INS roadblocks

    The I-87 checkpoint is well know for the multiple accidents including deaths: The terrorists have clearly achieved their goal of killing more Americans and they don’t even have to step foot in the country, we do it to ourselves. These...
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    Lyme...bulls eye rash...spider bites?

    I can attest to that, almost lost my liver to an antibiotic, which I had an allergic reaction to. It was not a fun time. For that matter, every drug, antibiotics included, pose some degree of risk, some more than others. I guess for each situation you have to analyze the risks of taking...
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    Instructions For A Thommen Altimeter

    Great information everyone. BIGEarl, I'm going to take your advice and send Prisca Sistek an e-mail.
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    Instructions For A Thommen Altimeter

    I've recently acquired a used Thommen Classic Altimeter (27,000 Ft) with no instruction manual and was wondering if anyone could give me the basics on how to use it? I’m aware of the outer ring which can be turned to reference your present altitude on the 0-3,000 scale but there seems to be...