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    Foam To Make A Backpack Back Protector

    Closed cell polyethylene is a decent option. This is most likely what you are seeing in gun cases. We used it in tool cases for equipment that was shipped all over the US. I do not believe that you would need as much as 1" thick; 1/2" to 3/4" should do it. The stuff can easily be cut with a...
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    Backpack Tax: Is it Time Hikers Pay Their Fair Share?

    The problem is the government makes use of funds like this so inefficient. I have spent some time with Recreational Trail Grants and USDA Rural Economic Development Grants. The administration, time cycles and rules (prevailing rate, buy US, etc) make the grants very difficult to use for all...
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    Saddleback Uphill Trail - Does not go to the summit

    Saddleback CEO, Andy Shepard, has reported that the hiking traffic has been held away from the summit due to low snow in a fragile environment. As of January 17, access was imminent. Too bad that the BDN author did not try to get an official response and instead relied on responses from the...
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    John Judge Out at AMC

    John Judges salary at the AMC was $310,000. He is replacing Barbara Erickson, former Trustees CEO & President (who passed away from cancer) and her salary was $468,000. No wonder he changed jobs. It seems that the Trustees of Reservations (The Trustees) are quite generous with their salaries...
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    "Old School" Winter 4K Routes

    There was a time when the Kanc was not plowed in winter. Seems that the first year that the Kanc was plowed was 1969.
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    Maine Mineral and Gem Museum Bethel

    The same couple that are the benefactors for the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum, Mary McFadden and Larry Stifler, are also significant land owners in the area just south of Bethel. They own 10,000+ acres and actively encourage recreation on their properties. In fact, they employ a trail builder...
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    WMNF Sign Thief

    The sad thing is that some of us know exactly who this is and what he was known for.....and caught doing....twice.
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    Double fatality in Acadia National Park

    Apparently, this couple fell 100' off an icy cliff. What a sad story, condolences to the family
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    N.E. Clean Power Connect in Maine - Should we care ?

    Deregulation of the electric power industry has pushed our grid into some vulnerable operating conditions. Industry decisions are now made based on profit alone. As much as I do not believe in regulation; the electric utility industry, where all power is delivered through a single grid, should...
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    The Info on Mt. Cabot

    There were many ski areas considered through out the WMNF that never came to fruition. The most interesting proposal in my opinion was a potential development in Evans Notch with a base in the Cold River Camp area and taking over many of the peaks in the area...
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    NH Mask Mandate in Effect

    I'm not going to get uptight about passing others on the trail; a buff, scarf or a big step off the trail will suffice. I have planned my hiking to the less travelled areas and less popular times. However, I do believe that we all should pack a good mask on the off chance that we might have...
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    Evans Notch Closed?

    Rt 113 is used most of the way through as a snowmobile trail. It is busy on weekends. It is not a big, fast or wide trail so speeds are kept in check by the trail itself. As the trail approaches Gilead from the south, it splits with a west bound branch crossing the Wild River into NH and an...
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    Parts of Yosemite closing for Creek Fire, lucky the Whites have faired somewhat well

    As of July 25, Maine Forest Rangers had responded to 800 fires in 2020 which burned only 900 acres. The majority of the fires have been from lightning strikes and illegal campfires. The fire detection technology used today is pretty impressive.
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    Historic USFS WMNF Maps

    there are other people like me out there? Thank you
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    Albany Mountain Trail Issue

    The exact detail that BHSF referenced for the views from the Southwest summit ledges from the 30th Ed WMG is also in the latest (11th ed) of the Maine Mountain Guide. This view ledge will live on....
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    Albany Mountain Trail Issue

    I am very sad to hear this news. Eric's trailwork has made the approach from the north one of the most well built & maintained trails in the WMNF. Seems to me that a more reasonable approach from the WMNF (communication?) could have saved the relationship with the maintainer while at the same...
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    How crowded mid-week?

    We did the Red Rock Loop in the Maine section of the WMNF and saw nobody except a WMNF work crew on the access rd. We did the loop from Hut Rd in Stoneham. This was on a nice day, mid week in July. You could add Speckled for some above treeline but most of this loop only offers smaller looks...
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    Rumford Whitecap - Good Hike not so good Blueberries

    We were up on Rumford Whitecap a few weeks back when the blueberries were just starting to ripen. They did not seem sparse at that time....just not quite ready to pick. We did find enough ripe berries to get a couple of quarts. I am afraid that the word is out; this peak has seen an...
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    New Conservation Land buys in Shelburne NH

    Mahoosuc Land Trust is also part of a group working to buy and conserve what was formerly a part of Chadbourne Tree Farms. This is a 15,000 acre project that includes Tumbledown Dick Mountain, parcels of land along Rt 2 as it enters ME from NH and many small parcels of land that have...
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    Maines Purple Stripe Law

    The recognition of purple stripes to mark land in Maine dates back to 2012; the marking is designate "Access by Permission Only" and is considered to be more permanent that signage. Purple marks must be 100' apart around the entire property. In my travel thru the state of Maine hiking &...