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  1. evilhanz

    B18 bomber crash site on Waternomee

    I took a scout troop to the site a few weekends ago and told the story. They also found it amazing and a tangible demonstration of the meaning of Memorial Day.
  2. evilhanz

    White Mountain painting by Ernest Brown

    Looks like Chocorua at left, with Three Sister in the background. This could represent Nickerson Ledge or some of the ledges on the Piper Trail, with Carter Ledge peeking in just above it.
  3. evilhanz

    How long has VFTT been in existence?

    The original VFTT was at and the very first trip report was a Guyot backpacking trip dated 10/16/1995. I'm not sure that part of the site was active before 1996, though. Dave's White Mountain site, the AMC forums, and VFTT were about all there was.
  4. evilhanz

    Summit Feature Question...

    It was the location of a helipad and some small buildings and equipment related to the Air Force testing facilities. Here is what the site looked like in 1957.
  5. evilhanz

    Drinking Beer on "The Summit"

    It was October 1988. A 30-year old hiker from Georgia was in the middle of a flip-flop hike. He made it to Maryland, then took a bus to Maine and was working his way south. He didn't like the cold, so when he reached Gorham he bought some vodka to "keep warm". He was found by other hikers...
  6. evilhanz

    Has anyone here ever come across human remains in the woods?

    That was Michael Miller who went missing in Oct 1983. A classic case of a late day start with inadequate gear into steadily worsening weather conditions. Miller separated from his companions and left the trail. No trace was ever found. There was an extensive write up about the search in...
  7. evilhanz

    Has anyone here ever come across human remains in the woods?

    Here is the missing article abut Neighbor Dave's discovery:
  8. evilhanz

    Industrial Archeology: what's this scoop for?

    This implement has a few different names like pond scoop, dirt scoop, or scraper. It had two wooden handles on either side and a u-shaped metal bar attached to those hooks so that it could be pulled by a horse or mule.
  9. evilhanz

    Bootleg sign?

    Also chiming in to say they are official WVAIA signs. If you have not seen Steve Smith's excellent new Waterville Valley guide book, there is a short description of these unique signs near the back of the book.
  10. evilhanz

    TBT Features Mt. Hale Fire Tower

    Here is an interior photo: and one showing the road:
  11. evilhanz

    Carpenters Ridge - Mt Lincoln

    Carpenter cut a path in 1897 but it didn't last long. The lower portion was obliterated by logging and the final climb to the summit was difficult. Here is the original description if you haven't seen it:
  12. evilhanz

    Maine 4000 Footers

    I like to stay at Cathedral Pines Campground when I'm in the area day hiking. With young kids though, I would look into a condo rental at Sugarloaf using a site like homeaway. Spring/summer rates tend to be low and you'll appreciate having all the amenities.
  13. evilhanz

    Ball Crag

    In August 1931, Jenks, Blood, and Larrabee of the AMC retraced Dr. Ball's journey and found that they could follow his course with "remarkable accuracy". They determined that the unnamed prominence sometimes called Upper Nelson Crag was the highest point reached by Dr. Ball and proposed naming...
  14. evilhanz

    Multi-use trail winter signs?

    Here's an example from the Campbell Tract in Anchorage, Alaska: and a local example from Lincoln Woods:
  15. evilhanz

    Does this trail really exist? (for Mt Monadnock experts)

    The trail with a few branches was shown on maps of Monadnock in the 1920s and 1930s as an extension of an abandoned road off the Old Troy Rd where the Emery farmhouse was located. Mountain Brook was one of the suggested approaches to Monadnock from the north and it was described as trailless up...
  16. evilhanz

    Common NH feature/peak names - ?

    I grouped them by exact match, so for summits containing "sugar" and "loaf", you have: Sugarloaf [Percy Peaks] Sugarloaf [Silver Lake] Sugarloaf [Newfound Lake] Sugarloaf Mountain [East Haverhill] Little Sugarloaf [Newfound Lake] Middle Sugarloaf [Twin Mountain] North Sugarloaf [Twin Mountain]...
  17. evilhanz

    Common NH feature/peak names - ?

    Here's a list of summits with 4 or more occurrences of the same name from the most current GNIS dataset for NH. Is that what you're looking for? Mud Pond is the most common feature name in NH with 28. Beaver Brook and Black Brook tie at 16 for most common stream name. SummitCountQuads Pine...
  18. evilhanz

    Abraham, Spaulding and Sugarloaf

    If you can't arrange a car spot, these three are a reasonable out and back from the ski area or the CVR. It's around 15-16 miles with about half the elevation gain in the first mile or two.
  19. evilhanz

    Terrace Mt.

    It doesn't have much profile, but North Terrace is on the NH T3000 list (trailed 3ks with a 100ft col or a 40ft col and a generally accepted name).
  20. evilhanz

    strange thing to find in the Presis

    It looks like a door from a late 1920s Ford Model A. Here are some similar examples: Maybe it came from an early snow machine like the one below. I've read that once the tracks were put on, the doors wouldn't open, so they just temporarily removed them.