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    Mitten on Greeley Ponds Trail

    Found January 20 on Greeley Ponds trail between Kancamagus Highway and Osceola Trail junction. Email me with description and I will return to you. Jay Baxter [email protected]
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    Kearsarge North via Kearsarge North Trail

    Date: October 20, 2015 Trail Conditions: Dry, with just a few icy spots in the shade at higher elevation. Special Equipment: None Comments: It turned out to be a crisp, mostly sunny fall day after a rainy night. Great views from the top; colors appeared to be about peak or slightly past...
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    North & South Baldface via Baldface Circle Trail

    Date of Hike: October 20,2014 Traill Conditions: There was lots of leaf litter at lower elevations. The trail from Eagle Crag down to Circle Junction is fairly wet in many places, but there were no deep water or mud obstacles. However, it did make the leaves quite slippery in places. The ledges...
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    Sugarloaf, Spaulding, Abraham & Lone via AT & Spurs

    Date of Hike: October 9 & 10 Trail Conditions: Generally good except for an long stretch of water and mud that continued for 15 to 20 minutes. This begins a short way above the ledges on the western side of Sugarloaf where the trail starts to level off and continues a point just below the...
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    Update on Caribou Valley Road

    Driving the road October 9 & 10, I discovered several pieces of heavy equipment (bulldozers, etc.) along the road. There are a number of areas where fresh dirt has been spread and smoothed. It looks like some culverts have been repaired or replaced. I'm not sure if this means there will be more...
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    Caribou Mountain via Caribou and Mud Brook Trails

    Date of Hike: September 26, 2014 Trail Conditions: Scattered blowdowns here and there, several of which appeared very recent, but none were major obstacles. Both trails also had a number of muddy spots, which was a little surprising considering how dry it has been recently. After entering the...
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    Owls head trail

    GPS locations: Summit N 44 08.6619 W71 36.2942 Cairn at intersection of Owl's Head Slide with Lincoln Brook Trail: N 44 08.2620 W 71 36.9462 I have a GPS track (DeLorme GPS), but I think it is unnecessary. The herd path is really quite obvious. In June, the Lincoln Brook Trail was quite easy...
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    Flying, Acadia & St. Saveur Mountains (see post for trails) 7/2

    Date of Hike: July 2, 2014 Trails used: Flying Mountain/Valley Cove, Valley Cove Road, Valley Peak, Acadia Mountain & St. Saveur Trail Conditions: Generally dry, but lots of roots and rocks and frequent scrambles made the going surprisingly slow. Valley Cove Trail is closed between the cove...
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    Owls Head higher summit

    On my recent hike up Owl's Head in June, I GPSed the summit cairn at N 44 08.6619 W 71 36.2942. Here's a picture of the summit cairn with the unusual birch tree I believe Tim is referring to beyond it. I wandered off further north and found the mountain to clearly be sloping downhill, which...
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    Katahdin via Helon Taylor, Knife Edge, Saddle and Chimney Pond Trails

    Date of Hike: June 27, 2014 Trail conditions: Rocky and rough, throughout, with a number of wet areas/running water below treeline. Special Equipment: Gloves were nice to have going across the Knife Edge; there are a number of places where grabbing onto the rough rocks was helpful. Poles...
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    Owl's Head & The Bonds

    Dates: June 17 - 19, 2014 Trails: Lincoln Woods, Franconia Brook, Lincoln Brook, Owl's Head Path, Twin Brook, Twinway, Bondcliff, Wilderness Trail Conditions: Franconia Brook crossing was a little challenging, but I was able to get across with dry feet 50 to 100 feet downstream of the trail...
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    North, Middle & South Weeks via York Pond and Kilkenny Ridge Trails

    Date: June 11, 2014 Trails Conditions: York Pond Trail is a little muddy in spots along the brook, but nothing major. Kilkenny Ridge Trail has major issues with blowdowns. The worst area has crawl under and climb over trees just after the trail heads south from the York Pond Trail. This is in...
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    Hoodie Found at Tuckerman's

    Owner found and on its way to him. Jay Baxter
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    Hoodie Found at Tuckerman's

    While skiing Tuckerman's yesterday, I found a hoodie type layer in the woods near the top of the Right Gully. Please email me with size and brand if it's yours. Jay Baxter [email protected]
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    Saddleback & The Horn via Grey Ghost, Tri-color and AT

    Date: 4/10/14 Conditions: Excellent snow cover on the ski trails, but highly variable on ridge line with everything from bare ground to ice to deep drifts. The AT was a little hard to follow in a couple places, particularly one spot in the col between the two summits, where the trail dips down...
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    Old Speck 2/17/2014

    Date: February 17, 2014 Trail Conditions: I ascended and descended the Old Speck Trail. It had a well packed snowshoe track about 3/4 of the way up. The steep pitch below the north outlook had deep powder and was somewhat slippery underneath so the going was very slow up that short stretch, but...
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    Washington (attempt) via Lion Head 12/27

    Date: December 27, 2013 Trails: Tuckerman Ravine and Lion Head (summer) Special Equipment: Traction Comments: It was a beautiful walk through freshly snow covered trees with light ongoing snow, but then my climbing partner and I arrived at the top of Lion Head in 60 - 70 knot winds and very...
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    Peak Above the Nubble 11/9/2013

    I never clearly identified the logging road mentioned in other reports. Instead, I headed off 304A at the site of a concrete culvert just a minute or two up from the sand hill. Walking through beautiful open woods up the drainage, I soon came to the south side of the overgrown clearcut...
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    White Cap (100 Mile Wilderness) via White Brook Trail/AT

    Date of hike: September 9, 2013 Trail conditions: The trail appears to get little traffic. The logging road portion beyond the two brooks is somewhat overgrown, but easily followed. The start of the actual trail is obvious. A number of rocks on the trail are moss covered and potentially...
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    Crockers & Redington

    Date of Hike: September 3, 2013 Trail Conditions: A little wet & muddy in places, but no major issues. There are lots of roots and rocks making up the footbed of the AT, particularly as it climbs South Crocker, so the going was a little slippery and slow at times. Special Equipment Required...