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    Lost a Snowshoe - 12/18 - Between Cold Brook Pass and the Loj

    We lost a Gray TSL Escape Grip snowshoe somewhere between Cold Brook Pass trail and The Loj parking lot. If you happen upon it could you please let me know at [email protected]. Thanks a bunch
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    USGS monument replicas as gifts?

    Cool find!
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    MSR Lightning

    No problems yet . . . After reading these posts I went right home last night to make sure my lightnings were ok. I just love those things and these posts got me worried. Outside of a little bit of rust that I lightly sanded off everthing looks just dandy. I don't know if we just got lucky or...
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    MSR Lightning

    Love my lightening ascents I love my MSR Lightening Ascents. The best thing I've ever bought. The televators are excellent. I use them to do the Winter 46 in the ADK. I use the 25" version cause you never know when you'll need to break trail. They are very light and if you have to carry...
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    Never In My Life

    Thanks for Sharing Really enjoyed reading this post. Gave me some good laughs and reflections.
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    snow in the high peaks region?

    Snow in the ADK Over a foot of snow and before that a ton of rain. I imagine with the 20 degree temps we've had there will be a lot of ice covered with a bunch of snow. I would definately bring crampons and lots of waterproof clothing. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow so I'm guessing the...
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    Dix and Hough from Round Pond - 10/24

    Plenty of snow and ice, particularly after the slide. It was such a beautiful sunny day that we were able to do the entire trip in shorts and capris but carried all the other stuff just in case (hey better safe than sorry) The snow was never deeper than our boots but of course I managed to kick...
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    Big changes coming on Loj Road

    What a shame ADK putting camping needs over hiking needs . . . how bizarre. I just wish they'd leave us the old parking lots (even for a fee) so we can access the high peaks without having to deal with their nonsense and limiting our access to the trails. Can you imagine not getting a parking...