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  1. kerry13

    Gunsight Pass Trail, Glacier NP - August 11, 2023

    Fantastic trip reports RS. The scenery was just spectacular and the narration great. It's on my to do list now. Thanks
  2. kerry13

    Fall at Tuck's this past weekend

    VIDEO: Crowd Goes Wild After Snowboarder Emerges From Hole @ Tuckerman's Ravine A little follow up. Last video captures it all. Caution: Some foul language
  3. kerry13

    Monadnock State Park And Parking

    JJ, I agree that they only have 3 trailheads listed requiring a reservation on the state website. I hike there 2-3 times a week and I can assure you that this past summer they had rangers stationed at both Marlboro and Dublin trail heads, at least on some weekends, to either collect fees or to...
  4. kerry13

    Monadnock State Park And Parking

    I don't think anyone can say definitively yes or no. During the summer, especially on weekends, they did have a ranger at Marlboro and Dublin trailheads checking on reservations, which personally didn't make much sense for the Marlboro trailhead which has pretty limited parking. I also have...
  5. kerry13

    Monadnock State Park And Parking

    That's not correct at Monadnock Finnski. That may be true for other NH state parks if they don't employ the reservation system. I'm not sure whether the reservation system is universal for all state parks. I questioned several rangers and mgmt at Monadnock as to what I needed to do if I had non...
  6. kerry13

    Monadnock State Park And Parking

    Yes you can. I live in Mass and have had a NH Parks Pass for years. $60 a year. Use to run Jan 1 to Dec 31 but now the pass is good for a year no matter when you purchase it. Plus it is good at most NH Parks which charge entrance. Exceptions are places like Hampton Beach and a few others if I...
  7. kerry13

    Maine 2021 - Solo P2K Peakbagging

    Impressive resume. Great report and photos.
  8. kerry13

    Gaiter Question / Recommendation

    I too had problems with straps failing on my 3 season gaiters. I found that using plastic coated speaker wire is the easiest long term fix. I try to buy gaiters that have a grommet hole that the strap/string passes through. If your gaiters have stitched or glued straps you may need to put in a...
  9. kerry13

    Using A Website To Post My Pictures

    I have to agree with Billy. I have been using Smugmug for 6 or 7 years now and I am very satisfied. There are several levels available with varying price ranges. I have the basic, as I am not a professional photographerand not looking to sell. On a yearly basis I pay about $50 per year. They...
  10. kerry13

    Most Challenging Hike up Monadnock?

    Make sure you have reservations or don't go to the main park or half way house because you won't get in. I was there this morning and assistant mgr told me sat and sunday were already booked and there were only a few reservation slots open for monday and they would likely be gone already...
  11. kerry13

    Parker's Motel in Lincoln

    As an FYI. I live in Mass and over the last few weeks I have heard that Maine is tracking folks going over the border into Maine by monitoring toll transponder information. I believe Maine has a 14 day quarantine requirement unless you show proof of a negative covid test. Folks who go to Maine...
  12. kerry13

    Big list of WMNF toilet facility closures

    I was very surprised to see the bathroom facilities at Monadnock open yesterday. Initially thought TP litter along the trails would be an issue since there are just so many folks there for this time of year, then I remembered that most of these folks don't even have water so maybe my fears are...
  13. kerry13

    How long do your hiking boots last?

    Vasque GTX can not be resoled. I have had several pairs of Vasque and have gotten at least 1200 miles out of most of them. I have had a couple pairs where the sole actually split in the ball of the foot area after a year or two and the soles hardly showed any wear. I am not hard on shoes and you...
  14. kerry13

    Lower elevation peak suggestions

    I share your passion for Monadnock. It has been at least a weekly thing for me for the last 15 or so years. Here is a pic of the Boston skyline taken last weekend. About the clearest view I have had in all those years.
  15. kerry13

    Backwoods cabin for rent in winter

    AMC has their high cabin at Mt Cardigan or at least they use to. Haven't been there in a few years.
  16. kerry13

    Winter trail conditions Mt Monadnock

    I'm up there a couple times a week. It is true that White Dot, White Arrow and White Cross will get packed out fairly quickly, but the other trails depend a lot on snow depth. Deeper the snow the longer it will take since most folks don't use snowshoes. I have broken trail on east side trails...
  17. kerry13

    Backpacking Colorado's Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

    Nice report and great photos. Thanks for sharing.
  18. kerry13

    Monadnock via Pumpelly

    I've covered most of the rest of the east and south side trails over the past couple days and they are in remarkably good condition. A few have some running and standing water and certainly low spots are quite muddy, but considering we have gotten over 19" of rain out this way since July 16, the...
  19. kerry13

    Bird identification

    Thanks GJ. That was my original assumption but my audubon books pics weren't even close. This guy certainly didn't have a yellow rump, which I would have thought would have been a pretty much given, because of the name. The first pic in your link is pretty much spot on, so yellow rump it is...
  20. kerry13

    Bird identification

    Ran across this bird on Monadnock today. About the size of a sparrow. Distinct yellow crown with yellow under each wing and tops of wing sort of a greyish blue with black bars. Only similar bird, with the yellow crown, I have been able to find is a golden crowned kinglet, but the pics just don't...