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    Bartlett Boulder

    Wow. NObody knows where a piece of NH lore is.
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    Bartlett Boulder

    I know. I thjought I read here (or some web page), some time ago, that it was N or Rt 302 not far W of Rt 16, and up a dirt road, etc, perhaps in someone's back yard?
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    Bartlett Boulder

    Were is it, exactly?
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    Re-waterproofing a tent

    Bigger problem in that love my NR westine (70s), but it de-lamonated years ago, and smells like hell. Thinking of heavinf it as I'm unsure it can be saved.
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    Sleeping bag age?

    bought my NF Ibex in early 70s. Still puffs up.
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    Why Does My Tent Fly Smell Like Poop?

    I have a 40 yr old NF Westwind tent that had peeled and that had strong musty/mildew/mold smell. So never used it, but never thriew it out. Didn't know that NF warranteed tens. I'm sure mine is way too old. Loved that tent.
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    mt wash road race today

    Anyone know status? Weather not the greatest.
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    ADK chat

    Had a s/w upgrade which cost me lots of saved web pages. Anyone know the ADK oriented chat site(s)??
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    Mt Wash on SHO tonite

    TRailer show Pemigewasset Seach and Rescue, but the scenery is not NH.
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    Mt Wash on SHO tonite

    Looking at SHO TV list in newspaper for tonite, there is SHO movie, Infinite Storm, at 9 about 'an experienced climber ascending Mt Washington winds up trapped in blizzard'. Assume they mean NH?
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    ADK parking etc

    Thanks Need a permit to go to Flowed Lands area? From the Loj? Where do u get? Is there max # available? What about Johns Brook? and Ausable Club areas?
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    ADK parking etc

    What's the latest on parking, fees, permits for the high peaks?
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    New Cam on Mt Washington

    The old static pix was much better and reliable.
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    Hiking with Afib

    I had for 3-4 yrs. No apparent issues. Walk 2-4 miles 4-5 / wk. Finally did the ablation about a yr ago. After 3-4 2 wk holter monitor tests, a-fib appeared < 1% of time. So I was 'graduated' from the active surveilance program.
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    Weekend rescue

    audible snap = osteporosis perhaps?? woman. 56 yrs. My wife is terrified of it.
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    Maple Syrup

    Thanks. sounds good!
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    Maple Syrup

    The sap is running, and I find I need a replenishment. Any advice on good brands? Must ship to lower NE.
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    NH Mask Mandate in Effect

    Out of curiosity, should they write u a ticket, don't they need to cite on ticket which LAW you violated? Exec order are not laws. I've heard many of these tix are tossed.
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    Tropical Storm Tuesday and Wednesday

    Blew thru N NJ ~1+ hrs ago. Center is nearing Albany now. Lots of downed trees and electric wires.
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    Want to travel to a NH destination? Not Yet.

    A lot of this is overdone. The person in front of me at Dunkin Donuts this am insisted that the server don new gloves to serve her! An opinion from a VffT immunologist would be helpful.