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  1. David Metsky

    Historic Hiking Shelters of the WMNF

    Same reason the Moosilauke summit shelter was removed. It's the foundation a few 100 yards down the old Gorge Brook trail, not the summit foundations.
  2. David Metsky

    Tear Drop Ski Trail

    Also lots of good glades alongside the Teardrop.
  3. David Metsky

    WMNF Road Status as of May 10th

    From the Facebook post: > *Be aware that some of these roads are not managed by the WMNF.
  4. David Metsky

    This car has climbed Mt Washington For those in the Boston area, there are a few additional variations available
  5. David Metsky

    Mr Pizza in Gorham is Closing (Now Reopened under new owners)

    They violated public health rules during COVID and got slapped down. Everything that happened to them was self-inflicted.
  6. David Metsky

    Tree Well versus Spruce Trap - What is the difference?

    Fundementally, they're the same thing. Practically, tree wells form around the trunks of large trees that people fall into. They don't typically involve the branches. Spruce traps (in the East) are entire trees hidden under the snow with the branches holding up mostly unsupported snow. They...
  7. David Metsky

    Ski stations update ?

    Saddleback uphill policy - Sugarloaf uphill policy - Wildcat uphill policy - All three mountains require uphill pass purchases...
  8. David Metsky

    How long has VFTT been in existence?

    I don't think so, we really didn't know about each other until both sites were fairly well established.
  9. David Metsky

    Tenting near Galehead Hut

    The intro to the LNT section even says the following:
  10. David Metsky

    Hancocks campground on the Kanc closed August 11-25, 2022 due to bears
  11. David Metsky

    How to Cover the Costs of Mountain Mishaps

    Or delaying calling for help until the situation deteriorates and turns a routine assist into a dangerous rescue.
  12. David Metsky

    Dolomites Alta Via 1 (partial)

    We hiked it in early July. For those with Facebook account, here's a full set of photos -
  13. David Metsky

    Dolomites Alta Via 1 (partial)

    Here are a few photos from our trip in 2017
  14. David Metsky

    Old Bridle Path parking lot on a weekend in August?

    There's no way to guarantee that there will be spots open. Know your alternatives (Cannon ski area, Skookumchuck, the Flume) and alternative routes to the peaks you want to hike.
  15. David Metsky

    Entire Gunstock Mountain Staff resigns

    I don't think this is a case of both sides did some things wrong. IMO, it's pretty clear that one side instigated this fight, they lost, and they deserved to lose.
  16. David Metsky

    Entire Gunstock Mountain Staff resigns

    Yes, sounds like a good resolution to this situation. The people who caused the problem are being removed.
  17. David Metsky

    Dolomites Alta Via 1 (partial)

    We did a similar hike a few years back, skipping the first two days and then doubling up on a few near the end to finish the Alta Via 1. Amazing terrain, huts, and people.
  18. David Metsky

    Entire Gunstock Mountain Staff resigns

    This isn't a complex issue, really. The Commission has been hijacked by Free State extremists who are acting against the wishes of the residents of the region. Read the statement by the head honcho, State Rep Norman Silber (a FL transplant) and decide. Keep in mind he brings in George Soros to...
  19. David Metsky

    139 person Grand Canyon Hike

    We got busted near the top of North Tripyramid with 15 people in a Wilderness Area on a VFTT hike.