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    NH Rattlesnakes Article

    NY state has closed portions of Breakneck Ridge to protect rattlesnake habitat. I've only seen one there but it was big.
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    Looking for backcountry camping opportunity near waterfalls.

    My wife and I have hiked Schunnemunk for over twenty-five years and it's never let us down. In Harriman we like the Dunderberg Mt.–Timp Torne loop that starts at a parking lot on Rte. 9, just north of the big ship anchors. Go right on the Ramapo–Dunderberg trail over to Bald Mt. and then over...
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    The Vermont 4ks

    Don't forget to grab Mendon and Pico for your other lists.
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    Mt OJI Trail Route

    We did Fort and the Brothers and then came down Coe. It started to rain, which made the slide tricky.
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    Sleeping bag age?

    My Marmot from 1984 still works okay.
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    Kezar Ponds Gorge

    The lake itself is a wonderful place to swim.
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    Please help ID these mountains

    First photo, first range left to right: Armstrong, Gothics, (Sawteeth in bkgd), Saddleback, Basin, Haystack (Little Haystack below summmit). Next range: Colvin, Blake, Pinnacle Ridge. You can see part of Elk Lake behind Pinnacle Ridge. Back range: Dix, Hough, Macomb. Second photo: slides on...
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    Franconia Ridge Loop - sneaking a peak at the new trail work

    Sorry to disagree but I was disappointed by the New York / New Jersey Trail Conference work on Bear Mountain. Yes there are a lot of steps, unnecessary for the most part in my opinion. Their reroutes take hikers away from some of the best views on the mountain. Trails on the summit are now paved...
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    Sugarloaf to Abraham Traverse - July 9, 2023

    In the same vein, be sure to grab Hamlin after Baxter. We did Fort, Brothers and Coe clockwise, which meant descending a very slippery slide at the end of the day. Something to consider.
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    Sugarloaf to Abraham Traverse - July 9, 2023

    We did that hike from the Crocker Cirque almost twenty years ago. The plank was there then. I'd do Vermont before Baxter and the Saddlebacks to save up the better summits.
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    if you go out in the woods today . . . .

    It's an okay lake, there are nicer ones around. The good part is that you can get there by train, and there is a trail around the lake. The bad part is that apart from nearby Cat Rocks, not much for views or elevation.
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    Two Nights at Crocker Cirque Camp, Carrabassett Valley, ME - July 7-9, 2023

    I loved that campsite, my wife and stayed there while doing those same mountains. We were in our tent late at night and heard a moose walking by. It's a large enough site to get away from thru-hikers if you want. By that stage in their journey the north-bound ones can be pretty nuts.
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    Nice Weather, for Ducks ;)

    Very bad in Hudson Valley, up to 10 inches reported in West Point vicinity. Route 218 around Storm King washed away. Rail lines closed both east and west of Hudson River. I am guessing that trails around Breakneck, Beacon, Manitou, Bear Mountain, and Harriman are closed.
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    Foothills Trail

    Excellent as always, thank you
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    FYI Fans of Libby's Bistro and RMC

    the nice pie place in Berlin closed?
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    Looking for backcountry camping opportunity near waterfalls.

    In Harriman, Lichen Trail from Elk Pen parking lot is a beautiful ridge trail you can combine with several other trails to form a 7- or 8-mile loop. Or you can continue across Tom Jones Mt. to Tuxedo where there is a train station. I prefer Schunemunk Mountain a little north of Harriman. If you...
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    Looking for backcountry camping opportunity near waterfalls.

    Telephone Pioneers Shelter near Pawling, NY, is right next to a waterfall. It's about 60 miles north of Manhattan, reachable by Metro North railroad on weekends. It's also on the Appalachian Trail, so it is usually crowded and not the most, uh, hygienic place to sleep. However, you can camp...
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    Must be a new Moderator in town.

    Not to complain too much, but is there a way to go directly to the last unread post in a thread? I don't want the last post, because I have to scroll up to where I left off. I want the last unread post after I click on "mark all forums read." Thanks.
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    Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

    Thinking North Hero might have open views.