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    Strange Pattern to This Winter's Fatalities in the Whites

    Hope you saw my point Afka_bob My point was (i think) that we can prepare and be carful and so on, but... Things go wrong, and we can only be ready for just so much. As i sit at this computer, i can hear the wind picking up. There is no way to know if this severe thunderstorm warning wont...
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    Break Out the Bug Dope: The Ticks are Here!

    Ticks Deer ticks are found in woodlands. There are no coastal areas in Renseleer and Colombia Ctys in New York State and the deer ticks are some of the worst in the country. As a Lyme sufferer, i can state that its a good idea to check yourself and your pets. No amount of antibiotic "cures"...
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    Strange Pattern to This Winter's Fatalities in the Whites

    Time to admit, we are mortal Ive been following this thread, and hope ive figured out what mistakes were made! "They went to the mountains in very iffy weather and died!" They made no real mistakes, it was fate! ( their time)! No different than getting in your car and getting killed on the...
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    Bald Eagle view at own risk

    Deer on ice Sometime, when a deer tries to walk,or is chased across very slick ice, their legs will slide apart sideways and dislocate the shoulders and hips. Its easy for dogs or coyotes to get them. Or they starve to death, or die of shock. The Eagles and some other raptors, and even seagulls...
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    How fast do you hike?

    Once was, my partner and i couldnt stand to be passed, or to see someone ahead on the trail, and not catch and pass them. Now.... its ... take it easy, ill get there someday, somehow. Steveo
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    Confirmed Gray Wolf in Adirondacks

    Coyotes in Ma BarrySr Just looked at the game laws for coyotes in Ma. there is a season on them and they are NOT endangered nor listed as endangered. We (hunters) have been taken them for years. The listed season on them is Nov 1 to Feb 28. Regards Steveo
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    Confirmed Gray Wolf in Adirondacks

    Shadowcat Im really curious about how a person raised in a hunting family, can turn against all that they were taught, as far as resourse use. What was it that made you not want to be involved with hunting, and natural resourse use, inspite of your upbringing??? Steveo
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    Gates Arm If a gate is shown on the map, its closed at this time of year. I dont think youll find a campground open now, and im not sure about car camping at trail heads. Sorry for such little info. A nice short (timewise) hike, would be to the summit via the Cheshire harbor Trail. Gets you...
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    Arm On the west side of Greylock is the Hopper and Roaring Brook. There are 2 main trails out of Roaring Brook road, which is the entrance to the Greylock Ski Club, The Roaring Brook Trail is a moderatly steep hike which if you want will go to the summit or make some nice loops back to the...
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    Whats the snow cover on Greylock

    Snow on Greylock If the forcast holds, there should be fair to good skiing on the Thunderbolt by late Wednesday - Thursday. It all depends on how much base is down. Normally, over 2500 ft will be more snow cover left from the small snow events we have had over the last 3 or 4 weeks. So .. it...
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    Pete Hickey

    I know that this is off topic, but i checked with the moderator and he said to go ahead. Pete Hickey who is a 46R trailmaster, was injured in a fall. I think it would be a good thing for us to wish him a very speedy recovery from his injuries. Pete is an important part of the N.E. hiking...
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    Holdstrong Thanks for the re-post. I had lost the site awhile ago and im glad to have it again. your info is exellent! The site is well done. The pictures also are great. Regards Steveo
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    First Adirondack Winter Gathering

    Nice pictures Great pictures! The last time on Cascade and Porter was a couple of winters ago at this time and the weather was entirely the opposite of your experience. We sat on the leaward side of the Cascade summit in just Light weight longjohns soaking up the heat and sun.! Steveo
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    Hiking in the Rain

    Rain and Mud I would rather hike in the rain and mud, than the heat and hard packed trails. Cant tell how bad im sweating when soaked by the rain. If chilly, Just put on a wind breaker of some type. But, i dont enjoy getting in the sleeping bag soaked and wet. steveo P.S. i just do love...
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    Stupid People

    Stupid things I get a kick out the snowmobilers who spend 4 to 10 grand on a sled and take them out on the lakes to see how much open water they can cross. In Ma. when your sled or car goes in your responsible for getting it out, and the price can be huge plus fines. Gotta admit, it is fun to...
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    Whiteface Brook Slide & Esther Attempt 1/9th-11th

    White face NyBrad One of the best reports ive seen in awhile. Thanks, and great picture! steveo
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    DWR in a spray can: SCAM???

    Gore-Tex Pete, Gore-tex is a product of W.L. Gore Inc., and is a registered trademark. There are a few other fabrics that are somewhat the same but .. are not gore-tex. Their were some tests done that i saw and i dont remember where, but the test came to the conclusion that Gore-Tex was better...
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    Gaiters again

    Gor-Tex!! If you can spend the extra money, GOR-TEX !! , is the way to go! Save those pennies till you can get a pair, youll never be sorry!! steveo