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  1. Kurchian

    Old Pictures - Can you identify locations?

    I'm attaching 4 more pictures that I recently discovered. These were taken around 1960. These appear to be taken from the Mt. washington auto road. ANy guesses on what mountains we are looking at?
  2. Kurchian

    Lonesome Lake

    Given the last couple of warm days, can anyone comment on what the trail conditions will be on a trek up to Lonesome Lake on Friday? Snowshoes or stabilizers or both?
  3. Kurchian

    Zipper Temperature Gauge?

    I'm looking for a quality temperature gauge to hike with. I've seen the $3 gauges that attach to a zipper, but I am looking for something more accurate and easy to read. A small digital version that I could attach to my pack would be perfect. Any ideas?
  4. Kurchian

    Belknap Range trail question

    Thanks to TrailwrightBratt for a perfect description of the trails to Round Pond and Klem. Sometimes the trails in the Belknaps can be confusing so I was seeking some advice. Round Pond is a gem!
  5. Kurchian

    Belknap Range trail question

    I'm interested a Belknap range adventure. Would appreciate comments about these two choices and whether there is a way to do them as a circle trip. Trails in the Belknaps are oft confusing. Choice #1 Round Pond and Mt Klem. Is this a reasonable hike and what is the best trailhead from the...
  6. Kurchian

    Belknap Mountain Range question

    I'm planning some hiking in the Belknaps and I am not familiar with the trails there. I've read that many of the trails are not maintained and sometimes difficult to follow. I am planning a loop trip up and over Anna and then west to Mack on what looks like the Red Trail. To get back to my car...
  7. Kurchian

    Frazil Ice in NH?

    Captivating video! I like the cold dessert references - "slurpy" and "snow cone".
  8. Kurchian

    Old Pictures - Can you identify locations?

    This is the third set of old family pictures from the 1950's/60's that I have recently discovered. Can you identify the locations?
  9. Kurchian

    Old pictures - Can you identify locations?

    Here are a couple of links that provide some additional information about the Air Force facility on Mt. Washington. Scroll down for some pictures about the aptly-named "Project Jack Frost". Older readers will remember "Life...
  10. Kurchian

    Old pictures - Can you identify locations?

    Yes, these are from slides, not prints. I can't confirm or deny that some of the shots are reversed as I don't know. I am impressed how easily some of you know these locations, as I don't. The comment about the Air Force barracks in NH7 is very interesting. Does anyone have any history on that?
  11. Kurchian

    Old pictures - Can you identify locations?

    I have been working through some old family pictures from the 50's/60's. Here are a few more. Can you identify these locations?
  12. Kurchian

    Can you identify these picture locations?

    I recently ran across some pictures that my father took in the Whites in the 1950's. Can anyone help me with identifying the locations?
  13. Kurchian

    Garfield Ridge Traverse, plus a little, 10/23/2009

    Microspikes Question Good discussion here on the pros and cons of Microspikes vs. Stabilicers
  14. Kurchian

    Garfield is a fine place to finish

    Garfield is definitely in my top 5. I hadn't climbed Owl's head at that point and I remember looking down on it as it mocked me! Congratulations!
  15. Kurchian

    Coordinates of two trailheads please

    The AMC's online White Mountain guide provides coordinates for every trailhead and trail intersections as part of their trail routing. Not sure if the Kinsman relocated trailhead would be current. I have used these coordinates throughout the Whites and found them to be accurate. There is an...
  16. Kurchian

    Osceolas, Sept. 6, 2009 (just me)

    Nice trip report. This was my first of the 48 many years ago. I still remember descending the chimney and the great views from the summit. I also remember that we parked at Waterville Valley and had to walk back but we did get to see the Greeley Ponds.
  17. Kurchian

    Reflections on finishing the 48 - Part 2

    PART 1 Favorite Huts Galehead I liked it before it was renovated and I like it even more now. It feels remote and its location so close to South Twin gets your heart pumping first thing in the morning. I love the high-peaked pine ceiling in the...
  18. Kurchian

    Reflections on finishing the 48 - Part 1

    I started hiking at age 43 in 1994. I missed the team sports and physical activities that I’d enjoyed in my younger years. Work was stressful and I needed a physical outlet. My family was in the habit of vacationing in Waterville Valley and for several years my friend Michael had been getting up...
  19. Kurchian

    Owl's Head Hike

    I had debated about whether I wanted to carry the extra weight of water shoes. As it turns out I only needed them for two of the crossings. While they weren't essential they were very very helpful. Their traction and surefootedness helped out a great deal.
  20. Kurchian

    Owl's Head Hike

    Speed Demons Only 13 hours, 14 minutes, you say? If it wasn't for that lunch break we might beaten the 13 hour mark. We've set a mark that may never be beaten!