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  1. wemedge

    Mittens on Morgan/Percival

    Found a brand new pair mittens on the way down the M-P loop on Saturday, 12/3. Probably a long shot, but if any member lost them, please contact me.
  2. wemedge

    Isolation, 1/22/12

    A pleasant surprise to find both Rocky Branch and the Engine Hill bushwhack well broken-out, which made for very easy going. Isolation Trail was broken out until we hit a confusing fork shortly before the intersection with the Davis Path. We chose to bear left and quickly came upon a group of...
  3. wemedge

    Mendon, 9/25/11

    Wheelerville Rd from the north was blocked, so drove around and came in from the south. The road was a bit of a mess from storm damage, but passable to the Bucklin parking area. The old road past the gate was very easy walking and coincided with the Catamount X-C Ski Trail for awhile, then...
  4. wemedge

    Snow (Cupsuptic), 9/5/11

    Drove in via the Burnt Mountain Rd approach using directions from two other trip reports. Each described the road ending at about 15 miles, but there's a lot of current logging going on in the area and the road continued though it for another mile or so. Unable to make sense of the prior trip...
  5. wemedge

    E Kennebago, 9/4/11

    Tried to get here yesterday, but ran into driving issues. Shortly after Middle Rd bears to the right, I encountered a newly-dug drainage culvert across the logging road. It had some rocks in it and I was able to coax my CR-V across, but scraped the bottom. A couple hundred feet further was...
  6. wemedge

    Vose Spur, bushwhack to Carrigain, 7/27/11

    Date of Hike: 7/27/11 Signal Ridge Trail to Carrigain Notch Trail, then the standard bushwhack to the summit of Vose from the landmark 4-ft boulder. Continued bushwhacking over to Carrigain, then took the Signal Ridge Trail down. The two maintained trails were in great shape with no issues...