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    Free- guide books and maps

    Cleaning out the bookcase. Free, PM me with your address Wapack Trail Guide with map Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Guide with map

    So folks are finally climbing Mt Forest in Berlin

    Dennis since it is in your back yard, how about a guided hike (not climb). What is the group size for this unmarked trail? :)

    How much snow expected this week up in the Mt. Cabot region?

    the Hillbilly weatherman (its a thing on my local station WBLM) said this afternoon that "Berlin and north ain't gettin as much as everyone else." he made it sound like there was a line from Berlin north that would only get brushed with this storm and not be in the center of it.

    This Rescue is REALLY Pathetic...

    from the article- Hikers are typically responsible for the cost of rescues unless they hold a Hike Safe card. so I can head out in jeans and sneakers and as long as I have my card, I don't have to worry about paying for a potential rescue? I didn't think the card covered negligence?

    Tim Musket completes grid for sixth time

    Owls Head 72 times........

    Hotel on Mt Washington??!!

    sounds like the mooning phenomenon will be coming back :)

    weather in the Whites this week

    we're getting a good soaking of rain here in Portland ME, whats happening in the mountains?

    Bates Cairns at Acadia

    with explanation, makes perfect sense

    48 Over 70

    congrats Bob!
  10. KPMMBM

    Your NE67 Finish

    are your 3 all in BSP? if so you gotta finish on Baxter peak (Katahdin), that's were I finished, its in my top 5 hikes of all time
  11. KPMMBM

    Wildcat, Winter and Dogs

    We did the climb to E peak this past Sunday. very icy, My sense is that it would be tough for dogs (it was pretty tough for me :o). A couple spots were thick and steep ice with no avoiding via a side track. D to A and down to 19 MBT was icy but most every bad spot had a alternate sidetrack in...
  12. KPMMBM

    First attempt at an all-winter AT thruhike

    some of us follow Tom via Facebook and he just posted a response to this article today. He admits he's not the first to attempt this and certainly would not be the first to complete if he does. Says the magazine didn't get this part of the article right.
  13. KPMMBM

    Senator Jeb Bradley Bags Way More Peaks Than You Do

    I've had the pleasure of spending a day on the trails with Jeb and some of his crew. One of the few politicians I can really relate to!
  14. KPMMBM

    Winter Parking At Cog Railway Lot

    I remember that day well!
  15. KPMMBM

    New England 67 in 1 winter season

    wow, amazing feats, I just can't imagine any of these scenarios. even if unemployed/retired its just plain crazy! bravo to all that have done these!
  16. KPMMBM

    Alphabet Photography Game.....2015

    Z is for zig zag bridge to Zealand
  17. KPMMBM

    Baxter this week

    Anyone headed to Baxter this week? Looking for space for 1 tent at Roaring Brook on Thursday night. Online site says full but I'm going to call tomorrow as a double check.
  18. KPMMBM

    Desperately seeking jp

    If you are doing it in Maine, I can do it
  19. KPMMBM

    New AMC Hut in Crawford Notch???

    I was just reading about this on FB. Seems to me it will give those that don't want to go all the way from Zealand to Mizpah an option that doesn't include a stop at the Highland Center.