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  1. rdl

    Adirondack 4000 Ft Options

    Cascade is one of the easiest high peaks and a good starter peak. It's easily accessible from Rt 73, a relatively short and direct climb and a rocky summit with good views. I think totals are about 4-5 miles roundtrip about 2000' of ascent. Another option would be Wright, which is accessed...
  2. rdl

    Five hikers rescued from High Peaks

    I seem to remember when I last went rafting the company told us the air and water temperature combined needed to be over a certain number(100 ?) otherwise they required wet suits or "farmer johns". But that could just be the company I used.
  3. rdl

    Iroquois to Marshall

    I did this hike a few years ago and remember a pretty clear herd path from the Tooth to the top of a 20-30' cliff which was close to the trail leading through the pass. We headed left(East ?) and found a decent way down the cliff. There may have been a better way and we may have gotten off the...
  4. rdl

    purchasing Kayak

    paddle/hike/climb options include: Lake Lila - Mt Frederica St Regis Canoe area - St Regis Mt Lake Placid - Whiteface(as previously mentioned) Blue Mountain Lake - Castle Rock Long Lake north into the Cold River area is a good paddle/exploration area and some climbs could be had after a...
  5. rdl

    Hurricane from Rt 9N - 1/30

    Trail mostly ice, with a dusting of snow to hide the ice occasionally. Started with microspikes then switched to crampons as the trail started getting steeper. Comfortable temps, very windy. Bundled up about 200 yards below the summit with full hood. Others in the group used ski goggles...
  6. rdl

    Whiteface Toll Road

    This is a site I check pretty regularly in the winter for conditions: Scroll down to the backcountry section and you'll usually see a fairly recent update for the Whiteface toll road.
  7. rdl

    down booties

    EMS website doesn't seem to have EMS brand down booties. Only down booties on the site are the Mountain Hardwear brand. And they're having a post Christmas sale on them at $27.50 with free shipping.
  8. rdl

    down booties

    I received a pair of Mountain Hardwear Hunker Down Booties for Christmas. I have a very difficult time getting my foot into these - the opening doesn't seem to be adjustable and is just too small for my foot. They're sized appropriately for my 9.5 shoe size. Any one else have these and have a...
  9. rdl

    Garnet Hill X-country to reopen

    Good news. Link doesn't seem to work for me though. Garnet Hill website has some information and link to the new owner's blog.
  10. rdl

    ADKHPs - Down Again

    I actually find I have more time in my day now, just visiting 2 NY forums. I may get used to this...
  11. rdl

    News on Marcy Dam area/roads into Keene?

    The truck trail to Marcy Dam would avoid the newly marked and possibly questionable crossing(due to water/ice level) below the dam.
  12. rdl

    Adirondack Explorer posts on Irene

    Keep the updates coming, very useful source of information - thanks... I remember skiing the Mr Van ski trail many years, thought it was a good connector trail from the truck trail to the Loj. Was disappointed when it was abandoned.
  13. rdl

    Ash Borer Article from the NYTs

    There will be a tremendous cost to municipalities that have Ash tree lined streets. The city of Rochester, NY estimates it will cost $1000 per tree to remove each Ash tree from its' city streets as they become infested and ultimately die. I've heard varying reports of the cost to treat the...
  14. rdl

    High Peaks from Long Lake

    Santanoni would be an option. The trail is unmarked for about the last half, but the trail gets enough use that with decent trail finding skills it's hard to get off the trail. Nice views from the summit of Santanoni, and while everyone's hiking pace is different it's not a long death march...
  15. rdl

    Pulley system to cross Indian Pass Brook!?

    I know this is off topic, but the discussion on water crossings relates somewhat... I'm researching an extended trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness this summer and most of the water crossings in The Bob are stream fords, very few bridges. The first route I was considering had, according to the...
  16. rdl

    DEC Warns of Poor Ice Conditions on Adirondack Waters

    Little late on this, but experienced slushy layer on Avalanche Lake last weekend(2/5). Great ski up Avalanche Pass then ventured out onto the lake in deep snow and sank through into slush -- needed to do some serious scraping before heading back down Avalanche Pass.
  17. rdl

    Avalanche Pass ski 2-04

    Loj to Avalanche Lake. Trail well broken out. Glorious conditions. A few rocks sticking out on trail to Marcy Dam and along the way to Avalanche Camp -- but nothing too bad. Skied out onto to Avalanche Lake a ways but turned around after encountering slush -- made for some icy skis.
  18. rdl

    Whiteface Toll Road, 2-03

    Followed a DEC snowmobile track to the castle on Whiteface via the toll road. Good ski track set now. Mixed snow depth, 2 ft of powder, to blown clear in spots higher up. Crystal clear day, strong wind up high.
  19. rdl

    Horseheads NY

    The Finger Lakes trail might be a good option.
  20. rdl

    Yellow Yellow the bear

    I'm just going by what the ranger at the Colden interior outpost told me last week. And he was rejecting any and all BV canisters -- either requiring they be stashed at the interior outpost in their bear can or swapped with the Garcia model they stock and loan.