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    Music while hiking

    It sounds like the consensus is pretty unanimous against listening to music on the tral and I would have to agree. I would never consider listen listening to music while hiking, I much prefer the sound of my steps on a leaf covered trail or the music of birds. I will however confess to listening...
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    Deals at Climb High in VT.

    Ok I did it bought the Garmont Excursions and the Aether 60, not only that but I picked up a pair of Fischer Psycho-Pathic skis and Black Diamonds Riva binding to go on them( not as backcountry oriented as I wanted but with some skins I'll manage) All for only $330 including mounting the...
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    Deals at Climb High in VT.

    The Aether 60 is on sale for $109.00 in their Bargain Basement; one left, size large. Also One pair of Garmont Excursions, size 30 for $135.00. Of course there are plenty of other bargains down there these are just the ones that excited me. I had been looking at both the Aether 60 and 75 for a...
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    aurora last nite

    It was going on from about 11pm to aprrox 1pm in Vermont. Beautiful I spent an hour of it just lying in my sleeping bag on the grass watching and chatting with my neighbors. The rest of that time I spent pacing back and forth craning my neck trying to get a better glimpse of the horizon. The...
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    The Lightening Ascents are here!

    Msr's new snowshoe the Lightening Ascent is on their websight now with a listed price of $249.50. They look nice certainly a temptation to trade up from the Denali Ascents I have that are getting worn out.
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    Blantant Breaking of the Hiking Rules

    I love dogs and my kids love dogs even though we don't have any (allergies). However up until my son was about 9 his immediate reaction to any dog which appeared moving in his direction was to levitate straight into the air and to scramble/climb up the nearest object which was usually me. I have...
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    platypus bladders and boiling water.

    I have had a Platypus big zip for over 3 years now used summer and winter and never had a failure. Believe me I do not take any special care of it. I have sat on my pack with the Bladder full trying to cram that extra fleece in, Never giving a thought to the bladder. I suspect failures happen...
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    Backside Sleeping Bags?

    I saw one in lake Placid a few weeks ago but I cannot remember the temp rating. Still at their prices as long as it is rated around zero I should grab it. I can always buy a colder rated model when they come in stock they are that much less expensive than a North Face Tundra or Dark Star.
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    platypus bladders and boiling water.

    I put mine into boiling water recently to sterilize it. After it came out, the first time I tried to use it, I had a devil of a time getting the zipper to seal. I finally did and in subsequent uses it has gotten easier to seal. The plastic they use is very tough. I would think you wouldn't have...
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    Mt. Washington/Boott Spur, Tabletop and the Dixes, Allen

    A month's worth of weekend trips, In reverse order starting with last Monday. Monday evening I arrived in Pinkham Notch. At about 8pm i set out up the Boott Spur trail. It was almost a full moon that night but the clouds obscured it pretty well. Even so I left my headlamp off most of the time...
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    Backside Sleeping Bags?

    Anyone have any experience with Backsides X-fibre sleeping bags. How accurate are their temp ratings and how is the fill and the construction holding up over time? I seem to remember SherpaKrota saying something about using these bags. The prices for what you get seem too good to be true...
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    What's old is new again.

    1. Bright orange nylon tent, the MT. Marcy a single wall side vented tents for two people weighing 5lbs. (sounds like some of the new lightweight models) 2. Bright orange backpack, the Canyon a camptrails knock off. I remember Morsans, I got a fair amount of gear there. Boy this sure dates me...
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    What's old is new again.

    I was watching an old movie last night from 1961 and I saw what looked like an MSR Twin Peaks tent being used in one of the scenes. It was bright orange and nylon with conical end sections and had an aluminum pole on the inside holding up each cone. It didn't look like it had a floor but I...
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    Cold food

    Fantastic blackbean dip for me, with some flat bread or tortillas and cheese. Mix it up in the morning or the night before, put it in a baggy and it's a filling meal on the trail. also jalapeno sardines on Wasa crackers are great too. Wasa crackers are tough as nails, very light and great tasting.
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    Best High Peaks Area Day Hike

    Thats the one where the overhanging rock near the top makes a sort of cave, right? I came down that way from Porter 2 years ago and saw a lot of couples and families out for a day hike. I would say it definately is a nice hike. Some good scrambling on the rock and lots of interesting terrain.
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    Giant - Eagle Slide

    Warning, warning reminescence coming! I did the Eagle back in 78 when was 15. That was in the days of big ole boots with Norwegian welts. At one point we were going over a bit of a heave and I was sure my boots were starting to lose traction. I froze searching for a way to move that wouldn't...
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    True Bushwhack for Cliff

    I have done a little bit of illicit camping myself and I always felt both frustrated finding a flat out of sight spot and guilty over compacting the soil and vegetation. So way back in the '80s I converted to hammock camping, at least when I knew i might not be able to camp in a designated spot...
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    True Bushwhack for Cliff

    No legitimate campsites but some of the old houses are hidden by woods from the road and there should be flat spots near the houses. As for water the Hudson runs right along the road most places. Some people have called Henderson the Headwaters of the Hudson rather than lake Tear. There is also...
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    Stablized Oxygen Water Purification?

    Check this out on ULA's web page No info other than that it exists. Seems like it would be a neat idea if it worked easier than the integrated filter bottles.
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    Best High Peaks Area Day Hike

    If you are not a gung-ho peak bagger like a lot of us here then I would suggest Indian Pass. Not too challenging but enough scrambling to make you feel like you've accomplished something.