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  1. Ridgerunner

    Pat and Audrey

    Had the pleasure to meet Pat and Audrey on our Mt Jackson hike today. Good to see you both ! It's been a few years but you have not changed at all. Not in winter clothing anyways. :-) What a day today was, uh ? Hope to bump into you again. Bert
  2. Ridgerunner

    Fall Gathering?

    Hey bro ! Hi Darren How are you bro ? I check the site once in a while and I am happy to see that Stan, David...(and you!) etc. are still alive and kicking. I thought that you would have moved to Hawaii by now! :-) Fond memories of good moments spent talking about peakbagging. As David (yes...
  3. Ridgerunner

    Dead moose in Mahoosuc Notch

    Moose Thanks Dave Since you are now chicken man, you too also deserve prayer flags for your soul when you die !
  4. Ridgerunner

    Dead moose in Mahoosuc Notch

    There is a dead moose in a hole between boulders near the start of the Mahoosuc trail, after the junction with the trail that leads right to Goose Eye. You have to pass right over it. A gentle soul placed Tibetan prayer flags above the carcass. Nice touch. The odor is not bad now but the...
  5. Ridgerunner

    Black Diamond Firstlight

    Thanks for the input guys.
  6. Ridgerunner

    Black Diamond Firstlight

    Does anybody have any first hand experience with the new Black Diamond tents made with the EPIC material by Nextec®, more specifically the Firstlight model ? Link here Thanks for sharing info.
  7. Ridgerunner

    Fog navigating the northern Presidentials

    Foggy mountain breakdown "this can't be East if this was East, then Cannon would be right in front of me." Simple Darren, your compass must have been upside down cuz Cannon is due west of the ridge. :) PS How is life bro ?
  8. Ridgerunner

    Peru? Bolivia? Ecuador?

    Chimbo is quiet Oldsmores, a buddy of mine summitted Chimbo 2 weeks ago and it is fine. Tungurahua is the one erupting near Banos.
  9. Ridgerunner

    Peru? Bolivia? Ecuador?

    Climbing season All three are good choices but we just returned from Arequipa in Peru to climb Nevado Chachani ( 6 075m) in July and were delighted with the area : pics here . You can stay and eat in Arequipa for cheap and guided climbs are approx. 50 to 70$ per person in a group. It is very...
  10. Ridgerunner

    Acclimatization on washington

    50 % at approx. 5000 m Here is a table of the variation of barometric pressure with altitude. You need to get above 5000 m (or 16500 feet) to be at 50 % pressure, hence O2 content.
  11. Ridgerunner

    Dealing with the cold - moved from Q&A

    Hands Ice climbers and alpinists harden their hands to the cold by not wearing mitts/gloves while doing everyday choirs in the cold.
  12. Ridgerunner

    What do you bring as emergency sleeping arrangements?

    Timmus Jul's drawings are far out ! Thanks for sharing the link !
  13. Ridgerunner

    What do you bring as emergency sleeping arrangements?

    Sar Good point. Some choose to go climb a mountain when a storm is clearly in the forecast (poorly clothed, mapless, no compass, wearing cotton...please add your favorite item here but please no cell phone :-) , putting other's lives at risk. Others choose to be on a SAR team and go up in...
  14. Ridgerunner

    essential winter backcountry gear?

    With a group ? Laphroaig, 10 years. Keep the 15 for yourself.
  15. Ridgerunner

    John Harlin III climb of the Eiger on yahoo.

    Johns Brings back good memories of when Wild Things's John Bouchard (of North Cornflakes) did the route (in one push, if I recall). 50 is old for climbing ? Nonsense. Look at the likes of Fred Beckey ! I know people that are close to their sixties and that lead NEI 6 ice very easily. But then...
  16. Ridgerunner

    What do you bring as emergency sleeping arrangements?

    Single malt Laphroaig, 15 years.
  17. Ridgerunner

    White Mountains Server is going away

    Been that long ? Time flies when you are having fun. As they say to the employee of the month : keep up the good work Dave ! Your website has inspired many !
  18. Ridgerunner

    Synthetic insulated jacket.

    Micro puff I am sold on that jacket. I use it as a belay jacket over my soft shell when ice climbing. It fits nicely over a helmet and compresses well into the pouch. I also carry it when hiking.
  19. Ridgerunner

    Glacier Glasses

    Don't need them You don't need glacier goggles to hike in winter. Ski goggles can come in handy though. when it is windy. Regular sunglassses will do. Even when climbing in S America, I wear my regular polarized sun glasses, but carry an extra pair.
  20. Ridgerunner

    Bushwhacking tips

    My 02 cents When you have to go left and right around obstacles, make sure to keep your right on your right.