19 Mile Brook, Wildcat River, Wild River, Rainbow, Carter Dome trails



June 20, 21 2009

Nineteen Mile brook trail is wide and well maintained.

Wildcat River trail has a few muddy sections, but nothing substantial. Some sections could use some light maintenace, but we passed a trail volunteer on the way, who may have taken care of these issues.

Wild River very wet and mucky for about 1/2 mile between Wildcat River, and Bog Brook Trails. Allow extra time. Take care to follow the trail. If this trail gets more use, quite a few bog bridges will be needed.

Rainbow trail in good shape, although it is getting overgrown and care is needed to follow in an area (for about a 1/4 mile) where the birch trees have died, removing the canopy.

Carter dome trail in good shape but with quite a bit of water running down it (likely due to the rain lately).

No special equipment needed.

Only saw people on the 19 Mile Brook trail. Great weekend, although a bit waterlogged on Sunday.

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